Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Gadget

18 days before Long Beach...it is coming so fast. 
This is what I did last week

Mon: 7 forgettable miles...it was hot, I felt like I was 200 lbs..moving on.
Tue: 3 miles
Wed: 3 miles
Thu: 5 miles tempo
Fri: rest
Sat: 3 miles
Sun: 10 good miles...rest of the day not so good.
total: 31 miles

My long run went pretty well but I had stomach problems for the rest of the day.  I was not able to eat much even though I was hungry...it sucked. I was a little worried because the next day I had to go in for blood test and I needed to stop eating at 9 pm and that I would not eat breakfast until around 10 am. I envy all of you who can eat whatever you want after long runs or races!

So you know those SWAGGLE deals?  Well a couple weeks ago they had one for TANITA scales and I bought one.  I got this one:

It is the  BC-548 Ironman Body Composition Monitor.  We did not have any scale in our house and this was 50% off. It will tell you a lot of information about your body. 
  • Weight

  • Body Fat %

  • Body Water %

  • Muscle Mass

  • Physique Rating

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)

  • We can enter profiles for 4 persons in it and it will keep the datas in memory.  This is pretty cool tool.  I like it, Bill not so much because that thing tells the UGLY TRUTH.
    Me: underfat, Him: Overfat (oopsy).  He needs to exercise.  He has lost some weight so that is good.  The Physique rating is a number between 1 and 9, 1 being Hidden obese (High body fat and low muscle mass) and 9 is Very Muscular (Athlete).  I am an 8.  That is Thin and muscular;  lower then normal % of fat and while having adequate muscle mass.  I'll take that but I dont see the muscles!  Pretty cool gadget, it is interesting to see how the numbers change from morning to bedtime.  When people come over I invite them to use it to see their numbers and most of them said "NO THANKS" so far even if I say I will leave the room and give them some privacy.  The ones who stepped on it knew or thought their numbers would be pretty good! 
    Saturday was opening season for soccer! Now both my boys are playing and that makes for busy Saturday mornings! Jonathan's game started before Will's ended and was at a different location.  I had snack duty for both. I felt like I was in a race!  They both won their first games!  Now they are asking to "train" for their upcoming 1 mile races.  Saturday we will start and see if they can run a mile.  I am not sure Jonathan can, he does not know how to run slow.  We will see how it goes!


    kristen said...

    I've never been on one of those scales- and I have to admit, I'm curious!

    SupermomE13 said...

    You are a rock star!! :)

    I would love a scale like that although worry I would obsess over it...

    Have fun with soccer! We just got done and it was a lot of fun (although busy busy busy)

    Sorry about the stomach... The way for me to avoid that is to avoid dairy and high fiber foods BEFORE a long run or race, and then I feel good during and after.

    Big Daddy Diesel said...

    Aww Poor Bill!!!

    I saw that deal and I almost bought it

    Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

    I love that scale I want one! I would step on it obsessively all day just to see how the numbers changed.

    Jill said...

    You had a great week of running, yay!!

    The boys playing soccer are priceless...love them! I look back on my kiddos' soccer pictures from time to time, great memories!

    I have a body fat scale and it lies to me all the time!! ;)

    Unknown said...

    What is this Waggle? I want in. That scale is super cool. I would love to hop on. But it is kind of scary.

    Great week in running for you! (minus the run where you felt like you were 200 lbs). :)

    Jim ... 50after40 said...

    We have a scale almost exactly like that. They're cool! Michael always clears her weight off the screen before I walk by because she doesn't want me to see ... ha, cute. The young'uns look like a couple of little David Beckhams! (Sorry, I don't know any Canadian soccer stars ... or American for that matter)

    Michael said...

    I hate the scale, but yet I get on it at least once a day so it can tell me what I already know....that I need to lose like 10 pounds...ugh! I wish I was a little too thin.

    Terzah said...

    I have a scale like that too. I like that my weight is going down, but my body fat stays stuck at 22%. Ugh. Need to start strength training. I'm still too marshmallow-like for a runner. Still, it's a useful tool. Glad you got one at a good price.

    Fruit Fly said...

    I think, as fancy as the scale is, I'd be too scared to hear what it has to say!