Sunday, April 10, 2011

Favicon anyone? And the long run.

I got a new Favicon (website icon) ! See little blue girl with her arm up in victory? That's me finishing my first half marathon!  Thank you Dion! You can get your own free flavicon here

Yesterday I went for an easy 3 miles run.  I did not want to be tired for my long run today and we had soccer at 11 am.

Today: 10 miles
Good cool sunny not too windy weather, cannot ask for better then what I got.  I took one salt pill ( Endurolyte) before leaving.  I brought another one with me with water and a vanilla liquid shot.   Lot's of bikes and dogs on the path I use today.  I have problems with both.  The bikers: well they are just plain rude.  They think the path is JUST FOR THEM.  They pass runners and walkers REALLY close.  I run with my Ipod but it is not loud so I can hear people and if those morons were nice enough to warn people as they pass them I would not almost have a heart attack every time they speed by me.  The dogs, well I love dogs and my issue is really with their owners who cannot be bother to pick up the smelly gifts their furry friends leave on the path (this is a concrete path).  There's bags and trash cans at every mile for that.  ALL FREE.  No EXCUSE.    So back to me.  My 10 miles went well.  At mile 4 I realized I had been running with gum! I have never done that before.  I threw it away and I took my first dose of liquid shot and a few sip of water.  After that I took little sips of liquid shots at every mile.  I took a second salt pill at mile 6.  I think this is helping me.  It is hard to know for sure because today it was not a hot day and I have a hard time in hot weather mostly.  At least by trying the pills I know my stomach is OK.   Mile 9 I got a little tired , I felt like I was running faster, looked at my Garmin and well that was all in my head! :)  I am happy with how it went.  Last time I ran 10 miles was in January.  Today I ran my 10 miles 12 minutes faster then I did that day.  I am happy with that.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last postI appreciate all of your advices. You are all very kind and generous with your time, thank you.
I have decided that unless I get injured, I will keep up with the plan.  A wise friend told me that I should go slower for the  long runs.  Another wise runner's advise was to evaluate recovery time for my 10 and 11 miles.  That makes a lot of sense to me.  And then there is Pam who used the same plan I am using and got great results.  All that is enough to make me want to stick with the plan!!

Ending this with some soccer pics of #5


Pam @ said...

Congrats on a KILLER 10 miles! 12 minutes off of 10 miles is HUGE!

My training didn't pay off so well yesterday! Oh well... maybe next weekend!

Unknown said...

An awesome 10 miles today! Woooo hoooo!

I kinda feel the same about the dogs / bikers - my path is heavily populated with both - I too LOVE doggies but I get mad when they aren't leashed. There are big signs everywhere to keep the dogs on leashes and owner disregard. I've been followed by a furry dog once or twice and though they are playing, I hate the feeling of being chased.

Eh, I guess it makes me run faster - lol.

Great job again!!

Anne said...

Bravo Caroline! 12 minutes de moins sur 10 miles c'est excellent! Je ne vois pas ton favicon, mais il y a une photo qui n'apparait pas, peut-être que c'est celle-là :)

Lâche pas Caroline, tu vas être tellement prête pour ta course!!

Anne said... viens de voir ton favicon. Je ne comprennais pas :)

Kate Geisen said...

Adorable pictures and fantastic run!

I'm with you on the bikers. I spend plenty of time riding our local bike trails (which get heavy bike and pedestrian use), and it doesn't take anything to say "hi" or at least "on your left" in passing. I run with my ipod, but I only leave in one earbud and it would be nice to have a little notice of people passing before they fly past me. Grrr.

middleagedrunner said...

REALLY good job on your run! And your kids are just the cutest ever I love the pictures...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I am a biker and I do not bike on the paths, I stay out on country roads. I think paths should be for runners, walkers, family, etc. Not for people on mini leg powered vecihles. Its dangerous. People with dogs is a whole other issue.

Emz said...


Love it.

You dress your kids in Duke blue too?!?!?

RoseRunner said...

I always run with's a naughty, naughty habit. I never eat while running though, and I'm planning on giving it a go during my next marathon.

The 80 year old in your next post is just phenomenal. Breaking all the odds, I really hope I can run well when I'm in my 70's

Unknown said...

Awesome run!! 12 minutes is huge! I'm with you on the doggy 'gifts' - drives me nuts.