Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week 9. I [heart] SAN DIEGO, Worst game ever.

Nice melting pot for today.
First the training plan.  I am at week 9.  Holly Batman this is going too fast!

This was week 8
Mon: 4.5 miles: 4.5 miles
Tue: stretch and strength + XT: 45 min bike plus arms, legs, abs.

Wed: 3 miles easy: 3 miles tempo
Thu: Speedwork:  8x400m: 8x400: 5 miles total
Sat: 10k RACE : 10k race

Sun: Not sure, will be in San Diego to meet my best friend from Québec, that will come before running: no running.

total: 20 miles

Mon: 5 miles: 5 miles, was HELL: dehydration. 
Tue: stretch and strength + XT: 3miles at the gym

Wed: 3 miles easy:
Thu: Speedwork:  9x400m:
Fri: REST:
Sat: XT or 4 easy miles: 

Sun: 10 miles.

Yesterday I had a really bad 5 miles.  It was hot and I did not have water with me (very stupid I know), had swelling in my hands.  Nelly suggested I tried Endurolytes for salt tablets. 

I found some at REI and I will try them this weekend.  Thank you Nelly!

Did you watch the game last night?  The worst Finale ever.  Not just because UConn won but because of how both teams played.  I have to say that it sucked for Butler, every shot they tried in the 2nd half got rejected by the rim!  Well I finished 2nd and 4th in my pools, earning $180 without having any of the final 4 teams!

We spent the weekend in San Diego and Oh I loved that city!  The Gaslamp Quarter reminded me of Quebec.  We stayed across from the Padres Stadium (Petco Stadium is the real name), I was impressed to see it was all open in the middle of the city!  We took the boys to visit the  The USS Midway Museum and they loved it!  We met with my dearest friend Valerie, this year marks 30 yrs of friendship for us, that is something I wish for my kids: to have friends for life.  She was in town with her husband and their youngest daughter Flavie who is 1 month older then Jonathan (look at the difference in size!  She was adopted and was born in China!))

I asked everywhere if people had seen a man running in a TOGA but no luck, I think he is afraid of Canadians so he was hiding from me!


Michael said...

I can't believe you couldn't find Chris out there in SD. Jim and I were supposed to go out this summer, but plans changed - maybe next year.

Nelly said...

Thanks for the shoutout! Hopefully the salt tablets work for you! Glad SD was good, I love visiting that city!

Chris K said...

Oh man, you weren't really in my 'hood. I am a north county guy. Yeah, San Diego doesn't suck. I wish every one of my Blogging buddies would move here.

Caroline said...

I love the north county also...and when I was there you also hid from me, remember you were that TOGA for the first time that day?

RoseRunner said...

oh you make san diego look fabulous!! I have 2 sisters who live down there...I should be a better sister and visit more often.

Unknown said...

Aw, I was in San Diego in September and loved it. Their Downtown is amazing!

Jen Feeny said...

The salt tablets will def help you with the coming summer training. When I was in training I would always take one before my long run and halfway through. I hope it helps you!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I love San Diego

I already gave my 2 cents on why Butler lost