Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mizunos versus Brooks: Round 1 and someone is turning 6!

3 more days until Surf City!
I feel the same as I did the days leading up to my first half marathon...kind if anxious and nervous.  I don't know why.  Maybe it is because this one is the 3rd and final leg of the Beach Cities Challenge for me and I cannot wait to complete this.  The 3 races were spread from May 2011 to February 2012.   A lot of things can go wrong in 9 months!!! The rules are the 3 races have to be completed in order so if a runner has to drop out of one they have to start the Challenge at race 1.  

Update on the body parts:
Well I still have all of them so that is a plus.
Sinus: Still plugged and they still keep my ears plugged, that is the worst part because it gives me vertigo plus it is pretty annoying.  I keep drinking a lot of hot chamomile tea and water and I take Claritin D. 
Kid sick: 1 with runny nose.
Guests for the party tomorrow who are sick: 1 with hand-foot-mouth disease. Let's hope he stays home tomorrow.
Foot: Not bad at all.  If it stays like this and does not get worst I will be OK.

Mizunos versus Brooks round 1.
I have been wearing Mizunos Wave Insprire 7 for a few months now, I am on my second pair now.  I have been OK with those shoes until recently and now I do have plantar fasciitis problems.  I think it is mild for now and I don't want this to get to a point where I could not run.  So I decided to try a different brand of shoes and see if it helps to rotate or change 100%.   I bought the Brooks Ravenna 2.  

Today I had 3 miles and I wanted to try them! 

I know it is just 3 miles and that is not enough to do a review on anything but so far this is the differences I noticed:

  • Brooks is much lighter than Mizunos, I did like that a lot.
  • Brooks has a higher arch, not sure I like that.  I can "feel" it.
  • Brooks feels tighter at the front foot, I think this could lead to blisters for long runs.
  • Brooks laces are really short, that I don't like, I know I can put others on, just an observation.
  • For the support part I think Mizunos offer more stability at the back of the shoe.  The Brooks are lower and I could feel my left heel sliding up and down a bit...even if I laced the shoes with a "loop-lacing lock".
So after a short test my bet is that Brooks will be OK for shorter runs and on the Treadmill also but probably not for longer runs especially on hot days also because my feet tend to  get swollen in the heat.

To be continued...

Now to the most important topic of this day:
This guy is turning 6 today!
He was born 02-02-06 at 6:14 pm and his weight was 6 lbs 14 oz.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, funny, smart, loud, fast running and loving Jonathan!!!!!
I love him so so much!!!!

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I just saw that I reached 200 followers today!
Thank you for reading my blog and for following me!!!

***Reader Denise from my hometown, thank you so much for your last comment about the practitioner in town.  I will see about going to see her!***


Kate Geisen said...

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

Good luck on finding the right shoes. I need to replace both road and trail and am worried about choosing the road shoes since I picked so badly last time and don't want to be stuck with a new pair of blister machines for another year.

And of course, good luck on your race!! I don't have anything for 3 more weeks, so I'm racing vicariously through all my friends! :)

XLMIC said...

Happy birthday to him! Congrats on 200! I remember when you hit 100 :) Go, Caro!!!!

Hope Surf City is amazing :)

Black Knight said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful running boy!
Mizuno: I wore 3 pairs until a little pain appeared under my foot; I thought it was plantar fasciitis but the phisyo said that I had to give a different support to my feet, so I changed shoes, now I have Asics Gel Cumulus and they fit.
Good luck on your race.
....and thank yoy, I am going to enter your giveaway.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Happy Birthday to your son

I am a big Brooks fan

macnic said...

Happy Birthday! Are you in stability shoes? I've always loved my New Balances.

Emz said...

Happy one day freaking late birthday to you johnathan!!
You rock.
X 444!

Ummm are you a Duke fan too?! 😜😜😂

Jason said...

Happy Birthday Bud....make it a great one, or at least make sure mom makes it a great one for you. Tell her you want a Duke jersey....that'll make you and her happy.

As for Brooks v Mizunos....I have never run in Mizunos and probably never will because I think that Brooks makes the best shoes out there. I have the Launch and will be getting the Flow very soon. But I do own a pair of Adidas AdiZero that I use for recovery long run days.

Ana-Maria RunTriLive said...

Funny we both compared Mizuno Inspire with Brooks Ravennas. I have Ravenna 3 so those might be different.
I think Ravennas need to be broken in a bit. They will feel better after you take them on more runs, or just walk around in them. Mizuno Inspire have more support for overpronators compared to Ravennas; Ravennas are more guidance than support. Good luck! ANd very cute kids:)

Patrick Mahoney said...

Happy birthday to jonathan. Text me your bib #. Mines 56 something. But I will confirm that with the last 2 numbers...

Unknown said...

Hope Jonathan had a great birthday! Can't wait to hear how the party went.

And how the race went! :) YAY... hope it was fabulous!

I love both Brooks and Mizunos. Different shoes for sure, but both great for different reasons!

Kathy said...

Aww, happy, happy birthday!!!
Can't wait to hear all about Surf City!!!