Thursday, September 22, 2011

18 months

I have been doing this running thing for 18 months now.  To me it seems longer than that. I had to count to be sure. Yep just 18 months.  I looked back on all my races last night.  The pictures, the times.  I see a lot of differences.

Pictures from my first 2 races

First one Susan G Komen 5K: I look like I am about to die.  My time was 35:02.  I was wearing pants that kept falling and a long sleeve shirt.  I walked during the race.

Second one: Carlsbad 5K one month later: YES those are BASKETBALL shorts. I walked during that one also.  Time: 33:58.

 Pictures from my recent races

The numbers
24 Races: 3 Half Marathons, 6 10k, 14 5k and one 8k with Dean K.
  • 1st 5K: 35:02.  BEST 5K: 29:29
  • 1st 10K (Nov 2010): 1:12:04 BEST 10K: 59:38
  • 1st 1/2 Marathon (Jan 2011): 2:42:00 BEST HM: 2:26:38

I am not on my way to Boston or the Olympics but there's progress. Somewhere along the way, I learned a lot of stuff about running, most of it from you and your blogs and the gals at Run Like A Mother so thank you.
Today I had speedwork on the plan.  I had not done intervals since my last Half Marathon and so I was a bit worried and looking for any excuse NOT to do my 10x400s.
It went from Oh it is cool outside, I should really just go for a 5 miles run and take advantage of the cool temps (by cool I mean not 90, as I type this it is 102. In September.) to I should try to go see the Dr and have her take a look at my leg with the nasty varicose vein that has been hurting me, if the Dr can see me, I must go and skip my workout.  Then I realized I was acting like a 12 yrs old and after I dropped the kids at school I went to the gym and I did my 10x400.  I started by telling myself, ok do 8 and that will be good enough.  It was not easy.  I could tell it had been a while since I did any of those.  The first reps were not the greatest; 2:15 and 2:14 with 1:30 rest in between.  Then it got better; 2:12, 2:10, 2:11, 2:09, 2:10, 2:10, 2:11, 2:09.  I am happy I did all 10 but I did feel like crap after....dry heaves at the gym...not very lady like.

I did make a Dr appt for my leg just to make sure everything is OK.  We'll see what she says Tuesday and I will get the results of all the blood tests I had done on Monday.  

Yesterday I got a massage.  I have never done that before except at 2 races where they offered freemassages after the race.  At the Disney half, the massage therapist said I should consider getting massages at least once a month..he said I had lots of knots on my back and neck and that it would help to get massages.  I decided to give it a try.   A friend recommended a place not too far and with good prices.  I checked them online and all the reviews were good.  The massage therapist was great and he said that I had lots of knots and asked if I was stressed!!  I told him about my running and he did stretching for my legs and also massage.  I did feel pretty good afterwards, I do think it takes more than just one massage to feel a difference.  Do you get massages? Do you like them?

I have been thinking about a plan for the Long Beach Half.  I plugged my recent numbers in the McMillan running calculator.  I entered my best times for 1 mile, 5k and 10k.  I get different results for each.  I think what I get based on my best mile (in a race not 1 mile alone so 7:58)  is not realistic for me at this point, not even close: 2:07:34.  If I enter my 5K PR I get 2:16:17 and with my 10K I get 2:13:08.  So clearly I take the info from the 1 mile out of the plan.  Makes no sense to use the time from the shortest distance anyway.  I don't know what to make of these numbers.  This is far from my best Half Marathon.  What does that mean....I am not consistent? I don't push enough?  I have a bad race plan for the HM? I start too fast and cannot keep the pace I should be able to keep? Not yet able to finish strong? ALL OF THESE probably.   Of course there are other, fuel-hydration, stomach...other pain.  I think about this way too much now, I can only imagine how it will be during taper week....2 more Long Runs and 16 days to go until Half Marathon #4.  This will also be race #25 for me.


The Unexpected Runner said...

You've come a long way in 18 months! Way to go! Good luck with #25!

Lisa said...

That's a lot of running in a short period of time...Celebrate!!

Anne said...

Only 18 months and you are already like a veteran! You have raced A LOT! :) I started 2 1/2 years ago and have officially run: 1 (5K); 2 (10K); and 4 (HMs); and maybe 1 marathon soon :)

I think that if you could figure out the fuelling issues, considering your stomach problems, you would really reduce your time. Because your 5K and 10K times are really good and you're already really improved your HM time! Go Caroline :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

You are an INSPIRATIONAL runner to me!!! I always enjoy your race recaps and it's really cool to look back at your progress! Dry heaves at the gym??? You're a trooper! Good job, keep it going young lady!

Teamarcia said...

Look how far you've come girl! I'm so proud of you. And dry heaves at the gym? Rockstar!

Teamarcia said...
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Jill said...

Wow, girl...24 races in 18-months is super fantastic!! You have come so far in such a short amt of time, way to go!!

RockStarTri said...

Lots of good progress there!

XLMIC said...

MAJOR progress in 18 mos, Caroline! Just awesome!

I think you should shoot for 2:15. Develop a plan with that number in mind and see what happens :)

I think you can do it.

Kate Geisen said...

That's a lot of races! YOu're a machine! :) And you've made such huge leaps in speed and endurance. I'm coming up on 18 months of running, too, and I can only imagine the improvements I could make if I could just KEEP AT IT the way that you do.

And re your tweet response, make no mistake, my running and biking and all is purely about me, but I have a bad habit of slacking on getting up early or puttering around too much to get out when I have the opportunity, and then I miss my window. Regularly, these days. :(

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, now that is impressive

Nelly said...

Congrats on all of the running! 25 races in 18 months is a lot! I've been doing road races on and off for 11 years, and I'm only at 29 races! lol

For your suggested half marathon, I find that my projected marathon time based on the McMillan running calculator is usually faster the shorter the race time that I plug in. I think the most accurate is to plug in the longest race that you've done into the calculator. And the calculator assumes that you have done adequate training for those race distances (ie, that your marathon or half marathon training is as intense or as good as your 10K training). I've only done 1 marathon and 2 half marathons, so the calculator for me is definitely not accurate because I don't have enough experience at those distances yet.

Not sure what to suggest about the dry heaves, I think you've gone to a doctor before to try to figure it out, but I'm not sure.

Enjoy the races in the future!

SupermomE13 said...

You have accomplished SO MUCH in 18 months. Yay for you!! You should be so proud. :) Sorry about the dry heaves. That is icky but definitely means you pushed it and kicked butt. :)

Emz said...

Race #25. Awesome!!

Dry heaves & all I say you rock on the 400's!!
18 months----so awesome my Canadian friend!!

Tricia said...

Aha -- we started running just about the same time and I've also run 3 Halfs and 6 10K's but you totally have me beat on the 5Ks. 25 races is amazing.

The McMillian running calculator wasn't accurate for Disneyland for me but I think it is because I had just used the most recent 10k time and really haven't been at that level for long enough. But who knows actually.

I'll be anxious to see how your experience goes with massage. I've had several people suggest that to me but I'm not quite there yet.

Michael said...

Wow, you've made some amazing strides (literally)!!! Great job. Can you imagine where you'll be in the next 18 months? Keep up all the hard work. You are an inspiration to me that I can get my times down with continued hard work.

Christine said...

I do get monthly massage, sometimes a sport massage but mostly a relaxation massage. It feels so good and it is a great way to relax!!

racing dawn said...

What an amazing accomplishment for 18 months!! And you look amazing in your pics!!

Tres Bien!

Terzah said...

You look GREAT and are running so well!

I love massages. I can't afford them very often, but I try to get one short one a month. And I also ask for gift certificates for them so I can get a long one once or twice a year. They do make a difference, so they are worth the money and time.

Fruit Fly said...

I just had race #25, too! I hope you enjoy it and get more great pictures to add to the collection!

Black Knight said...

You look a lot faster now. You have done a great job in these 18 months.
Every year I run the Race of the Cure too (in the most beautiful part of Rome).