Saturday, May 28, 2011

We are in Quebec!!!

We arrived in Quebec on Thursday night.
It was a long day of traveling with the kids.
We landed at 10:30 pm....with one baggage MISSING.
Not that it is ok to have some missing but of the 2 we had this one was the worst to have missing. It had all the kids stuff. All my running gear. And all my meds.
We were told it might be on the next flight coming from Chicago, on Friday afternoon.
So yesterday afternoon we went back to the airport.
Still no baggage.
We called the airlines 4 times, nobody could tell us anything.
This was very frustrating.  Finally at 11:30 pm last night after everyone went to bed the airport called: "we have your bag!"
I got up and went to get it at midnight!!

What a bad start to our vacation.
But now all is OK.  It is cold and raining here but I went for a run anyway.
I have had the worst back pain since being on the planes and no running always causes me to get back pain.

I convinced one of my best friend to run the 10k with me next week! So I may have to forget about the under an hour goal.  She has not prepared for this and she has not been running over the winter so she said she will be having a hard time.  I dont think I will leave her behind unless she walks.
We will see!!!

Saw my brother and his family today.  It was nice and way too short.
Breakfast with them tomorrow and then that`s it they go back to Ottawa.
I will be sad when they leave.  It is the hardest part of these visits, saying goodbye.

I don`t acess internet often so I am sorry if I cannot comment much on your blogs this week!


XLMIC said...

Have a wonderful time, Caroline! So sorry to hear about the luggage... that is SUCH a drag :( Hope the weather gets nice for you :)

Jill said...

Man, I swear sometimes the airlines have sonar and know which bag we need the most and will lose it on purpose!! Hope it's recovered soon and you have a blast back "home". :)

Cari Mugz said...

So glad you are there safe... sorry about the luggage. Sorry about your back!! Good luck on your 10K!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

So glad you are safely there even if your luggage got lost...sorry about that. So glad you get to see your fam. Good luck on your race while you are there.

Chris K said...

Sweet. I wish I was in Quebec practicing my horrible French. I hope you have a great vacation. So Cal just isn't the same without you.