Friday, September 16, 2011


Yesterday I had planned on doing 400s at the gym (on the treadmill Jim..not on a track).  I did not have time to go to the gym so I decided to do 5 miles tempo instead.  This was my best run since the Disney Half.  I felt like I was back to normal, body feeling less tired.  I hope my 10 miler will go just as well this weekend.  I only have 3 long runs before my next half and I want them to go well!  This week I am solo for the LR :(   I was thinking about Long Beach HM yesterday and what plan to have for that race.  I will be tired.  The day before the race will be hectic.  Kids race, Expo and a concert because that is what runners do before a half marathon: they go to a concert and stand on their feet for a couple hours and go to bed late.  I got the instructions for my meet and greet with that guy and get another picture like this.(well kind will only be me and Jonathan (younger one) and other winners possibly.) I have to be in LA at 6 pm.  That will make for a long evening at Staples Center!  But he is worth it!

So my plan is to wear compression socks at the concert and running shoes (not my racing ones of course) and rest the week leading up to that weekend.  On race day my plan is to do my best.  I got a PR at Disneyland..of course it'd be great to beat that time.  I know I can.  Who knows maybe seeing Keith will bring me good luck and I will still have the beat of Days go By in my head!!!

Yesterday I went to that:
It was not my first time going, I think I have been 8 times now.  It is fairly easy for local people to get tickets early in the season.  The taping is like a party! So fun! She is the best! Super nice  and hilarious. The guests were Kathy Bates (Oscar winner- movie Misery), Christina Applegate and Demi LevatoWe got a $150 Shell gift card.  It airs Tuesday.  I would say look for me but it is hard to find people in the crowd.  I was next to a bald guy and if you watch the show I was where her mom usually sits; on the left of the TV screen. 

I have not bragged about my kids in a while...right? Well anyway here comes the bragging section of the week.

See this book from our school's library?

Let's open it

TADAM!  (AR = Accelerated Reading).  That will always stay in the book.  Pretty cool that they do this for the kids!  Will was very impressed.   I am very proud of him.

All right I gotta go pack snacks for 2 soccer teams...opening season tomorrow and I am team mom for both teams and that gives me double snack duty on the first day for 2 games that are at the same time but not at the same fun fun. 
I need a CLONE, do they have that at COSTCO EMZ?


ihaverun said...

Too cool you get to meet Keith Urban (again). You will do great with Keith Urban on your side. Good luck with the run this weekend.

And I would say your son is very brag-worthy!!

Emz said...

No such thing as a carotabi clone. Wayyyyyy to exclusive & awesome.

This posts just screams...."you are the freaking best!".

Ellen? I'm sooooo jealous even w/o the gift card.
Keith- holy crap awesome.
Mini urban- awesome.
AR- awesome x 4!

That photo!!!!!! Jealous.
You will rock LB!!

XLMIC said...

Thigh-high compression hose are THE way to go ;-)

Hope the tenner goes well :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Ohhhh, on a treadmill - that makes more sense! Wait a minute, I've been absent lately, but how did I miss you had a M&G with KU???? That's really cool! I'll bet y'all were going nuts! Great for you mon ami!

Anne said...

So many cool things happening!!! I'm so jealous you got to go see Ellen live...I love her! She's hilarious :)
How sweet that you get to see Keith Urban again too. Not least, congrats to Will...those boys are just awesome!

misszippy said...

i'm not a country fan but could become one for Keith Urban! How super great to meet him. And hats off to your little guy and the points! The Stink series used to be one of my son's favorites.

Black Knight said...

Do i have to prepare another t-shirt for another PR???
A concert is not the best way to spend the night before the race. Have fun!!!

SupermomE13 said...

The concert will be awesome!! Just make sure you get a great night's sleep the night before that... I almost never get a good night's sleep the night before a race but if I sleep well the night before that (and try to the whole week leading up) I am just fine. I am excited for you!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Tell Keith I said Hi, he will pretend he doesnt know me, inside joke I have with him, such a kidder is he

Fruit Fly said...

All of this info and I am still stuck on Kathy Bates! She is so cool, I would love to meet her and Sally Field some time.