Friday, May 13, 2011

A little bit of everything

Blogger went on strike...the nerves...thank God for Twitter right?!!!

OK before I forget: Please join me in wishing Jess all the best for her marathon this weekend!
She trained hard,  I predict a PR!  You got this Jess...the winds got nothing on you.

Also sending SPEEDY vibes to Chris K who is running a 5K tomorrow!!!!!
I predict AG top finisher!!! No pressure.

Idol: Do you watch? I know Nelly watches! He even has a ranking formula for the contestants. I am not kidding.  Well I used to watch.  But I am over it now.  After last night, I am done.  I cannot believe Durbin went home and that little brat Hailey is still there.  Crazy. 

My kids:  Wednesday my 5 yrs old Jonathan came to me and said :
"Mom I wish you were from Mashville Temessee instead of Quebec!"
me: "Should I ask why?"
J: "You KNOW why!"

If you are new to my blog (welcome) you can read here why.

Then yesterday at the gym.  When I went to pick him up at the kids gym a boy came at the gate and said to Jonathan "Your mom is old!"
Jonathan was furious and he waste no time to respond :
" No she is NOOOOOOT and you are FAT! euh I mean chubby!!!"
Yes, yes I told him not nice to say fat and made him apologize...

Will, my 6 yrs old scored 100% on the big Math test from the state!  He took the 2nd grade test even though he is just in 1st grade.  He also earned a Eagle reader award and that is huge for a 1st grader.  He will be the only boy in all 1 and 2 grade to get this award.  Can you tell I am a little proud? I am!
This morning he had his end of the year program, it was hilarious to see them sing.

Running: Ran Wednesday 3 miles tempo and yesterday was supposed to do 8x400 but I did 10!!!  Today rest, tomorrow going for 4 miles and Sunday 7 or 8.

I am kind of following Higdon's 10k intermediate for my next race.  I had to start at week 5.  I have decided to keep my long runs at 7-8 miles minimum.   I want to have more double digits runs in before my next half marathons.  I think what I need to work on the most is being able to keep a good pace for the whole race and not have the 2nd half of the race so much slower then the first.  So I will keep my speedwork once a week because it does help me but I want to focus on endurance. 

Have you been married for over 10 yrs? What did you do to celebrate 10 yrs?  Did you get a special gift for your spouse?
Looking for an idea for my husband...


Cari Mugz said...

Aren't kids AwEsOmE?!

YOU.... are NOT old! That would make me old too!

Congrats on Eagle Reader and good luck with your running this weekend :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the kids....

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

Go JESS!!! and yes, thank god for twitter ranting, haha.
Your kids are so smart, they must get that from you!

Kate said...

Proud mama for good reason! Old...whatever...he should've told that kid, "My mommy can run circles around your mommy!" :)

Anne said...

I love the Mashville comment...and Go Will! :) Wow!

So yeah, Hubs and I will have been married 30 years this summer...we rarely buy each other gifts and we barely celebrate our anniversary, so I may not be the best person to ask :) But, Happy Anniversary!!

Jill said...


Go Jess and Chris K!!!

I'm thinking you definitly need something sparkly for 10 years!!! :)

juanitagf said...

Your son has a great start! Reading is incredible and will open worlds for him!

23 years married and we don't do much to celebrate. We have never done gifts, but will spend the day or another day together.

Nelly said...

thanks for the shoutout! I can't believe James went home, unbelieveable! Now I am going for Lauren, hopefully she wins over Hailey and Scotty!

And I'm kind of annoyed, my last post was deleted (I still have an old draft of it in my blogger draft account), but hopefully it is restored soon!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Have a great weekend! Lot's of things to celebrate/feel good about this weekend!

Jenn said...

Jeez, why all the hate for Hailey-ha! I will admit I was a little sad when James went home as I hadn't heard his "story" until after he was booted off!

Woot woot on the 10X400's. Nice work!!!! We've been married 13 years. Went to St. Maarten for our 10 year anniversary. Hope you come up with a great gift! Have a great weekend:)

Chris K said...

Married for 10 years? Heck, some of my best relationships have been 24 hours.

Love the "thumbs up" pic from the little guy.

Thanks for the shout out. Turns out an A.G. win was VERY much not happening. In this small race, my 53 yr old friend ran 19:20. 4 guys in the 50 - 54 group ran in the "16's" Holy Guacamole.

Black Knight said...

Here this is the 33rd year. I have forgotten what I gave to my wife for the 10th anniversary but I know very well the gift of this year: a Fendi bag.
For your husband? One day where he can do what he likes: reading the newspapers, listening music, leaving his things everywhere at home ...and a lot of cuddles.
Congrats to the proud mom and the smart son.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

So cute the way the little guy stood up for you! You know how much I love my wife, so I feel comfortable telling you this ... Pia being eliminated = Jim stop watching! Come back Pia!!!

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Oh ... and not because of her singing!

tink said...

Cute post.
And I totally ignore speedwork all winter and just focus on running for fun and endurance, but now that summer is just around the corner I definitly need to start upping my speed with track and hill workouts. :)

Teamarcia said...

Be very proud of those cute and smart kiddos mama!
I know I got something very sparkly for 10 years but I don't remember what I got The clubs? A trip? Watch?

Emz said...

"best relationships 24 hours" nice mr k.
Loved will's comment.
Loved the singing photos.
I KNOW they have great voices!! ;)
Yay twitter.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Thank you for the encouragement and cheers C!!!

Your kids rock! ready to defend their tall, lean running machine mom!!