Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My trip part 3 - The 25th High School reunion

I went to the gym today and guess who was there?
My stalker! He goes "Hey I have not seen you in a while, where have you been?!"
That is creepy....he noticed I had been gone....Yikes....

I did 3 miles, it was supposed to be a rest day but did not feel like resting and I needed a break from my boys, yes I know bad bad mommy.  The AC was not working....it was hot and humid....hope they get this fixed for my speedwork on Thursday.

I have started training for the Disney half.  I will used the same plan I used for OC HM, Hal Higdon's intermediate program but I don't want to start over and lower my mileage or my 400s repeats so I will pick up at week 5 and just adjust.  This will give me at least an extra week in the double digit for the long runs.  I need that.

Took the boys to go see Kung Fu Panda 2.  I know,  lucky me.  Some kids movie I can do but most not so much.  This one, I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing it, it would have been just fine.

Ok now I continue with my trip to Quebec.  I miss being there. I wish we would have stayed a month.
If you missed part 1 it is here
and part 2 here.

So I graduated High School in 1986.  25 years ago.  It does not feel like it was that long ago.  This is me 25 yrs ago: (dont know what is up with my fingers there)

So the day of the reunion I had made plans to go have breakfast with some friends from HS so that we could have more time to catch up.  I told Bill that I would be gone for a couple of hours....it turned out to be a 4.5 hours breakfast!  25 yrs is a long time.  We were 4.  One is Valerie.  my oldest friend and our friendship survived different Colleges, Universities, Boyfriends, Marriages, Kids, me leaving Quebec, we have been friends for 30 yrs now.  She was my maid of honor and she came here for the birth of both my sons.  Here we are at breakfast at this great place called "Le Cochon Dingue".  Valerie is across from me with the short hair.  Next to me is Annie and she played basketball with me and Carole, the prettiest girl in the school, was on the swim team with me for a couple of years.

After that great breakfast with my friends, I headed to another friend's house, this time with Bill and the boys.  I have 3 girlfriends from HS with whom I also stayed close friends with through the years and all the changes life brought our ways.  Friends for over 25 yrsThat is very precious to me.  We used to be 4 on the group pictures and now there's 16 of us! We each had 2 kids and we all had them later in life.  My son Will is the older one of the 8 and he will be 7 in 2 weeks and the youngest is 2 1/2.  Here we are:

And here we are with our kids:

At that BBQ we had time to catch up and also time to convince each other NOT to go to the reunion!!!   Yep we started having second thoughts...what if it is lame, what if nobody remembers us, what if  this what if that...what to wear...  All the good stuff!!!

Of course we decided to go.
Good thing we did! It was a blast!
172 of us showed up! Everyone was happy to be there.  It was a crazy magical night.
I could recognize almost everyone.  The guys did not change much, gray hair and or less hair was the common change.  The girls well the make up on some and also the ones who are now dying their hair were harder to recognize, so many blondes who are not real blondes...!
It was crazy one minute I was talking to one person, then I would turn my head and spot another, it went fast...I was the one who came from further away.  Only 2 of us are in the US, the other one is in Miami.  People kept coming to me saying :"Hey there's the marathoner"! I kept saying "just half, just half!"  Everybody I talked to recognized me so that is good I guess!!!  It was so fun, I am so happy I went.  Some of our teachers were there also.  When your 25th HS reunion comes around, I encourage you to GO!  After 25 yrs there's no more gangs and people being excluded. everything was easy and happy.  We have a Facebook page for this and since that night people are saying they are ready to do it again.  We all said the same, it went by too fast, we did not have enough time to talk to everyone and we had the best time.
A lot of the people I went to HS school with were also at the same Elementary school as me so we have known each other for ....37 yrs now.  Our Elementary school was the one with the most people at the reunion, more then 30.  Here's 4 of us.  I am still close friends with the girl.  She came to visit us here in California with her family.  We always visit them when we go to Quebec also.  This is my OLDEST friend hands down.

and a few more pics from the reunion...not bad for a bunch of 42 yrs old right?!

I am on this one in the middle towards the left


racing dawn said...

I'm so glad you had a chance to 'vacation' at 'home'. :) It seems like you had an amazing time!!

juanitagf said...

Sounds like fun! Having friends for so many years is truly a blessing!

This would be my 25th reunion, too. However, with just 4 in my graduating class, there is no get together... Facebook has been great as we have all gotten caught up here!

Kate Geisen said...

Sounds like a great time! My 20 year reunion is this summer. I still see most of my closest friends from high school, and a lot of my graduation class is on facebook, but it'll still be neat to see them in person.

Kate Geisen said...

P.S. You could TOTALLY do the lifting I'm doing. It tells you exactly what to do, and you start at the weight you start at. None of my other weights that I lift are in the 100+ pound range...I just have strong legs. I bet you'd really like the book. Lots of guidance, and the workouts only take 30-40 minutes.

XLMIC said...

You are NOT a bad mom for taking care of yourself! Every mom needs time away…or maybe I just tell that to myself so I feel better about needing time away :P

So good to hear the reunion was a blast! One month until my 30th! I am definitely going :)

You all look so good! So wonderful to have such close friends for so long!

Unknown said...

so many great smiles! what a fun time to reconnect!

Teamarcia said...

So much fun! Alas I've never been to a reunion...our 10th was cancelled because the company organizing it ran off with everyone's $$. I don't think we'd had one since.
LOVE that pic of the school age you--adorable!
Thankfully my kids have expressed zero interest in KFP!

A Prelude To... said...

What a great time!! I have been to ZERO reunions. It would be interesting to see everyone again. I think my 25th is coming up this year. YIKES!

Tricia said...

so fun!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

That looks like so much fun

RoseRunner said...

1) LOL about your stalker...that guy cracks me up. I feel bad for him, he has such a crush!

2) you. are the MOST BEAUTIFUL person. That picture of you as a high-schooler is adorable, and you look nearly identical! I don't think it is possible to age better than you have.

3) everyone must have been blown away by hot you still look. 42!?? please. You look 30

Unknown said...

What fun! I'm so glad that you were able to make the reunion... and that you had such a great time. Sounds like you really have some amazing friendships!

ihaverun said...

Just got caught up on your entire trip. Looks like ana amazing time. Except the meal where you got to watch someone else eat =( You are amazing!!

Good luck with the half marathon training!

Cari Mugz said...

Im so glad you had fun...careful of the creeper :)