Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Italian bet and BQ wishes

This morning I went for my last run before the Disney Half Marathon.  I did 3 miles at race pace.  It went fine.  I have no pain when I run.  If I feel pain it is only when I walk.  I continue to stretch and ice just in case.  Thank you for all the comments on my last post!  Your support means everything to me.  Really. 

One comment came from Stefano.  You know him right? The famous Italian Black Knight.  Check his blog here, he always post beautiful pictures that make you want to go run in Italy with him!  Well he said that if I DON'T PR at Disneyland, he will send me a T-shirt from Italy!!!!  So now I am running not to get a shirt from Italy?!? Shouldn't this be the other way around?!  Maybe it is the Italian way!?!  Well Stefano, my amico, as much as I would love an Italian shirt,  I will try my best NOT to get one!!!! :)

OK so now I rest until Sunday 6 am.  Tomorrow I am going to the Expo to pick up the race packets.   I am drinking a lot to be well hydrated since I do tend to dehydrate very easily.  Also getting salty stuff in, I have a problem with that as well.  Will try to go to bed earlier for next 2 nights because Saturday night will not be the one to bank in the ZZZ hours:  Sleeping at the hotel with the kids and stress = not the best combo for good night sleep!!

Other blogger friends of mine are running this weekend.  They are running on Saturday at the same race and they are going for the big one: THE BQ.

Dawn at Racing Dawn who ran 12 marathons in 12 months.

 and Super Mom of 12, Erin at see mom run far.

Good luck ladies!!!!!  You got this!!!!!
I will be thinking of you, I wish you all the best for this race.
Dawn will have my Arizona Friend, All Star Emz to pace her!

Good luck to all the bloggers who will be at Disneyland Half Marathon on Sunday, I hope I will get to meet some of you somewhere along the course!!!!!


Kate Geisen said...

Good luck to all of you!! And hey, now your race is win-win, thanks to Stefano. I need to get in on this not meeting your goal loot...I'd be hauling in the tshirts!

Jill said...

Woohoo, it's almost time to rock and roll!! It's going to go great, be positive, and hey there's always the shirt from Stefano. My guess is you'll get one regardless from him :)!!! Have a blast!

Amanda@runninghood said...

How exciting!! Good luck to all of you!! Sleeping with kids in hotels isn't the best but hopefully it will go well! I will go wish them luck too!

Anne said...

Stefano's t-shirts are either way you win :) You are going to do are so ready!!! Go Caroline :)

...and Dawn and Erin and Emz :)

Michael said...

So glad you are feeling better! Best of luck, but I know you don't need it. You will do GREAT!!

I hope you don't get the shirt, I know you won't. Maybe he will send it to you anyway...maybe.

Unknown said...

Exciting weekend all around! Glad you're feeling better.

The Unexpected Runner said...

You will be great! Can't wait to hear all about it, mon ami, kids will surprise you...I bet they will be great the night before :)

racing dawn said...

Caroline you are the sweetest!!! I just know this weekend is gonna be awesome for all of us!

And as soon as its over I can start thinking about Surf City!!! :)

Black Knight said...

Sorry for the mistake: I meant if you PR I will send the italian t-shirt.
Please forgive me ..... and PR or not I will send the t-shirt.

Jenn said...

Oh Caroline. I've been absent lately but thinking of you getting ready for this half!!! You are SO ready and I hope it just turns out to be an amazing experience here! Hotels and kids and stress....umm yes-sounds vaguely familiar! Won't make a difference though!! GO get 'em!

I'm laughing at Black Knight as I see you are getting a shirt regardless now:)

Tricia said...

good luck and have fun!