Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Good, The Bad and the Scary and the kind of funny

The Good:

  • January has been a pretty good month for me 103 miles, that includes 2 TAPER weeks.
  • 4 days until Surf City!  I wish it was tomorrow.

The Bad:
  • Sinus are completely blocked.  That sucks.  I get chills in my head.  My ears are plugged so I feel unbalanced plus well it is hard to breath.  I hope it gets better by Sunday but so far it only gotten worst.  Maybe running by the ocean will help me.
  • Got 3 parents from Jonathan's class who asked today if it is OK to bring the little sisters of their sons who are in our class and were not invited to Jonathan's birthday party.  Party is Friday.  I gave the invitations 3 weeks ago.  I already have 27 kids coming.  Somebody please send me a magic pill for headaches.  Seriously though...these are people I barely makes me really uncomfortable to say no and I am a little annoyed with this to be honest.   One said her husband cannot babysit because he has a dentist appt.  OK first of all it is not babysitting when the husband is the father of the child, it is parenting and on Friday night? Right.
The Scary

Yesterday our school went in lock down.  An armed and dangerous person was in the school vicinity and the police placed our school in lock down mode.  The principal announced in the speakers: "EAGLE CODE, I repeat EAGLE CODE".  This lasted 40 minutes.  Kids had to go under their desks at first, than stay in the dark with the doors of each classrooms locked.  Helicopters were flying over the area and police cars were on site.  They did catch the man they were chasing.  It makes me sick to my stomach to think something bad could have happened at the school.  This is not something I thought I would have to discuss with my 6 and 7 yrs old boys.   I am grateful that nobody got hurt and that the staff knew what to do.  I was told that everyone stayed very calm through all this.  Will's teacher has been at the school for over 15 yrs and this is the first time something like this happens there.  It took me a while to shake the sick feeling out of my system...the thing that would not leave my mind was I was not there.
This man was running from the law and he was on the street I now take when I run.
Yesterday, was rest day because this is TAPER week. 

The kind of funny:

Kind of funny if you have no taste in Basketball and cannot recognize GREATNESS you might think this is funny.  I am a good sport.  I can appreciate a good joke. Obviously poor Simba will never witness basketball greatness, I feel really bad for him.  If you guess who sent me this today you get an extra entry to my GIVEAWAY HERE.


Elle said...

Sorry about the sinuses.

That is an awful scary situation... cannot imagine as I am not a parent, but it must be horrible.

That birthday party thing! Yikes.

I get the cartoon but don't know who sent it.

Hope you feel better soon

misszippy said...

Wow is that crazy scary about the lockdown! I would have been a mess.

Sorry about the sinuses..hope it all clears out in time for Surf City for you.

And I am sending you calm vibes for that BIG birthday party! Good luck.

Emz said...

Blocked noses
Uninvited guests who come anyway
Lock downs
Taper mode

Whomever sent you that freaking awesome photo.

Pam @ said...

Oh my goodness! That's really freaky about the lockdown. So scary!

I really feel for you on the sinuses. Everyone here who has springtime allergies is already having problems because we haven't had any winter this year! Things are already blooming! Last weekend when I was running, my ears were so stopped up. You know how everything sounds when you have water in your ears? Yeah, that was me.

Great mileage for January! :)

Caroline said...

@ EMZ yeah I feel the same way about the person who sent me that photo...just working on their taste!!!

Terzah said...

The worst part of a sinus issue for me is the ear thing. I *hate* that. I hope it clears up for you soon.

Good luck with the b-day party! Hopefully it will just end up being fun, even with the extra guests.

Jill said...

Seriously rude parents to ask to bring a sibling...I know it's uncomfortable to say no, but DO IT ANYWAY! You are not the babysitter...and how many dentists are open on a Friday night? Um...none!

Sorry about the sinuses....I type this as I sit here and inhale nasal spray, which is attached to my hips at all times. I'm trying the Gluten-free thing for's suppose to help.

Lock downs are terrifying. Been there done that too many times!

Kate Geisen said...

I'd totally say no. It's easy to do it nicely. "I'm sorry, the party is only for the kids who were invited." I would choose to attribute it to they are asking just in case it's ok, not expecting that of course you'd be glad to host MORE children.

We practice lockdowns on a regular basis at my school just for this type of situation. We've never had to use it, but as our principal has mentioned more than once, how many students have been injured by fires/tornadoes while at school as compared to how many have been hurt by an intruder?

It's definitely scary, as is the fact that the guy was where you usually run. Last year when I did my 20 mile run, I was running alone from one city to another and ran through a kind of bad part of town. I actually ran through a worse part than planned bc I took a wrong turn. Later that week a woman was sexually assaulted on the "safer" street I'd planned to take. Risk is everywhere.

That cartoon, I'm sorry, is hilarious. But it would be just as funny to me if you switched around the city names on it. :)

Annet and Kirk said...

I'm with the others and say NO! As if they would ask that?! And yup, just like you, it irks me to no end when dads "babysit" their kids. Moms never babysit!!

I have no idea about Raleigh or Durham but I like the idea of the poster :)

And hope you feel awesome for Sunday. You get to do SO many races! Is that because where you live there are just so many options? Does racing help you focus your running more? I've actually never yet run a race, but there are also very few here to choose from.

Jason said...

I cannot recall a post that made me smile, made me angry and made me think about my family all at the same time.

That school situation is freaky and I hope your boys are able to understand what happened and that this is not an everyday occurence.

Being sick is just not fun. Get well soon.

I'm sorry to say this but unfortunately there will always be haters of Duke. They keep winning and they will keep hating but that is more about there 1 every 15 year titles as opposed to Duke and their dominance.....haha! That EMZ is one funny lady!

Lindsay said...

I am glad all were safe and the lockdown was not "used". Thank goodness for a prepared and organized school. I hope none of the kids were scared by the weird activities.

Christina @ The Athletarian said...

Okay that birthday party thing is just weird. I would just say no but maybe I'm mean like that. It's just strange!!

The lockdown - I'm so sorry to hear about that. It's always scary. I am a substitute and I'm always going to a whole bunch of different schools. I can't even imagine what it would be like to experience something like that.

Get well soon! I'm sick right now too :(

Laima said...

Even without the extra 3 party crashers, you are a brave woman! I guess that's what most teachers deal with daily:)

Unknown said...

What a scary situation for the boys....... and you.

Hope your head clears up in order for you to enjoy Sunday!!!!

Patrick Mahoney said...

correction - 3 days to SC...Feeling better?

I 110% feel you on the school lock down thing I would lose my mind. Ian's school is 300 yards away so I'm used to having him nearby. Mary works out on the 60 FRWY near Diamond Bar and the days I go up to LA are hard.

They could come up with something better with "Eagle Code" though.

Tricia said...

What makes me happy to have older kids is hearing about the birthday party thing -- that sort of stuff would drive me absolutely batty. The kids are not usually nearly as much trouble as their parents.

Very scary on the lock down. I hate that sort of thing.

Black Knight said...

Good luck on the today party. I hope you "survive": 27 and more kids are a little bit less than a tornado.
I hope you get well soon to be ready for your race.
The lock down is scary and I am glad that all the kids are safe.

Christine said...

OMG, what a scary situation at school!! I'm so glad nobody got hurt, but I'm sure it was scary!

Anonymous said...

that is rude of those parents. Just say no. Also I have a rule for my kids if a birthday party has more then 15 kids I do not let them go. The birthday kid will not miss my kid when they have so many guests and presents.
If that lock down happened my kids would nevver be going to school there again.