Monday, June 27, 2011

7 years ago today

JUNE 27, 2004
That day changed my life for ever and for the better.

This little guy came into my life 7 years ago today.
My son Will.
I cannot believe I have been a mom for 7 yrs now.

Will is a kind boy. 
He is curious.
He likes everyone.
He is stubborn like his mom and impatient like his dad.
He likes to please people.
He has the best hair color..strawberry blond hair.
He is very smart and he LOVES books (that makes me so happy).
He is a talking machine.
He loves Keith Urban.
He has a good heart and I love him so so much.
I feel so lucky to be his mom and I am so proud of him.


Keith Urban concert, that is Will on the big screen and KU singing in the middle

These 2 taken Saturday at his surprise birthday party

Today we went to see Cars 2.  It was great, lots of fun. The boys loved it.
I completed week 2 of ny training plan 26 miles total
My long run was crappy.  It was hot, allergies were so bad, my legs felt heavy, I was slow, just not a good day but it is OK that happens and I did the mileage I was supposed to do.  I have to leave the house much earlier for the long runs is just too hot and I struggle in the heat so lesson learned for me.

This week the kids have no summer camp and so I have to run inside every day.  :(
The good thing is I escape the hear, today it went up to 103.
Next race one week from today a 5k.

Are you racing for the 4th?
I like 4th of July races! I wish mine was a 10k instead of 5k but other than that it is a fun race.  It is local and this year our babysitter will run it with me!! She says I "inspire" her to run.  I got her to sign up for a 10k with me in a month and also for Long Beach!!!!!


Lisa said...

What a sweet little face in your Will, and an equally sweet post :)

I'll also be planning earlier long runs, as the summer heats up (in the Northeast, but it's still a humid mess most days) and my mileage starts to climb again.

Amanda@runninghood said...

wooo weee 103?! I'm not complaining about our mild cloudy 70's then. Don't know what we would do...don't even have air conditioner.
Happy Birthday to your sweet Will. Gosh, Cars are so dang popular this year....we got cars cupcakes because we couldn't find Elmo and I had NO Energy to make them.
Yes racing a big race on the 4th...gosh, I'm starting to wonder what I was thinking.

Jill said...

Happy birthday to your little guy - he is absolutely adorable!!

Today was a heavenly 75 degrees but tomorrow 98 and the next day 103. Bleh!!

Good luck with your 4th of July 5k! YAY!

Forward Foot Strides said...

Awww happy Birthday to your boy! No races for me on the 4th, good luck, and hope it isn't so hot!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Will! He's such a great looking boy :)

Yikes 103 is hot! Good luck on your 5K!

Ma chère Caroline...y'a une petite erreur d'anglais que tu fais assez régulièrement et j'ai le goût de te l'expliquer. :) J'espère que cela ne t'insulte pas?!

Then = après (first we did this, then we did that)
Than = que (this one is better than that one)
Donc, "other thAn that, it is a fun race". :)
C'est le genre de chose que j'aime bien qu'on me disent alors je me suis dis que tu aimerais peut-être, c'est plus des erreurs de français que je fais, ayant faites toutes mes études en anglais.

Caroline said...

Merci! c bien vrai que je fais cette erreur tout le temps!!

Kate said...

Oh, this is such a sweet post! Happy birthday to your little boy! My Jacob LOVED Cars when it first came out, and he has almost every one of the die-cast Cars cars (bc my husband kept finding them on sale). Now he's kind of moved on to Pokemon and such.

Since I've been really slacking on the runs lately (like averaging 1 run a week...better the past couple weeks, though) pretty much all of my runs suck these days. Nothing like starting over...

I won't race on the 4th because I'll be in Minneapolis watching my son compete in volleyball nationals, but I may get to race this Saturday (the 2nd?). We always play in a big mud volleyball tournament in Hannibal, MO (home of Mark Twain), and depending on our tournament schedule, I may run a 5K there. Last year, I JUST had time to run it and then change into my mud clothes for volleyball.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Happy Birthday Will!!!

Teamarcia said...

Happy belated birthday handsome Will! I so love the pic of him with Jasmine!<3
I am on the mill all week too so we're indoor sole sisters.
Honey Stinger chews are delish, just a little sticky so they attract too much dirt when I drop them on the road. :0

Terzah said...

Caroline--Merci beaucoup for following my blog and your nice comment! Jill was number 26 and I was so happy to see both of you! As soon as Blogger lets me (it's weird on some computers), I'll follow you too.

My son's name is Will too--he is 4.5 (he has a twin sister, Ruth). Happy Birthday to your little boy! Their birthdays are much more fun these days than ours, aren't they?

No July 4 race for me this year--I'm trying to stick like glue to my marathon training program.

Coy Martinez said...

My husband is doing his frist ever 10K on the 4th! We're running it together and I'm so stinkin' excited!

What a cool little boy you got there!

XLMIC said...

I hope he had a wonderful birthday! Every single one of those pictures is great! Take care in that heat... hydrate!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I love that you inspire your babysitter. AWESOME job being an inspiration!!

happy late birthday to the little man. Can you believe how time flies?

No races for me this weekend, just family time.