Friday, June 10, 2011

My trip part 1

All right so I was not able to post pictures while I was in Quebec.  My dad's computer is pretty old and really I would still be there waiting to upload the first picture If I had not stopped the computer from trying to upload it.  So brace yourself: many pictures to come.
I will not put all in one post.  I don't want to loose 25 followers in a day!!!

First, let's talk about my running.  Well today it was CRAP.  I went to the gym, even though some wise and much older people (CK and my husband) told me not to.  I had to stop after 3 miles and accept the fact that I am sick.  BOOO BOOO BOOO. 
Sore throat, coughing, congestion.  It sucks.
Tomorrow is supposed to be my long run, Sunday I have to rest because the kids gym is closed and Bill is leaving for New Jersey for the week (Major BOO to that too)
I hope I can do at least 6-7 miles tomorrow.  If I cannot breath I will not go.  I will be good.

I lost 6 lbs on my vacation.  Who does that?
This was my first time being away from home since I got sick in 2009.  It was OK when we were eating at my parent's house but when we visited people or worst, went out, it was hard.
I brought my food when we went to see my friends, for the most part it was fine, had to answer some questions from their spouses mostly.  Eating out; that was difficult.  Quebec is a place where the food is GOOD.  Really GOOD.  Not a place I recommend going if you are trying to loose weight and are on a diet by choice

My brother had the brilliant  stupid idea to give Bill and I for our birthdays (mine was in January...) a gift certificate for a 7 courses meal at the Chateau Frontenac.  This is one of the best place in town for fine dining.
If you read my blog, you know I have to be on a strict diet; no fat, no acidic food, no alcohol, a lot of good stuff for health reasons.  Clearly my brother does not listen when I speak and or  does not take my health issues seriously because this must have been the worst gift to give me.  We went because I did not want Bill to miss this fantastic meal, yes I am a very nice wife.  They had nothing on the menu that I could eat.  Not even a plain GREEN salad.

OK some pictures of my trip to Quebec, the best town in the world!

This is a painting called La Fresque des Québécois.  This 420 square metre mural  was made by 12 artists in 1999 and it shows 400 years of history. 
Quebec is 403 yrs old this year.  Yes I do know my history and I did not Google any of this. :)
See the boys? in the Orange shirt it's Will
See me on the left?

On the painting between the boys is Samuel de Champain, Québec's founder.
He founded Quebec July 3, 1608

That is the Funicular

With one of my good friend.  He is a basketball coach like me.

Castle with green roof: Chateau Frontenac

Daniel Boone!

Another Fresque


Anne said...

J'aime Québec! :)

Peggy said...

Oh sounds like such a fun trip!

XLMIC said...

I looks like so much fun! I am sorry about the food thing. I get it. I can't eat wheat... imagine being in France and not eating wheat! So I get it :)

Hope you are feeling well soon!

Black Knight said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. Quebec looks like a wonderful place.
I hope you get well soon.
Have a good week end.

Emz said...

6 pounds? Holy cow. I'm glad you are home. Now eat!!! :)

The photos are awesome. Beautiful. Amazing.

I hope you are feeling better.

You. Are. Awesome.

Caroline said...

test again...

RoseRunner said...

test again indeed....I had to try and comment like 5 times! effing blogger.

Anyway. rad pics. Love the murals of history! And I didn't realize how strict your diet you have a post that talks about the why's and hows and such?

Kate Geisen said...

YES! I can comment here again. :)

So what did you have to do?

Ditto Rose's question about your diet.

Jeannie said...

Sorry about being sick. Sounds like you had a fun trip homegr reat job on the 5K too. What are the dietary restrictions you are on?

Chris K said...

See, that's what you get for not listening to the VERY OLD MEN. Ha, I don't even feel empathy for you. I hope you learned you lesson.

That meal sounds awesome. I was I could have gone instead of you. Bill and I would have had fun.

Darcy said...

Looks like a great trip. Love all your pics!! Sorry about the food/dinner issues though - that stinks!