Monday, April 18, 2011

Watch these great videos! Boston Marathon finishes! Just Awesome!

Today was rest day for me.
Usually I don't rest of Monday but this week I got to adjust my plan with the family schedule, I am a mom first.

This week is week 11 of my training plan.  Half Marathon #2 is almost here.  I am glad it was not yesterday because it was not my day for great running. I gotta to say the ice bath I took was a huge success, no pain today!   I am doing this again this coming weekend after my last long run.  I am also going to rest on Saturday, I hope this will help with my 12 miles on Sunday.  I'd rather do a good 12 then go for an extra 3 miles on Saturday and repeat a crappy run like I had yesterday.

This was week 10
WEEK 10:
Mon: stretch and strength + XT: dentist
Tue: 3 miles easy: 5 miles on treadmill

Wed: 5 miles: 3 miles tempo
Thu: Speedwork:  10x400m: 10x400 : 5 miles total
Sat: XT or 4 easy miles: 4 miles at HM pace (20 sec faster)

Sun: 11 miles. 11 long hard miles.

Total: 28 miles

WEEK 11:
Mon: rest
Tue: 3 miles easy:
Wed: 5 miles:
Thu: Speedwork:  10x400m:
Fri: 3 miles HM pace:
Sat: REST: 

Sun: 12 miles.

Today was the Boston Marathon and I followed the race of all the people that were featured in this post here
Everybody did fantastic! 

Jim:  had a PR in Boston! How great is that! 
Beth at SUAR was amazing and ran the marathon post injury with a great time of 4:08!
EMZ ran a speedy race after having a "TAPER" of over 70 miles last week.

I found these great videos while I was lookig for footage of the marathon : It has it ALL.


Christine said...

The video actually scares me to run Boston!! But it shows how amazing those runners are :)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Can't wait to cross that line!!

Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

oh my goodness, that finish line video is insane! thanks for sharing!

Pam @ said...

Love the finish line video!

The Turtle said...

Thanks for sharing the finish line video. Man those medics worked hard. They deserve some major props.

juanitagf said...

That finish line video is amazing! The guy doing cartwheels is astounding!

Julie said...

Great video's thanks for sharing! I volunteered one year at the finish line of the Denver Marathon and it was just like that. I'm awed and amazed at the finishes. Those who barley finish and those who finish with enthusiasm. I need to volunteer again soon.

RoseRunner said...

oh no, why did you make me watch those!! aaaa!

I hate watching people stumble and look like they are dying at the end of races...I find it really disturbing. Really disturbing! I never want to feel that way, like I have to collapse. So scary.

And the second video reminds me why I am so reluctant to sign up for Boston despite qualifying at all my marathons -- the waiting! torture!

Caroline said...

To me it shows determination. I was like that when I cross the finish line at my first half. Somebody came to get me just like in this video.

cathysrunning said...

Wow - that totally brought tears to my eyes! I can only imagine the agony and joy of getting yourself across that finish line.

Is every medic in Boston standing there at the finish line?

Thanks for sharing that!

Anne said...

Merci Caroline! :) Loved watching these.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Wow, these were cool

I did one of those half mary things that your training for your second, they are *gasp* fun (oh geez, I cant believe I just said that

Jenn said...

Great videos! Ah- I so wish I would have been there this year!!!

SO exciting to track and virtually cheer for all the runners!

I'm a serious wuss with the icebaths. I need to get tougher but dang-sometimes I think sore muscles is better than the agony of stepping into that tub of torture!! Nice job with the 11 miles. Good luck with the big 12 this weekend. Half coming up soon!!!!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

i love those videos... this might make me a baby... but i teared up watching those! :)

Sherri said...

yes! I'm a mom first too...but I need to get my runs in! I'm new to your blog...and you do an amazing job! I loved those videos...thanks!

Nelly said...

Great videos! Though I am with Roserunner, it is hard for me to watch people be in agony like that at the finish line. The guy doing cartwheels and pushups was crazy! Don't know how he was coordinated enough to do a cartwheel at the finish line, haha Though didn't it seem like they mainly only showed guys? Not sure if the camera was only on for a certain amount of time, but would have been nice to see more girls too.

I also liked the guys that kissed the pavement, if I did any race celebration I would probably do that =)