Monday, September 24, 2012

Do you Podcast?

I ran 10 miles yesterday.
First double digit run since June 2nd.
I have ran 10+ milers many times now and I don't know why but I was nervous for this one just like it was my first 10 miles run.
I had all these crazy thoughts...
  • I won't be able to do it. 
  • I will have to call for a pick up. 
  • I will walk half of it. 
  • I will cut it to 8.
I was thinking all this knowing it was all nuts...but there I was still thinking like that.
Drove me completely crazy for 2 days.

So Sunday morning came and I was meeting my running buddies at 6:45.  I was already humid outside..I thought "crap like I need that.." 

So it went OK.  I had company for 8 miles out of the 10.  (they were doing 8 for this week and I was doing 10)  I think it would have been much much harder to do this one solo I was so happy that I did not run this alone. 

I did the 10 miles and I am happy. 

 It was not fast but that's OK.  I had to dig deep at around mile 6...that is when the pain started.  It was not sharp but it was there.  It is so annoying.  At times it is all I could think about. 

It was hot and humid and I was happy I had salt tablets so I took 2 of those and I also had one honey stinger waffle. 

I lost a lot of salt during that run even if I took 2 salt tablets.   I will carry some for Long Beach for sure.  I am hoping it will be cooler by then but right now the heat is brutal.
I NEED this Long Beach to be better than my last one.  Report here.  Last year was a nightmare.

I got 2 more weeks before the race.  This weekend I am planning on doing another 10 miler.  I want to stay closer to 13  and keep my legs used to going longer.

Like I said before Long Beach is not a "goal race" for me.  I don't want to say it will be a "training run" though.  A race is a race so I want to do well.  I have another half 2 weeks after LB and then in November I have Big Sur.

I never thought that coming back from an injury would be so hard.  It is HARD.  It is frustrating.  It sucks. boo hoo hoo.

I started listening to podcasts for my runs.  I LOVE it.  I don't know why I never tried that before. I have only listened to Another Mother Radio for now but I am almost done with all their podcasts.  I love them all.  I feel like they are talking to me and I found them very entertaining.  I don't think about the miles or the pain.  It is working good for me.

Do you listen to podcasts when you run?
I would love to know about the ones you like the best.

Soccer season has started.  I am the team mom for both our teams once again.  I don't know why I  always say yes to that.   Some people have no clue and are just so rude to parents who volunteer.  They think we work for them or something.

Will scored the first goal of his game and he also got the MVP medal.

Jonathan had a game right after then it was 101 degrees and we were all melting...

Look at the "arm action" !


giraffy said...

Nice job on the 10 miler!! I'm scheduled for my first double digits in a LONG while this weekend, and terrified.

Fingers crossed the weather cools off by LB.

Ed said...

I do podcast, but it has been a slow venture into ever thought of doing your own podcast about running or something to that nature--just a good mic and a good topic and your set!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I podcast!

I love
marathon training academy,
stuff you should know
stuff your mother never told you
stuff you missed in history class

Great job on your run! 10 miles! YAY!

Unknown said...

I'm running Long Beach, too! I'm running with my friend at her pace, and it's a total prep for me for LA RnR. Which I see on your list is your next race too. We'll have to find each other and say hi.

I listen to podcasts too. Stuff You Should Know is a great one. This American Life is another.

Kate Geisen said...

+1 for This American Life. I LOVE that show.

Nice job on the 10 miler!

Linda W. said...

GREAT job on your 10-mile run! I do listen to podcasts, but not when I run (I'm probably the only person on earth that doesn't). My favorite podcast is NPR's "Wait, wait, don't tell me."

Jill said...

Hooray on the 10 miles! Sorry you're still in pain, hope that garbage goes away permanently soon!

Your boys are adorable, and congrats to your son on his medal :).

I listen to podcasts now and then. I like "Endurance Planet" - it's some ultrarunners talking about some cool stuff. I also downloaded a couple audio books and I am enjoying those a lot more than the podcasts....lots of very cool running books! :)

Lindsay said...

Wooohooo!! Double digits!

I listen to podcasts for all of my long run. I tend to listen to a lot of NPR podcasts:
Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.
This American Life
Pop Culture Happy Hour
A Way With Words

There are others out there, but those appeal to me.


I love listening to podcast. I don't know how I didn't know about this until just a few months ago but now I am hooked! Great job on your 10 miles! Erica

Unknown said...

Podcasts are perfect for long runs. They help to keep me slowerish.

Terzah said...

Double digits! That's wonderful!

I don't listen to podcasts while running, but I do in the car--mostly the NPR stuff others have already mentioned. I also like audiobooks. For running, it's either music or nothing. :^)

Anonymous said...

I downloaded the iheartradio app on my phone and listen to my favorite morning show. They play it without commercial and music, just the talking. It's a great way to not feel lonely during a long run. I sometimes even catch myself talking "with them" :)

kristen said...

Congrats on the 10 miles! Good job!

I listen to a lot of podcasts when I run. A couple of them have been mentioned already, but here are my favourites: Stuff You Should Know, Judge John Hodgman, Stop Podcasting Yourself, Two Gomers Run for their Lives, and RadioLab.

And if you miss the CBC, a lot of CBC radio shows are podcasts - Under the Influence, White Coat Black Art, Quirks and Quarks...

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I listen to podcast, some good non triathlon related ones I like, well my favorite one is This American Life. I also like learning German while training.

Unknown said...

nice job on the 10 miles!

I just recently did my first 10 miles since May last week - and I had the same fears and thoughts. double digits are double digits and they are significant. (especially coming back from injury!)

I'll be at Long Beach too - hope we can finally meet!

I don't listen to podcasts but keep meaning to download some. Maybe I'll start right now :)

RunToTheFinish said...

i totally dig podcasts!! I started listening to audiobooks five or six years ago and when I couldn't find any more of those in the area i like for running I turned to podcasts! i actually really like listening to jillian michaels

Christina said...

Nice 10 miles! I agree, keeping miles on the legs is important before a race. Sometimes I think it is more important than the speedwork, just keeping the legs used to mileage. I sometimes listen to podcasts too and AMR is a good one! Lately I've been back to music though, just needing some pounding beats to keep me going. Sometimes I find the beats actually help me pick up the pace a bit and I need that motivation :)

Darlene said...

Yes coming off an injury is REAL hard. I have only run 6 miles at the longest since last December.
No I haven't listened to any podcasts but I may try.