Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The most "depressing" day

June 21st
Ah crap summer is here.
I dislike summers in California.
It is way too hot for me.  
The sky is brown, that gives me headaches.
The air is crap, we hardly see the mountains.
I burn even with sunblock #144.
There's people everywhere, lot's of people.
I have to run with my belt for 4 miles and up because I need water when it gets hot,
We have to use the AC.

The one positive is that there is no humidity.  I am grateful for that.
But I am still miserable during the California summers.
I know poor me,  some of you would like that, that is fine. I don't.

Sunday took a rest day after running every day for 10 days in a row.  Well I felt a bit crappy Sunday.  I had aches and pains I don't have when I do run.  We took Bill out for breakfast for Fathers day and then I "let" him watch golf (yawn) all day while I cleaned the yard.  I know Wife of the year right?

Yesterday went for 4 miles outside...was really hot really early, I ended up with sunburn on my back and shoulders even with sunblock #50. Boo Hoo.  Pace should have been a bit faster I think.  On the short runs are we supposed to push it a bit? Yes I think, not sure, does not really say on my plan for the runs that are 3 to 5.5 miles.  Is it better to go slower for longer or to go at a faster pace.

Today at the Gym 3 miles HILLS. 
On the treadmill, I am slower.  I set the same pace as I did yesterday outside for my 4 miles and it feels harder, that it goes way too fast, I ended up with a nasty side pain. 

Saw 2 movies, The Switch with J. Aniston.  I like her.  I do.  But this one it was so predictable...I don't know.. Then yesterday I watched Rabbit Hole with N, Kidman or like Jonathan calls her "Nicole-the-wife".  It was really good but also sad.  A parent's worst nightmare and living through it and the pain that comes with it.

I am almost done reading  Dean Karnazes Ultramarathon Man.  Did you know I ran with him in February? It is all here.  I think about what he writes about when I run.  I picked up several books while I was in Quebec.  Reading in French is almost a luxury now!  Next up is Purge, a book who won the "Prix Femina", a French literary prize.  Did anyone read it? Super Kate maybe?

Saturday we went to a fun birthday party for Will's "girlfriend". 
Did I ever tell you I am raising little Casanovas?
Here you can see Jonathan in action with the ladies...
Saturday it was Will's turn.
In Kindergarten he met his princess Alex.  "The prettiest of all the girls mommy and she likes ME!!! Can you believe it?"  "Yes of course I can." I said.
We went through a summer and then a year of them not being in the same class and Will even not really being with the 1st graders much and guess what? She STILL likes him.  Yep it is serious.   And so he got the precious invitation to her birthday party.  They are just 10 days apart, really people, it is destiny :)  It was at a local amusement park, lots of fun for the kids.

I love this picture of them

There she is!!!!

Wonder what they were talking about

Yes someone went up there.....

No not one of my sons!!!!!

Yes Mini Urban was singing "Days Go By"
He will make a guitar out of anything!


XLMIC said...

Rabbit Hole was so hard.

It is even hot up here in NorCal. I don't like it :(

Jill said...

Your son's "girlfriend" is just adorable....be careful ;).

I am grateful for my basement treadmill. In winter AND summer! If I can get in a decent sleep, which is rare, I can head out for a run before the onset of heat kicks in for the day, but usually I just hop on the thing and run. Less things to carry around your waist :).

Pam said...

Agreed. Summertime SUCKS.

Emz said...

Photos sooooo awesome. Soooo Casanova.
You need SPF 244. That'll fix it. If CA is hot please no trips to AZ until November or you will hate me forever.

Rabbit hole - ugggg not my fav but good.
Switch- I liked
I also liked no strings attached so you probably should trust me.

Colleen said...

I love that in 1st grade, they can look so in love! :) I had my first kiss in second grade... by the slide! Be careful!!!!

Sorry you despise CA summers. Ohio's humidity has got to be worse though...

Cari Mugz said...

Hmmmm... CA summers or ID winters?? Sounds like they both are bad!

Cute pics - love "puppy love" it's so CUTE!

Aron said...

Glad I am not the only one hating on the CA summers :)

Love the pics!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I had my first girlfriend in second grade, cute to see the puppy love