Friday, September 2, 2011

Disney Half Marathon EXPO

Today I drove to Anaheim to go to the Expo for the Disney Half Marathon.  I knew it would be crowded early, last year the line for packet pick-up was really long and in full sun.  Expo opened at noon.  I was in line at 11, in the first group and in the shade.  PERFECT.  I brought water, pretzels, Ipod and Runners World Magazine.  I could not help but listen to the conversations people were having around me.  I was surrounded by "know-it-all" people.  Not my favorite crowd.   Expo opened right on time and packet pick up is very well organized.  I got the kids stuff and mine and I headed to the Expo on the main floor to get my shirt and my bag.   The kids got a bag as well with a shirt.  This is the content of our bags

I put this one because we can see the shirts better.  Blue is the kids, in the back is "I did it".  I love it and I love that it is not white!!!  Mine is the black one, nice technical shirt.  The one I had was way too big and they were nice enough to exchange it for a small.  I still see myself as a big person and I put big size on the registration forms. 

Here is the picture with the rest of the stuff...lots of flyers for other races.  They had a contest to win an entry to one RNR race and I entered for New Year's Eve race in Indian Wells.  I made sure to tell them that I think that $175 is way too expensive for a Half Marathon!!!

I was walking around and this man stops me and says "Hello, How are you?, I see you ran with Dean, how was that experience?"  (I was wearing the shirt from my race with Dean Karnazes) That guy looked so familiar and then I realized who it was: Jeff Galloway!  What a nice guy he is.  I talked with him for a while, he asked about my running and how I am doing.  I am so happy I got to meet him.  He had a contest for a chance to win a trip to Athens to run the marathon there with him so of course I filled out the form.  Why not!  I bought a couple books and he signed them both for me.

Pretty cool right?
He is tall and so skinny!

I stopped by a booth called Life Clinic.  They had this fancy machine that measure your BMI, Weight, Body Fat content, BP.  Pretty cool.  I did the test and I got my results in 3 minutes.  BP 100/60.  HR 68.  BMI: 18.5 

Tomorrow is the kids race!
Sunday my turn!!!


Unknown said...

So neat to meet Jeff Galloway.

And, I'm a little jealous of your BMI.

Good luck this weekend!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

How exciting!! That sounds like a fun expo!

Terzah said...

Ooh, I envy your low BMI, you athlete you! :^)

I love expos and how fun that you got to meet Jeff Galloway. I've read that mental training book--it's good. And knowing your luck, you'll win that trip to Athens. I certainly hope you do.

Anne said...

Love the kids t-shirts :)

How cool that you met Jeff Galloway, I'd love to read that mental training book! Perhaps you can tell us what you thought of it.

Hope you win that trip, wouldn't it be the best first marathon experience!

Teamarcia said...

Wow! That expo sounds like it was worth the wait to get in! I do the same thing ordering shirts way too big because I think i still am. Ugh!
Im glad you told the RNR peeps their prices are out of line!
Good luck, have fun and PR baby!

Christine said...

So cool you chatted with Jeff Galloway! :)

Unknown said...

Have a great time!!! Nice BMI btw ;-)

cotter crunch said...

oh wow! that is so neat. I would have ased him a bizillion questions. I hope you did!

The Unexpected Runner said...

Very cool! Good luck with you race!

Pahla said...

I just this year stopped asking for the larger size shirt because I hate that I can't wear any of them! But I'm still always a little nervous that the small won't fit. :/
Good luck to you and your kiddos - can't wait to read all about the races!

Fruit Fly said...

It is like YOU were the celebrity and Jeff wanted to meet YOU! How cool!!!

I eyeballed him for a while - VERY skinny. I wanted his running mojo to rub off on me. I don't think it did.

robinbb said...

I can't believe you ran with Dean Karnazes. I am so jealous!