Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Ugly Truth - Virtual Marathon part 1


Check out my Cool Bib!

Went for my long run this morning.  Got up at 6 am to try to beat the heat. 
Not early enough.   :(

Miles I ran: 11

Time it took: longer then I wanted but still at faster pace then my first half but slower then last 2 long runs of 9 and 10 miles.

Walking breaks: Too many.

Temperature: Way too hot...about 86

Times I said really bad words like Calisse, Criss or Tabarnac (Anne so sorry I know these are very bad) to bikers who almost hit me: TWICE and I am not sorry about that!

Times I wanted to quit and call Bill: ONCE  but I didn't.

Number of squirrel I saw: 1

Side pain: Yep one that lasted about 3 miles.

Number of salt tablets: 2 before I left and 2 after 1 hour: not enough.

I was under my first half marathon pace but slower then my last 2 long runs so I am a little discouraged with this one.
This was a hard one for me.
At times my legs felt really heavy.  I am glad today was NOT race day.

This is me after I got back, I am smiling because it is OVER.  11 done, 15.2 to go!

Last week I had pain in my knees after my 10 miles, did not want that again so I decided to go for the ice bath for the first time.  I hope this will helps.  That was not fun, aouch!
My kids thought it was hilarious that I was taking a bath with ICE in it and that I had clothes on!!!  Cannot see the ice really good on the picture, but there was some!!! I added another bag after that was taken.

Warning: gross picture coming up
My toe is is as ugly as my run today
That white part of the nail is about to fall, it is broken.

So there you have it, The Ugly Truth is not all runs go well.  Today it sucked.
Moving on.

Boston runners if you are reading this: GOOD LUCK!!! ENJOY!!!

100 FOLLOERS!!!! Julie is #100! thank you all!!


A Prelude To... said...

I was supposed to do an 11 miler today but put it off until tomorrow. I'm hoping for cool weather (for sure going to get that!) and feeling light on my feet (tbd...)

Good job on the ice bath. I'm new to them but think they really do help!

Pam @ said...

HEAT SUUUUUUCKS!!!!! But as bad as it sucks, I fully believe that running in the heat makes you even stronger in the cool. No worries!

XLMIC said...

Owie toe! I sure hope that gets better fast :)

Try not to sweat the time on that 11... you did a great job. They aren't always going to be faster than the last one... at least that's what I tell myself!

Congrats on hitting 100!

Jill said...

86 degrees?? Wow!

I had to laugh at the bike cursing!! When I was a runner (I'm still a runner, right? Just a runner in hiatus!) I used to curse all the cyclist out there running me over. Now that I'm cycling and have to pass a runner I try to be very kind and warn them ahead but I bet some guy really yelled at me today. Opps. Maybe a wider bike path would be more helpful? :)

Your bath is just cracking me up...haha. I always have to wear 3 layers on top. I hope it's the magic cure for your knees next time!

Amy @ Juice Boxes + Crayolas said...

Yikes, what a broiling hot run! I loved hearing your french swears--I remember learning a couple of those from my french professor in college! Way to go you for being brave enough to take an ice bath! I am way too big of a wimp, even though I know they are great for soreness...

Kate Geisen said...

I'm proud of you for sticking with your run instead of bagging it like I did. Nice job! It's a training run, right...what's important is that you got the miles on your feet. Hopefully the next run is AWESOME!

Rude cyclists make me mad, too. Like Jill, I'm always careful to signal when I'm coming. It's not that difficult to be polite.

And ice baths are MAGICAL! BTW, I thought of you today on my run because I'd forgotten sunscreen, and that was one of your lessons. I don't think I burned, so I'm thankful to have dodged the bullet. I'm not back in "sun" mode yet! :)

Julie said...

Ain't that the truth...not all runs go well. I suppose it's the ones that don't that make us the strongest.

Julie said...

Oh and I was happy to take you to the 100 mark. :)

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

yay!! i'm hopefully starting mine tomorrow!! but i will not be starting out with 11 miles lol ;) love your bib! :)

Unknown said...

Your poor toe :(

It's the tough runs that we remember most...... it makes us better runners and better people!!

Tricia said...

good luck on the next 15.2

Unknown said...

Wait a minute... you ran 11 miles? That's awesome my dear... sucky weather and hurt toe an all. Keep kicking butt and don't look back...

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Toe pain from running. haha After losing three toenails I'm happy I don't find toe's disgusting. I examine them at least once a week to make sure they're not being tortured too much.