Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No Angels

What is your first thought?
They are cute?
They look good in green?
The one on the right looks like me?
Looks like this picture was taken the same day as the one on my header? (yep)
Will's hair is messed up?

They look like angels?

Yeah they do.
It is just an illusion though. 

World War 3-4-5-6 is happening at my house this summer.   We might need help from the Peace Corps soon.

This is what I hear:

Will: " Mooooooom  Jonathan just walked on my hand.  ON PURPOSE!"
Jonathan: " No I didn't"
W: "YES YOU DID!!!!!!!"
And then PAF!
One gets smacked on the nose.

That was before 7:30 am.

Jonathan: " Mooooooooom! Will says  I am stupid"
Will "Well he is, he peed on the floor!"
Followed by : SMACK, PAF! Aouch and crying.... Guess who got smacked on the nose?

Will: "I am smarter than you"
J: "No you are not, I am more smarter"
W: "Can you read?"
J: "No"
W: "There you go, I win, I am smarter I just finished a book that has 286 pages !"
J: "Well I don't care I have 2 girlfriends!" with a bonus slap on the arm. (he is 5)

J: I am first
W: No I am first
J: I said it first I am first
W: I am still first, try to move me...

J: "MooooooooM Will went to pee with the remote control because he does not want me to touch it!"
W: "No I didn't!"
J: "Yes you did I saw you"
W: "No I didn't!"
Me " So why is the remote in the bathroom ?"
W: "I did not go pee but I did go #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

They are no angels living here...well none that are boys and or men.
This is the angel living at my house:

Went to see Mr Popper's Penguins today, way better than Kung Fu Panda 2, Jim Carrey pretty funny and the penguins are hilarious!

First can I just say: thank God for running! I would loose my mind I think without it.

I forgot to put week 2 of my plan, I know you can survive without this info but I like to include it for me.

Week 2
Mon: 4 miles
Tue: 3 miles (race rehearsal #1)
Wed: 4 miles
Thu: 5 miles: Speedwork 10x400
Fri: 3 miles (Race Rehearsal #2)
Sat: Rest
Sun: 7 crappy miles.
Total: 26 miles

This week I am at the gym Mon to Thursday. 
Tuesday I did 4 miles : HILLS
Today 3 miles tempo
Tomorrow Speedwork 10x400

I have a hard time on the TM, I get bored easily, there are TV but  no sound :(, I also get more aches and pain in my knees and also my feet (heels mainly) and for some reason I FEEL like I am faster but the speed on the machine does not reflect that.

Friday: I get to run outside for a short run.  
Saturday: Outside for 8 miles.
Sunday I will rest because Monday I got my 4th of July 5k race.


Chris K said...

Boy oh Boy, that really does want me to have a second (and third) kid. Sounds very peaceful and relaxing.

Pam said...


Like I commented on TMB's blog today in response to her Open Letter to her Offspring, God help me if I have kids because if there is such a thing as Karma, I will have hell to pay for laughing at all you guys and your kids!

Anne said...

Haha! Yeah...that's how it is with two little boys :)
Mine are now 28 and 26...unbelievable!

Thank god for running!!

Emz said...

Hang in there mom!!
I hear WW84,444 makes it all worth it.

You know I think you rock.

Terzah said...

You are not alone! We have little skirmishes every day here--but it's the boy vs. girl version. :^)

And amen to the TGFR (Thank God for Running).

Kate said...

I hear you. Three of em here, and you'd think MAYBE the teenagers would be more mature than the 7 year old, but not so much. If they ever fought about something that actually mattered, I think I'd celebrate. Hopefully they get over this latest installment of "drive mommy crazy" soon!

racing dawn said...

You're not alone my friend. My older boys (12 & 14) went to scout camp last week and it was the quitest week ever! And I still had three others at home!!! Boys are just rough and tumble and noisy. So awesome. ;)

XLMIC said...

Hearing you loud and clear on that War Zone thing... my kids are totally at each other, too :P

Laura said...

This is why I have such admiration for parents..and it reinforces the fact that I could not do it. You are awesome!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

BAHAHAHA thanks for the insight of having kids

Carrie said...

Hang in there... that's the worst part of summer - the sibling fighting. I hate it when that stuff starts first thing in the AM. Thank goodness for running!!

Andrew Opala said...

What we get is:

#2: Dad! #1 is looking at me!
Me: #1 stop looking at your brother.
#1: but he's in my room.
Me: #2 get out of your sister's room
#2: I'm not in her room I'm in the doorway
#1: he's in my room!
Me: if you guys can't settle this, I'll make you go to my race on the weekend
#1: quiet
#2: quiet


Another thing is that all the pens in my office disappear, and then I find them everywhere in #1, #2 room, plus the junk drawer in the kitchen. I buy a box of 10 pens every month, and I'm lucky if I have one left at the end.

The batteries for the remote are always missing - but we have nothing else that takes that size.

I'm convinced that #2 is eating them!

Kittee said...

I love this post.. dont hate me because I pretty much laughed the whole time reading it..

My kids are grown and gone, what I would do somedays to hear this..

I hate the mill also!

Laima said...

Oh the joys of summer vacation :)

Colleen said...

My sister and I used to fight if we looked out each others window in the car. :) They do look sweet, but I know that looks can be deceiving!

Black Knight said...

This post brings me in the past when my children were kids. How 2 angels become 2 terrible warriors in a while.
Now they are 31 and 26 and ... I miss those quarrels.