Monday, April 4, 2011

The Madness ends today

I had a crazy day.  I was scheduled to have a root canal today.  I know you are all so jealous of me.   I have never had one.  I am a MAJOR wuss when it comes to visiting the dentist so last night I stayed up way too late because I could not sleep, too much stress.  I had scheduled that appointment twice before and I chickened out both times.  This time I did not cancel.  1 Gold Star for Caro.  OK so they told me it would take 2 hours so I signed Jonathan for the lunch club and paid the extra $$.   We got new insurance that started April 1st.  Can you guess this will not end well, I just used the word insurance in my story.   I had the new group number and all the info I needed.  I get to the dentist and they call the insurance to verify my new info and of course the new insurance says we don't have a subscriber under that name, DOB or SSN!   This was the start of a series of phone calls to try to fix this.  After 45 minutes I had to give up and reschedule because I was not going to make it on time to pick up Jonathan at school.  I was so MAD, big waste of my time.

I did not have my gym bag with me so I decided to go back home and go for a 5 miles run.  It was 10:30 am when I went running and it was 88 F already.  Way too hot for me.  I thought I would be OK without water for 5 miles.  I was wrong.   I was miserable the whole run, really tired, dry mouth, super thirsty, slower then slow.  It sucked.  Lesson learned: I need to carry water from now on.  I have a hard time running in the heat.  I get dehydrated really quickly.  I get the swelling in the hands and feet also, mostly my hands though.   I tried to shake them and make a fist, it does not work.  I read that maybe salt tablets can help?
Anyone reading this taking these? Do you take them before or during a run/race?  I had that problem in the second half of my half marathon and ended up hitting the wall.  I want to do all I can to prevent this next month.  It is likely that it will be hot for my next HM.  That whole swelling issue worries me.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my last post.  What I meant with the arms thing is the "flabby arm" that comes after loosing a lot of weight.  On this horrible picture it is more noticeable.  I was yelling at Jonathan who was not looking up when I pass in front of them.

OK now the "important" stuff for today:

I need them to win.
I need them to win with a low score (137 total)
If that happens I will win my pool and $710!
First 4 win some $$,  the worst I can do is 4th (U Con winning with a high score)

Did I tell you I LOVED San Diego?
I did.  More on that tomorrow  and my weekly plan!


Michael said...

Um....I have flabby arms and not from losing so much weight, but just because I am flabby. Your arms look muscular! Totally! I'm jealous. Sorry your root canal didn't work out. It would suck to finally be ready for it and then have to reschedule.

Q said...

Ah, sorry to hear about the dentist delay. I think your arms are fine too!

Anne said...

What a mess with the insurance...I hope it's all worked out! Wow c'est beaucoup d'argent que tu peux gagner...bonne chance :)

Nelly said...

Good luck in the game tonight! It is a low scoring battle so far at 19-19!

For your runs, I'm assuming that you wear a fuel belt? I can't do a run without it (except for maybe short races).
I usually put Cytomax into my bottles (1 cytomax, 1 water),or.r_gc.r_pw.&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=1802221616577894584&sa=X&ei=6HmaTb2XLoH0tgORt7GeBA&ved=0CD0Q8gIwAQ#

I also like endurolytes for salt tablets, I try to take one about every 3-4 miles or so.

You also probably need to drink a lot more both before and during runs, sounds like you are getting dehydrated during your runs...

Teamarcia said...

Blech sorry to hear about the dental rigamarole. What a PIA. Best of luck with your pool. Lots of Butler fans in this house too.

middleagedrunner said...

Good luck with your root canal. If it makes you feel better/braver I have had two and find them to be easier to cope with than a normal filling. Go figure! Plus, you will feel so much better after.
We're rooting for Butler in my house too even though we live in the Northeast.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I hate insurance companies, they take our money with no problems, but when we need them, its impossible to deal with

I have noticed from sweet 16 on, all the teams you rooted for....well.... loss, When I saw your tweet last night "Go Butler" I shook my head and said poor, poor butler

Emz said...

I love that photo. Love it.


sooooooooooo sorry about Butler. So sad. :(

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I live in UConn Country, so we very much enjoyed the win.

Best of luck with the root canal.