Monday, May 23, 2011

3 more days.Books.Awards.Fever.Running.Fuel.

I feel like I am in the middle of a storm.
The countdown has started
3 more days until I get to this place:  MY HOMETOWN

I finished 2 books.  One that I loved and the other one not so much.
I loved this one:
I recommend it  (nothing to do with the movie with the same title, loved that movie btw).  It's the amazing story of a family of 4 kids who lost both their parents when they were young.  It is told be all 4 kids from stories they remembered from their childhood and what happened after the death of their father followed a year later by the death of their mother.

This other book, I read because my friends said it was good.  I should have known better but I read it.  After 40 pages I was over it but I decided to finish it.  I know it is a bestseller and lots of people loved it.  I did not.  I don't hate it, it's just really ordinary I think. After reading The Help and Water for Elephants..this was a not in the same league.  That is just my opinion of course! Maybe the movie is better? I have not seen it.

Today was Proud Mommy day at school!
If you are allergic to moms who brag about their kids, you must skip to next topic after the pics.  It's OK I forgive you already.
OK so it was the end of year Awards Ceremony at Will's school.
It was not looking good for me to attend because his brother came down with a fever :( and I was not sure he was going to make it.  But he did and we went to see Will get his awards. (see the S at the end?!!!)
I know you are all dying to know what he got.  OK twist my arm I will tell you!

He got 4 awards!
1. Math Facts Champ.  Got to score 100% (no pressure) on the test to get this.  He was the only 1st grader to get it again.

2. Eagle Reader Award.  Only kid to get it in all 1st and 2nd grade. A 2nd grade girl from his class got the next level:  Master Reader, she was the only one.  That's shows how good their teacher is I think.  I LOVE his teacher.

3. Top Reader in all first grade.  He was 2nd in all 2nd grade.  This makes me really happy because I encourage him and his brother to read and to love books.  That is the only thing that I am OK spoiling them with: BOOKS.

4. Perfect Attendance. This,  let's be honest is a combo of luck and the fact that I don't give "days off" to my kids.  Some parents in our class did that, I don't.  They have enough holidays and other days off during the year.  For an emergency of course I would let them miss school.  With that said I don't care much about that award.  I am happy he got it, it means he was in good health.  If he does not get it because he had the flu, oh well no biggy.  I am not a fan of this award because some parents send their sick kids to school because they try to get perfect attendance. That is stupid and irresponsible.   Most of the time they end up getting a call from the nurse to come and get their kids before the first recess!  Sorry if you are reading this and you are one of them.  I still like you, just don't tell me you do it in your comments :)  It is one thing not to know they are sick and getting a call later in the day but it is another when we see kids throwing up in the line-up before the bell rings!

7 kids got Perfect Attendance.

I cannot believe the year is over! We are lucky we get to keep the same teacher because Will was in a 1-2 combo and she is a 2nd grade teacher!  I so very proud of my boy!

 I want to be 6 again. looks like fun!!!

I ran both days this weekend.
4 miles on Saturday, it was very hot, did not take water with me because I thought 4 miles is short.  Well that was a mistake.  I got super dehydrated at mile 2.  I came home with salt all over my face.  Sunday went for 7 miles WITH WATER.  Much better except for loosing my cel phone on the trail.  I am lucky, a nice lady found it and when I called my number she answered my phone and I got it back that same day.
Ended the week with 23 miles.
So far today no running, Jonathan is sick with high fever.  No help from my husband so far, it is not looking good for a run.  That's life.
Sick kid 3 days before going to Canada = NOT GOOD.

Found some new stuff to try for fuel on long runs.  We will see how that goes.


Shawn said...

Way to parent!!!! Have a great trip and visit.

Jill said...

Way to go to the little guy - woohoo! Top reader is awesome!!!

Honey Stinger gels are my favorite!! :)

Michael said...

Congrats to Will....what an adorable, but also amazing young man! You should be super proud.

I love sport beans.

I did not like the movie Something Borrowed...I would say if the book was just ok..the movie would be even worse.

Anne said...

Yay Will! Comme tu dois avoir hâte d'être chez toi...à Québec! C'est tellement beau :)

RoseRunner said...

I love sports beans. They're so juicy! bigger than the normal jelly beans.

Your son just rocks. Amazing. You must, and should be, so unbelievably proud. Sounds like he really stands out in the school! What an astounding person he is!!

Interesting that the book is nothing like the movie of the same title...and I loved the movie (The Kids are Alright)

XLMIC said...

I bet he is okay for the trip. So awesome that your kid is such a school superstar!!!! I can't wait to hear about your trip home :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Good luck with you fuel trials C! I like the sport beans. And, a huge congrats to your son!

The Movie The Kids Are Alright was hilarious!!!

Nelly said...

We shall see what happens on Idol! Hopefully Durbin and Steven Tyler do sing! haha

Your son got a ton of awards, that is great! Sounds like he is super advanced for his age!

And have a great time back at home! One thing, since you are going back home looking different than when you left - you might get some weird interactions with people. I bet you will still have the same friends, but just be ready for some different interactions.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Lots to comment on here! :) Sorry I've been missing in action AGAIN! I didn't like the movie at all...way worse than the mediocre book! definitely not in the same league as water for elephants, the Help, or Sarah's Key! All great books. But I enjoyed it for the light fluff of it! Have so much fun on your trip back home girl!

Anonymous said...

congrats on all those great awards for your beautiful children!!! I need something to read.. I'll look up your suggestions!

Jenn said...

Ummmm..I Love moms who brag up their kids. Of course, I'm not one of those moms....ha! Congrats to your little guy! You should be very proud!

I didn't mind the book "something borrowed". Not typically something I would read but it was an easy thoughtless read. I more prefer nonfiction or fiction based on nonfiction. I have no desire to see the movie.

Nice work on the runs. Im a sweatmonger and CANNOT be wayer deprived on my runs. Hope you have a great trip home!!!

Emz said...

The photos. Love. Them.

Sooooo praying mini urban is all better in the morning.

Yay on the new LR treats. Yum.
I don't read but please recommend your very most favorite book ever. I'll read it.

You are such a great friend to me Caroline. I thank you.

Black Knight said...

Congrats for all those awards.
Beautiful pictures.