Friday, February 10, 2012

Best school Day and To RNR or to not RNR

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This week was post race week. 
Monday I went to the Dr and it took forever...don't you hate waiting for the Dr? I do.  I show up on time.  I expect them to do the same! I had the FIRST appt of the day.  No excuses!  Anyway, I got my lab results, once again not good.  So my thyroid meds were increased.   

Tuesday I went for 4 miles and I felt good.  I ran in my Brooks and I am liking them more each time I use them.  I like that they have a bit of cushion.

Wednesday: Dentist.  Yikes.  It was HELL.  I had a Deep Cleaning and laser treatment and it is not fun.  Aouchy.  I had planned to go to the gym after my appt and let me tell you that I did not make it.  I was feeling a bit drowsy after that, so much that I forgot we were Wednesday and that this is a modified day at our school and that means early dismissal.  I was supposed to pick Will up at 1:30 pm.   At 2:00 pm I realized that I forgot my kid.  MOM OF THE YEAR.

Thursday: I went for 5 miles tempo with my Brooks again.  It went great.  I was happy and mad at the same time.  I wished I had ran like that for Surf City!  I came home and was looking at the upcoming races and saw that next weekend is the Pasadena Rock N Roll Half Marathon and it is not sold out.
So now I want to do it.  Registration is open until Sunday.
Is that crazy?
2 half marathons, 2 weeks apart.
It is the inaugural race for Pasadena.  It looks like it will be a good one.  I am close to Pasadena so I would sleep at home and no "long" commute.
Do you like the RNR races?  I have never done one.  I read all the horror stories about Las Vegas so I know about that...but what about the other cities? 
I am disappointed with my time in Surf City and I want to erase that from my head and get another chance at 13.1 right now.
Bill says do it.

Today I did just 3 miles because we had the annual Jog-A-Thon at our school and I wanted to help out.  Tomorrow I am doing another 3-4 miles for Sherry Arnold and Sunday I think I will go for 10 miles if I go ahead with Pasadena RNR.  That will put me at 26 miles.

Jog A Thon was great! I love that this is one of the fundraisers we have for the school.  It raises money for our PTA and makes the kids move instead of just selling a bunch of crap.  It was really hot for a winter day....

Kindergarten- Jonathan:

2nd Grade: Will

This one cracks me up...Jonathan splashing Will as he passes by...and the look on his face after he got him!!!


XLMIC said...

You are a racing machine! If you feel up for it, why not? Wishing you speedy times :)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I don't know because of your foot. I would find a place with KT Tape Pro (new stuff) if you can. Tape yourself up for a couple of short runs. There are tons of video's on their site to guide you and it's easy. If you go to RnR Expo KT usually has a booth there and they will tape up your foot to give you more support for your PF. If your foot still bothers you I would schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist NOT a podiatrist mine just made my issues worse.
I hope that helps. PF sucks.

Jill said...

Hey girl...
Um, yeah, I've forgotten my kid before too - opps. I say it makes them tougher that way - haha. LOVE those kid pictures of the boys playing soccer, really reminds me of the days my boys played. Seems like a lifetime ago!

I have run the Denver RnR and have never had anything but a great time! I think the Pasadena one sounds really fun. If you foot feels ok, then go for it (btw, are you going barefoot at home? Wearing a low heel-drop shoe? Doing those PF exercises?? I'm such a nagging mom, huh? :)).

Unknown said...

I agree with Bill. Yes to Pasadena. You have trained, now you have a second chance. Do it.

The Unexpected Runner said...

Go for it & have fun! And I have missed pickups too...oops!

Elle said...

Hard to know what to do, but I do wish you well whatever it is.

Your pictures are always fun to look at.

A Prelude To... said...

I love our school's yearly jogathon and field day! Seeing kids MOVE is the best!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Two half marathons in 2 weeks will earn your Half Marathon Maniac status

Yo Momma Runs said...

Just found your blog! I ran the inaugural RNR in Savannah, which had some kinks, but I loved that the medals said "inaugural" on them. They are crowded but usually pretty organized.