Friday, May 20, 2011

Cry Baby

My son Jonathan is "graduating" from pre school this year.
On the school calendar the last day is May 25th.  I assumed that would the LAST day that we have to be at the school.  So I bought our tickets for Quebec for May 26th.  A week later I get a flyer from the school: Graduation is May 27thG R E A T.  I already missed his Christmas program because I was sick, this was not good.  The teacher was super nice and she let me come to the last rehearsal today and let me filmed the whole thing so that Bill could see it also.
It was great.  I cried like a baby the whole time.  They have these songs like "Let them be little" I mean come on!

Wonder what they were talking about

He is off to "The big kids school".  Yesterday he had his assessment test for Kindergarten.  He did great.  When he walked in one of the teacher asked : "Are you as smart as your brother?" No pressure right?  His response: "No I am way smarter!!!!"

Speaking of crying...have you read the 6 posts series on Emz's 24 hours marathon?  I dare you to read it and not cry.

This week I received a lovely email and in it was one of the best compliment I have ever gotten.  This is what the person wrote: "Thank you for representing the best of what one individual can do for another"  That also made me cry. 

Thank you all for your "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY" wishes and comments!

Yesterday was speedwork.
I had planned to do 10x400.
That did not happen.  After 6,  I almost puked and I got cold sweats and was feeling really bad.  So I ended up at 4 miles and short 4 repeats.
Today I rested.  Tomorrow going for a short one 4 miles or so and Sunday 7 or 8.

We are leaving in 6 days.  I cannot believe it.  I get really emotional now thinking about it.  It's been almost 3 years since I've been home, seen I've seen my brother and his family.  3 years is a long time.  The last time I was there, I was a different person.  I was 70 lbs heavier.  I was not a runner.  I could eat anything I wanted.  I am nervous about going back looking so different.  I am not one who enjoy attention.  I like my boys to get it all. :)

I did find something to make me laugh last night. 
I think it is hilarious but I am bias of course. I got about 3 hours of that,  all from different days of course.  I made 3 mini 30 sec clips.
This is exactly 3 years ago, he was 2.


"He's got blue eyes like me!!!!" "Keith Urban!"



Jim ... 50after40 said...

Congrats to the little man. I know what you mean ... I still remember the song the kids sang at their preschool grad - it was called "Cherish The Moment." Seriously??? How are you supposed to keep a stiff upper lip during that?

Kate said...

It's funny...I'm (with one kid) totally on the other end of this as my oldest had his last day of high school yesterday. They had their senior concert on Monday, and for the last song all the seniors sang this tear-jerker. All the girls were crying, and so was this mom.

I'm so glad you get to go back home a happy, healthier person. Have a wonderful trip!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

My son will go to kindergarten in another year. I will cry like a baby when he gets on that school bus. What a big moment in their lives.

Cari Mugz said...

One minute they are graduating Kindergarten... The next High School.... kiss them and cherish EVERY day!!! Bought Ageless thanks for the recommend!

Emz said...

Oh Caroline. This was awesome.

Keith urban blue eyes like me. Classic. Love this.
He is seriously rocking out. That foot/toe tap is killing me.

Sorry about the Kleenex.
That email....ditto that. You are one of the most giving, thoughtful, caring I have ever known. Without question.

6 days = awesome.
Lots of photos please.

Pam said...

Those videos are adorable! :)

XLMIC said...

What CUTE videos!!!!! And on the preschool graduation thing... I would cry too... I have cried, too :) And Emz... tears streaming...

You are going to have such a great time going home! I understand all of your concerns... try to just be in the moment and enjoy feeling (even if the feeling is awkward) :)

Safe travels, Caroline!

Karine said...

Emz shared this blog with me and you are now on my "favorites" list. Such a compliment to be quoted. Just read your post about your 10 year anniversary and it made me smile to read about your special "day". Those unexpected happenings on your wedding day, make great memories. I speak from experience.!!!!

Michael said...

How adorable is our son...I just love that sweet face!

I have cryed reading every single one of EMZs posts. Truly amazing!

Jeannie said...

Adorable videos! Preschool graduation can be so emotional especially when it's your last little one going through it. Sorry you will miss the actual graduation. Heartbreaking! I have gone through it twice with my two boys and have one more little girl just starting preschool next year so it will be extremely emotional in a couple years when it's her turn. I hope you really enjoy your time back home. I bet it has been hard to be gone for so long.

Colleen said...

Too cute! Love the videos!

Congrats to Jonathan, and hang in there... hug him lots!!!

Black Knight said...

And I have the grandson who will go to the kindergarten in another year.
Yes I am old!!!
Beautiful pictures, they bring to me good memories when my children were kids.
Glad you go back home.