Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mavs 122, Lakers 86: Happy Mother's Day to ME!!!!!

Mavs 122, Lakers 86
Bye bye Lakers


To you
To me
and to your moms if you are a guy or a gal with no kids yet!!!

I have been a mom for 6 yrs 10 mos and 11 days.
I always wanted to have 2 sons.
I was so afraid to have a girl and that she would hate me because I am not girlie.
I have 2 sons and I feel so lucky to have them.
It was not easy for me to become a mom.
We tried for 2 years, nothing.  I started thinking it was not going to happen.
I saw many doctors, the first 6 told me I was depressed and gave me a Rx for anti depressants.  THAT made me depressed! I never took any of their pills because I knew this was not my problem. 
Finally Doctor #7 said : "You have endometriosis"  Not the best news when one is trying to get pregnant but at least an answer.  I was not crazy.
I will not bore you with my medical issues, but I will say that I had to have a surgery for each time that I got pregnant.  I had my kids after turning 35.  I was at high risk both times.   I had pelvis separation both times (VERY painful, almost impossible to walk after the  7th month).  With my first, I went in pre term labor at 31 weeks, at work, it was scary.  I ended up on bed rest, I never went back to work after that day.  It was not easy but I am one of the lucky one with this condition who was able to get pregnant and not once but twice!

It is a privilege to be my sons mom.  It brings me joy and happiness.  I love them just the way they are and I am proud of them. 
It is also very hard to be a mom at times.  I am a stay at home mom.  It is the best and the hardest job on the planet.  Yes, Mister President, harder then yours.  
Being a mom made me appreciate MY mom so much more.  It made me feel so guilty that I did not see all that she did for us when we were younger.  I know it is "normal" but I wish I had knew then what I know now.    I have a great mom.  I will see her in 18 days!

So happy mother's day to all the moms reading this!  If you have not called your mom yet, what are you waiting for?! CALL!

Went for a 4 miles run, it was soooooo windy I lost my balance twice!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

What a sweet post.

And yes, those Mavs gave a great Mother's Day gift! The Lakers couldn't even lose with grace. I'm glad no one got hurt.

Jen said...

Happy Mother's day and congrats on those 4 miles today!

PS: saw your video at EMZ's and it was awesome :D

Shawn said...

Nice post...good looking boys!!!!! Just like mine!!!

Jenn @ A Runner's Road said...

Happy Mother's Day! I'm a mommy to two boys and love it cause I am the biggest tomboy! My daughter suffers as she is the girlie girl and TRIES to get me to be one too!

Michael said...

Happy Mother's Day Caroline!! I hope it was wonderful. Although I am technically not a Mother - I did get a card from Jack dog today, and a lovely message from my step daughter. I hope you were able to spend some good quality time with your boys today.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

What an amazing story! Congrats and Happy Mother's Day to you Caroline!!

Anne said...

Bonne Fête des mères bien méritée Caroline! :)

Kate said...

Awww...sweet post. I'm happy to be a mom of boys. I'm not girly, either, and I can barely get my own hair done in the morning. My hat is off to those women who can get themselves and their daughters out the door looking presentable.

I think your boys are very very lucky to have you for their mama. Happy mother's day!

XLMIC said...

You are just the sweetest, cutest Canadian basketball fan ever :)

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Caroline! You deserve the BEST!

Jill said...

Makes Mother's Day that much sweeter, eh??? Something you had to work so hard at. I really had trouble getting pregnant, too...and ended up with twins due to the meds. Better twins that being the Octomom - hah!

Yay to your team....puts a little icing on that M.D.!!! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Hope you enjoyed your mothers day said...

Since you mentioned the Lakers-Mavericks game, I have to say I didn’t expect the Lakers to come back from a 3-0 deficit, but I REALLY didn’t expect them to play as poorly as they did yesterday. That performance was embarrassing! 86 points???? Dallas’ BENCH combined for 86 points!

Chris K said...

I 100% agree that stay at home mom (or dad) is one of the hardest jobs in the world.

I am pretty sure you are an awesome mom.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Beautiful post--so glad you are a mother after the challenges you faced. Happy mothers YEAR to you Caroline!

Jenn said...

Umm yes! I actually shed a tear in this post! SAHM definitely a tough job. Rewarding but tough. Hope you had an AWESOME Mother's Day!