Monday, September 26, 2011

I CAN be a not so nice Canadian

Less than 2 weeks to go before Long Beach Half Marathon!  Went for 11 miles yesterday and I ended up doing 12.  The weather was PERFECT, no sun, no heat, no wind.  Also I had my running partners with me, good thing because at mile 8 or 9 I checked out a bit and I was headed for the wall but thanks to Rebekah and her dad it did not happen and I finish my LR OK.  The new section on the trail I run on is almost ready and we cheated a little and went by 2 OR 3 signs that may have said "Do not enter".  What?  Someone has to test the bridge and the road.  I consider this my civic duty.  Here's a pic of me and Rebekah's dad on the new bridge

Saturday I went for 3 easy miles, half of it  with my son Will.  He needs to learn to pace himself for his upcoming races.  He did awesome!  He kept asking "When is it time to sprint?!!"

Last week training:
Mon 3 miles
Tue: 4 miles tempo
Wed: 3 miles
Thu: 10x400 speedwork on TM: 5 miles
Fri: rest
Sat: 3 easy miles
Sun: 12 miles
Total: 30 miles
Big huge congrats to ANNE who is a brand new MARATHONER!!!!!!  Race report is up on her blog with great pictures! She looked very stylish and very Canadian in Red and White!  Bravo ma chere Anne!!! Je suis tellement heureuse pour toi!!! Quel accomplissement et quelle victoire !!! Anne la sonne bien ca pas vrai?!!
So now what made me want to be not so nice....We have a kid in Jonathan K class who is a little terror.  I can tell you that of all the classmates and teammates and friends my boys had over the last 4 yrs; he is the worst by a mile or 6.  On the first day of school I could see that he was going to be a handful.  I thought he would be more like a class clown.  No he is more than that.  He likes to push, punch, BITE, scratch, kick and spit on the other kids.  He does not discriminate..boys and girls, it's all good.  I go help the teacher and I can see him in "action".  He also disturbs the class pretty much all day long.  He goes to the "thinking chair" EVERY DAY since DAY 1.  Last week he bit one of Jonathan's friend.  The dad of the kid who got bit was furious of course, and he went to talk to the teacher who kind of dismissed him (I saw it all).  He also tried to talk to the mother of the little terror and she told him "boys will be boys" WHAT??? I would have been mortified and saying "I am sorry" in 12 different languages if Jonathan was the one biting other kids.  That mom is loud and obnoxious since day 1.  She has 5 kids who go to our school.  She is one of those who think their kids are perfect and cannot do no wrong.  For those of you readers who have no kids, let me break it to you right now, those kids do not exist.  So Friday my son came home with a bloody scratch on his FACE.  I asked who did that.  You can guess who.  He scratched Jonathan in the face with his nails.  He was trying to hit and kick Jonathan and 2 other boys and was told to stop by a proctor.  Jonathan walked away and he ran after him and went for his face!  And was he punished for that? or bitting the other kid? or all the other stuff he has done since day 1.  I emailed the teacher Friday and asked if she was aware of this incident and if yes what is she doing about it.  No answer.  I was told this morning "It's being handled"  by the teacher.  I felt she wanted to get rid of me real quick...I did not like that at all.  I said "Well Mrs B. that is just not good enough of an answer for me"  So far the only thing she or they have come up with to deal with all his crap is to make him sit at a table and color during carpet time! He does not care, he sits there all happy to color while the other kids talk about the weather and what day it is!  The dad of the kid who got bit went to see the Principal and was told that they have to "protect" his privacy and cannot tell the parents how they will deal with this child.  She said they would need to document everything and question all the kids!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT???????? THEY ARE 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is insane.  In my days, if a kid hit, bit, scratched another they would either have detention or be suspended, no need of a federal investigation.  This Political BS is protecting the bullies.  They will never stop this massive problem that is in the schools with this kind of plan.  Someone told me on Facebook..."you don't know this kid's situation at home, blah blah..." I don't.  I know he lives with his parents, in a normal house.  I see him pushing kids in line in the morning and his mom says NOTHING.  Does not matter what situation he is in, that does not make it OK for him to attack his classmates.  It took everything I had to bite my tongue and not give her a peace of my mind this morning but I did it, I did not say one word to her.  FOR NOW. 


Terzah said...

Sometimes we have to modify that old quote "Hell is other people" into "Hell is other parents." People think discipline is a bad word. Lots of toddlers bite--they won't stop if their parents don't deal with it. Sounds like this kid has enabler parents. He's the one who will be the loser in the end because of it. And it sucks that the school won't help--they are probably afraid of being sued. Sigh. I'm so not looking forward to elementary school.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Ugh what a crappy thing to have to deal with. I wouldn't be able to be nice about it either. That kid is being unacceptable but that isn't the message he is getting from authority figures.

Teamarcia said...

So sorry you're dealing with this! We went thru a bullying incident last year on the bus with thing 2 (then 5 as well) The principal shared with exactly how it was handled and they did a great job.
Nice training as usual--is it just me or are you doing 10x400 like every other week? Love them!

Christine said...

I'm not a mom and can not really judge. But one thing is for sure, this would have not worked in my family AT ALL! My mom would have personally "killed" me at home! I certainly don't agree on beating kids but once in a while kids need to understand what consequences are. I'm shocked about the teacher's and school's reaction!

Nelly said...

Wow that story is ridiculous. Stories like these are why bullying seems to have become a bigger issue these days. What happens when the kid picks on someone bigger than him and the other kid fights back and beats him up? He better be ready for the tables to be turned.

Terzah sounds dead on to me, sounds like the parents are seriously enablers of this behavior. Perhaps a suspension of 2-4 weeks, the child getting unsatisfactory grades, and the threat of being held back a grade might turn him around? There has to be consequences for this kind of behavior. This kid is totally out of control. Seems like other than real action taken by the school that this kid will destroy everyone and everything in his path.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I'm sorry your son is dealing with this.

I honestly think this kid need's an evaluation. Everything you are saying are signs of a kid who has O.D.D. which is oppositional defiant disorder. My friend's son has this and even though he had an I.E.P. that was suppose to help him in his school district he was still suspended from school 8x last year because the district could not provide him with the help he needed. He was in the first grade. It's not normal. The boy need's help and if the parent doesn't recognize the school personnel has to. Unfortunately a lot of districts would not want to pay to have him sent to a school that would be able to help him. I feel bad for the kid because not getting help will only label him as "that kid" and that's a horrible reputation to have. I wish the parents would recognize that "boys will be boys" is not a true reflection of what children will act. I hope the district really sets about to help him.

giraffy said...

Oh my, I'm so sorry you and your kid have to deal with that. Lackadaisical parents irk me to no end.

Nice long run, I hope the lovely weather holds out!

XLMIC said...

12 miles! awesome!!!

I am sorry your son is having to deal with this in his class :( I know that often my kid (the 6-yr old) was
called a bully by his classmates last year, and he is physical. But I also see the rest of the story... Not to ever condone hitting, biting or kicking, etc. But there usually is a bigger picture hiding behind the scenes. I am surprised the school isn't being more actively involved and actually teaching the boy how he needs to behave and teaching the other kids how to cope.

Black Knight said...

Bullism is a big problem. As lawyer I can say that if the school doesn't make anything you can convene the teacher, the headmaster and the parents but I am sure you know this. Sorry for your son and the other students.
Glad you did a long run with a perfect weather. As usual here it's hot. Last sunday we ran a half-marathon under 35° C.

Anne said...

Premièrement, MERCI Caroline!!! :)

Second, that is really frustrating and I know I would also have my claws out if this was going on in my child's class. I hope he gets the help and the discipline he needs.

Yay on your long run!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am sick and tired of people "accepting" bad behavior. It is not right, when did we become a nation of pansies? We were not raised this way, if we did this as a kid, we would have been whooped and grounded and detention or suspension from the school. AND if you boys did this to the bully, his parents would throw a fit. Society has really taken a turn for the worse in the last decade, I hope everyone realizes that there pampered, never have to struggle, spoiled, coddled kids will be in charge when we are old, think about it, scary, isnt it

Unknown said...

First, congrats on the great run! :)

Second... you have EVERY right to be upset. That boy is not being punished correctly. Coloring as his punishment? That's not working. I hope the school figures this out. Hugs to you, Jonathan and all of the other kids in his class!

Kate Geisen said...

That's a really frustrating situation you're in with your son's classroom. I hope the school is able to better handle things.

So glad your run went well, you rule breaker you! :) On one of my last bike rides with friends, we went down a closed trail...but we got permission to skirt the new concrete that had it closed. :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

So proud of your training C!! I am wishing you the best of luck for Long Beach!