Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back in California and La Descente Royale 10k part pictures

I am back home.
My heart is broken.
It is hard to leave my family, friends and the city that I love.
I don't hate California.  I just don't love it.
I cried a lot yesterday, my head still hurts.

Now I have 124 loads of laundry to do, 243 envelopes to open from all the mail we got, go through A LOT of pictures and many blogs to read!

Today I signed up for this!

I came home sick.  In Quebec, I had really bad allergies, ended up with a massive sore throat, then I lost my voice at my High School reunion. 

I went running today.  Back on the treadmill for the week because the kids are home  so I cannot run outside.  I did 4 miles, hills.  When I got to the gym I saw my pal Vic and he told me that while I was gone someone died while running on the treadmill.  That is so sad and scary.  The guy was a 54 yrs old fireman.  I did not know him.

Race pictures:

I got the email with the ones from the race and I bought some.  Bill did take pics of me at the race but only at the end and a lot of them are of me looking in pain or having dry heaves.

Those are the ones from the race:

Here I started not feeling good as you can see!

Finish line

Those are the ones Bill took:








Emz said...

Ok so my phone WILL work to post now. ?! Weird.
YAY Race photos.
Sorry about the leaving fam & friends thing.  I've never had to do that.  I can only imagine how hard that would be. :(
I wish I lived closer.  I LOVE doing laundry. No joke.
Love all the photos!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Great photos, dry heaves are so not fun. I feel your pain just looking at the pics. I get dry heaves at about half my races (is that bad?)

I do not love laundry, so I feel your pain there too!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Congats again! What a trooper!!! I've never been in that condition at the end of a race, I'd probably have quit ... great job on finishing!

Chris K said...

Owza, those finish photos are tough to look at. I feel your pain sister. Good job on finishing and not being a baby quitter like Jim would have.

Michael said...

Welcome home!!! Sorry you are feeling homesick. I know it's hard saying good bye to family.

Looks like you recovered quickly after the look great and happy in the "after" photos.

Again GREAT job on pushing through!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Welcome back to the States. I hope you feel better soon!

Caroline said...

@CK: thanks!!! I cuold not give up in front of my kids AND my mother!!! Big no no!!

Nelly said...

Great race photos! That is a bummer that the dry heaves continue to happen, I have no idea as to what that still keeps happening. Congrats on getting exactly an hour at the 10K, that is awesome!

And great on signing up for Surf City, I've heard it is a fun race!

Cari Mugz said...

The pics are great. Sorry you had to leave your family, that is hard. Great job!

Anne said...

So which one did you sign up for...the marathon or the half? :)

Bravo pour ton 10K...j'espère ne jamais avoir le coeur qui lève comme ça en courant. T'es vraiment forte!! Congrats!

Laura said...

...I actually love your pics! You look awesome and hard core at the same time.
Laundry bites....for 2 people we generate a ton!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You look fantastic C!!! And, my heartbreaks for you...i know how hard it is to be so far from family. Hugs.

Yeah for Surf City!!!

Black Knight said...

Great pictures. Other wonderful memories for your running album.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Another Pukie

Congrats on the race