Monday, May 30, 2011

SOS Garmin

Bonjour from Quebec!
The sun is here! finally!
went for 4 miles this morning, after skipping more days then I usually skipped, did not feel GREAT but OK.
Hard to breath, allergies are pretty bad..

I have a GARMIN question
I am not able to upload my runs from here.
When I turned my GARMIN on today it was still showing the data from my last run instead of starting at ZERO.
How do I start each run at Zero mile without transfering the data after each run?
I left my instruction book at home so if you can help that would be great!

Trying to upload pics but I am using a computer that is almost as ancient as I am!!!!


Jen said...

Do not have a garmin answer for you but nice job on getting four miles in! It's hard to keep on track when you're traveling!

Shawn said...
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Shawn said...

If it is a 305, just hit the LAP (RESET) button till it goes back to zero. It should save your previous when you download it back home, they will be separate runs.

Other option is to google instruction manual.

hope you are enjoying the visit!

Chris K said...

Yep, listen the the smart Canadian Shawn. Hold down the Lap button and you will see a reset countdown.

Nelly said...

Shawn and Chris K are correct if you have a 305. I actually don't download my runs off my garmin very often (like once a month or so), so I usually have a ton of runs saved on my garmin all the time.

Enjoy Quebec!

Jenn said...

I don't think it matters what Garmin you have. Like the others say, hold the lap/reset button down for 3 seconds until it starts over. All your previous runs are saved and will be transferred! Hope you're having a blast in Quebec!!

Tricia said...

looking forward to some pics