Monday, May 16, 2011

What is a Carotabi?

That's a question I got 4 times now so I decided I should answer it.
If you follow me on twitter, Carotabi is my username.  I have been asked "what is carotabi" via direct messages 4 times in 1 week!
Well it is nothing crazy...
Caro is my nickname, short for Caroline, very common in French to call girls named Caroline "Caro" in English not so much.  Tabi is my maiden name.  Caro Tabi is just my "old" name. Tabi that does not sound very French Canadian right? It's because it's Hungarian.  Did I get teased as a kid because of my weird last name? Yep almost every day.  It sucked a little but I never wanted to have a different name.  When I got to High School with the very mature kids..(yeah right) it stopped.  It's just 4 letters but I have seen it written in dozen of ways.  Thabby, Tabe, Tabbe, Taby, Thabee, it is endless.  I thought that when I would get married I would get an "easier" name and......NO!  I am still stuck with a name most people don't understand the first time I say it and no, not because of my accent.  I have to spell it every single time.  So there is the story of my username!

I hate shopping and May is the worst month of the year as far as shopping goes.  There's Mother's day, my brother's birthday, my wedding anniversary, Bill's birthday, the end of school year presents for the teachers (yes in California school ends in May not June) and this year to add to this madness we are leaving for Quebec on the 26th! The day after Bill's bday and the last day of school!!! My to do list is as tall as me and I am a giant in case you did not know already!

At least I have running to manage my stress!
Last week I did this

Monday: dentist, fun times no running :(
Tuesday: 5 miles on TM with incline
Wednesday: 3 miles tempo
Thursday: Speedwork 10x400 : 5 miles total
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 4 miles
Sunday: 6 miles all against strong crazy winds, I cussed the whole time.
Total: 23 miles.

Today 4 miles: again with the $#%$%^@ wind.  I am so tired of the wind.  It is pretty cold here for May and that I LOVE but the is hard to run against it when it's strong like we have now.

My next half marathons are  September 4th and October 9.  1 month apart.  Do I need to pick one to be the one I go for a better time or I can do that for both?  I will not be the most rested at the October one because the night before I am going to see this guy in concert and will be on my feet for a few hours for sure! 
But that race will be the best ever I know it! Long Beach 2011!!! I cannot wait!!!!
I think my FBFF should also run the Long Beach half marathon! Right ladies?


Jim ... 50after40 said...

Good ol' Keith. He's not French Canadian you know ... he's Hispanic! I gotta admit I catch myself singing along with him waaaaaaaay too often on the radio. I have to stop and say "Jim, you're a dude ... this is Keith Urban ... what are you doing?" Then I go build a barn or something.

Emz said...

Jim's comment is classic.

I love the Tabi. Very cool name.

Also loving the "6 miles all against strong crazy winds, I cussed the whole time." you? cuss? what?

kinda impressed with KU's moves above --- jeepers!

Jenn said...

Oh-I had to laugh at Jim's comment too. WAY too funny!

Totally clueless about Twitter or Tweeter or whatever but Carotabi is catchy:)

Nice work on the runs! I have many four letter mantras!

Caroline said...

Then I go build a barn or something. !!!!
that is hilarious!!!

Teamarcia said...

Look at you busting out 10x400! Most excellent!
The winds are insane! I am with you, cussing al the way.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

My last name has 15 letters. No special characters or pronunciations, but I've seen more spellings and pronunciations of it than I care to name! I know the qualms of a name no one can seem to get right! haha

Michael said...

I can always count on my hubby to come up with some crazy comment. He's a funny guy!

I hate the wind too..but there seems to be and endless supply in the Spring!

Darcy said...

Look at the miles you put in this week - good for you but hate the winds for you.

I hate shopping too so you have my sympathy in that area and that is where you will find me cussing - HATE SHOPPING!

Daniel said...

Give it all you got on September 4th !! and enjoy the one October.
Marathon training

RoseRunner said...

well Carotabi, I definitely say shoot for the stars for the september half. For me, I find that races where I go all out, while exhausting me for a few days, also really work as a training run in that it makes me stronger and faster!

That is to say, your september race might build your race and speed, so you are even MORE awesome in October. So why not kill both races? I know you can. Races are always funner when you know you gave it your all anyway ;)

Kate said...

My last name is almost ALWAYS mispronounced. In fact, when he was 2 years old, my little one's day care staff had him absolutely convinced that the mispronunciation was how to say his name...he didn't believe US!

I hear you on the stress, too. We have a great big bill due, plane tickets for California to buy, and my oldest's high school graduation...all in the next week. When I'm not sleeping, I'm nauseous just thinking about it. And when I AM sleeping, I'm usually waking up in the middle of the night to stare at the ceiling and be nauseous again.

XLMIC said...

I love May because it is my birthday! lol And our California school gets out in mid-June... maybe it is a SoCal thing... And yeah, it's cold up here, too... and rainy and windy!

I'd better start getting ready for LB if I am going to run with you! By then you will be a total speed demon :)

Laura said...

awesome training week!..what the heck is up with all the wind? I'd 'race' both being a month apart....

Pam said...

I can relate. My maiden name was often mispronounced. When we would go out to eat as a family when I was growing up and they asked for our last name, my dad would always just say Smith. Saying it, repeating it, then spelling it really gets old after a while, no?

Kovas said...

I always thought it was a hybrid vegetable - carrot+kohlrabi. Oh well.

Jill said...

Yes, Jim needs to be joining you for your race...I think I may even have to join in, in a wheelchair!! :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I feel like you are getting stronger all the time. Maybe GO FOR IT in Sept and have a pressure free run in Oct knowing you will be listening and moss pitting if I know you, to Urban the Hispanic country singer! ;)

Darlene said...

We're on the same track. My lst was Jan 16, 2nd Apr 23 and then #3 is Sept 25, #4 is Nov 6. I prefer at least 12 weeks between them..oh well...we'll see what happens.