Friday, April 15, 2011

Would you rather...? No. 13 The Maple Leaf Version

No you are no lost!!

Jess from BLONDE PONYTAIL is away on a vacation in the land of the EMZ and she asked me if I would post this week's "Would you rather...?"

If you are followers of Jess and were directed here from her blog: WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

Today is rest day for me. 
Yesterday I did my speedwork
10x400 @5k pace on the treadmill.  Boy that was not easy.  First time going up to 10 repeats.  First 5 I did 30 sec faster then 5k pace and last 5 at 40 sec faster.
I got an 11 miles for my long run this weekend and an easy 4 miles.  It is supposed to be really hot here (90+) so I am getting up early to beat my enemy: the heat!

Head over to Big Daddy Diesel to wish him well, he is running his first half marathon this weekend!  GO BDD!!!!! (did you see the HABS won last night!!!)

Also mon ami Chris K is taking the blogland by surprise by running a half marathon Sunday, yep just like that.

Good luck boys! Looking forward to the race reports! WITH PICTURES: BDD!!!

So this week's Would you rather is brought to you by little old me. I know you were all wondering when will we get a Canadian version? The day has come my friends.

Would you rather...? No 13
The Maple Leaf Version!

1.  Would you rather see Céline Dion in concert?

or Mariah Carey?

Caro: I saw Céline in Las Vegas, she CAN sing. I pick her.

2. Would you rather eat a POUTINE ( Fries, FRESH cheese curds and gravy)

or a Big Mac?

Caro: Poutine! Best Junk food Ever, 100% Québécois! 

3. Would you rather go to a hockey game?

(Yes BDD,  I HAD to put that picture, Oh Canada!)

or a Football game? 

 Caro: Please..Hockey is a religion for us Canadians!

4. Would rather have lunch with Jaqueline Gareau, REAL winner of the 1980 Boston Marathon?  (Do you know this crazy story about the 1980 Marathon and Rosie Ruiz who cheated?  You can read about it here)


or with Joan Benoit Samuelson, winner of the first Women's Olympic Marathon?


Caro: This is tough! I pick Jacqueline because this story is crazy and also she speaks French!!! 

5. Would you rather spend one night at the Ice Hotel in Québec?

or 2 nights on a desert Island with Richard Hatch?

Caro: Ice Hotel for me, I have no desire to see Richard Hatch's naked butt!
Once again I want to wish all the Boston runners the best race ever! You can read my tribute to my bloggy pals that will be at the starting line on Monday here!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks for the shout out, I am nervous (and kinda excited)

I did watch some of the habs game, your series will be based on how hot Price will get.

Did you watch my Wings whoop up on the yotes?

1- Neither, but if I had to Celine
2- I want extra brownie points for knowing what poutine is!!!!
3- HOCKEY!!!!
4- Ummm, Joan
5- ICE HOTEL!!! I always wanted to visit it

Caroline said...

ah yes...if you KNOW what poutine is and you are not Anne or Canadian you get extra points!!!!

Danielle said...

1 - Celine. My bff has seen her twice and goes on and on about her. I think were seeing her in Vegas this summer!
2 - Big Mac. I'm a sucker for McDonalds
3 - Football for sure.
4 - Joan Benoit
5 - Ice Hotel. That looks so cool!

Anne said...

Toutes les mêmes réponses que toi bien sur :)
Go Habs Go!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

1. Celine without question.
2. Poutine, though I'm not sure either one is winning the race for healthy food.
3. Kona Ironman (oh, was that not an option? Oops) I'm not a follower of hockey or football.
4. Joan Benoit Samuelson
5. Ice Hotel. I've always wanted to go!

Kate Geisen said...

This was funny.

1. Neither
2. Poutine (sure, why not?)
3. Football!
4. Either would be amazing.
As far as #5...the presence of Richard Hatch makes it no contest!

Jill said...

1. Neither
2. Neither
3. Neither
4. Joanie
5. Neither

Yah, go me!!

Theia said...

First of all, 10 x 400??? Egad, that's just awful! Congrats on getting it done.

Now, the poll.

1. Mariah.... I guess.
2. Big Mac
4. Umm, neither?
5. Definitely anyplace in Quebec! :)

RockStarTri said...

1) I would not want to see either but the audience at Mariah would be more interesting.
2) Le big mac, or as pulp fiction calls it, le gran royale.
3) I used to have season tix for the NY Rangers. When they went on strike, I gave the tickets back and have not even watched a game on TV.
4) JBS!
5) Ice, Ice baby.

Kerrie said...

1. Celine.
2. I might try those fries. They look tres delish. (Is that Franglish? Is Franglish a word? Did I just make that up?)
3. Football. Sorry.
4. Jaqueline.
5. Ice hotel all the way.


Emz said...

YAY photos of BDD.

1. Celine fo sho.
2. Big MAC or two. POUTINE?! What the.....?
3. Football X 444 unless there are a lot of fights then I choose bloody fights.
4. JBS
5. Richard Hatch - I could kick his a$s if I needed to. Cold is ... just ...well... to freaking cold.

Darlene said...

1. Celine (saw her in NYC & in Vegas - she was great)
2. Big MAC
3. Football (actaully Baseball but it wasn't a choice)
4. Joan, of course.
5. Richard Hatch - I HATE the cold

Kittee said...

I am new follower from Jess...

Thanks for hosting this...

1. Celine for sure
2. Big Mac, what the heck is Poutine?? Sounds kind of dirty...
3. Football but hockey is a close second.. go Dallas
4. Jaqueline
5. Ice Hotel.. Always wanted to stay there

Chris K said...

This was a very good WYR cuz it's hard. Tough choices. Thanks for the shout out too.

Mariah. I've already seen Celine 9 times. She's my fav and I have every CD of hers. Do you believe me?
2 - Big Mac. WTF is that other mess?
3 - Puh-leaze Caro. I'd rather go to the Dentist than a hockey game.
4 - Cara Goucher
5 - Since I hate the cold, I think I could hang with Richard Hatch. Might be interesting.

Jenn said...

Nice job on the speedwork!! You're doing great:)

Celine, Poutine for SURE, hockey, Joan, and I practically live in an ice hotel anyway. It's 27 degrees outside today and it's freakin' APRIL!!!!

Have a great weekend:) Can't wait to virtually cheer on Monday morning!

Maia said...

Caroline- thanks for hosting WYR!!!
1. Mariah
2. Big Mac
3. Hockey (us Minnesotans are pretty dedicated to our hockey- just like yu Canadians!)
4. Joan
5. Ice Hotel for sure!

Have a great weekend!!

Julie said...

LOL! That is good...I think I agree with all of your...that last one had me on the floor thank you on the Hatch nacked butt!

Unknown said...

These are hysterical!

1. Mariah
2. Ummmm cheese curds and fries!!!
3. Football
4. Joan
5. I hate being cold... but I don't think I could stomach Richard Hatch! :)

A Prelude To... said...

1. Mariah and Celine together maybe. I don't like either of them but do respect their voices.

2. Big Mac - I <3 burgers!

3. Go Ducks! If I didn't have a team in the game, though - I would trade it for some hockey!

4. Joan.

5. Tropical island over ice cold hotel every single time.

Jennifer Spadafora said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I just got you to #99!

1. Celine Dion all the way
2. Big Mac
3. Hockey all the way!
4. Joan is my pick.
5. With the horrible winter we had, Desert Island, even if it means seeing Hatch naked!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thanks for hosting Caroline! We need to get you to 100 followers! One away! C'mon peeps!