Thursday, March 10, 2011

Speedwork and 80 friends!

Yesterday I ran an easy 3 miles. 
Could have been be easier if there was A LOT less pollen in the air.  Next week I have to have a skin test for my allergies, the one in the arm with needle IN the times I am off antihistamine for 5 miserable days.  That means no meds for my 7 miles on Sunday.  I wish I lived closer to the beach for this time of year.

Today Speedwork at the gym. 
I had to do 7 x 400m at 5k pace.
I did 5 at 5 sec faster then 5k pace and 2 at 12 sec faster then 5k pace.  90 sec rest (fast walking) in between.  Is that too much rest? It does not say anything about rest time on the program just to walk between each repeat.
5 miles total.
It went great.  I like those workout better then tempo run. 

Still have not decided about Fall half marathon...leaning towards Long Beach and doing the 10k race at the Mission Inn race in Riverside like I did last year.  Thank you to those who left me a comment regarding this!!!

I got 80 followers now! Thank you so much !  I never thought I would have 1 follower so this is fantastic!

I will miss Will's game this Saturday :(.  Bill is in charge of the kids and taking pictures! We'll see how good that goes!!!
I hate missing games, what if he scores a goal and I am not there?!

Big NCAA basketball weekend coming up! If you hear loud screams with a few cuss words in French coming from Southern California it will be ME yelling at my TV!


Kate said...

I did speedwork last you, I vastly prefer it to tempo runs! My intervals are 1600 at pace with 800 recovery jogs. Not sure how that would translate to the 400 intervals. I'll be interested to see answers you get from people who know what they're talking about. :)

Kovas said...

The rest period should be sufficient so that all the intervals are run at the same pace. If your last ones are slower, add more recovery. If all are too easy, take away recovery.

Nelly said...

I would say also to lean towards Long Beach, it seems like a fun race, and if I were you I would just take it easy after the marathon, and just overall recover before the Long Beach half.

That is funny that you're a Duke fan, I view cheering for Duke as cheering for the evil empire or Darth Vader, haha I'm a Stanford fan, they are having a really down year right now =) Good luck in the ACC tourney and NCAA tourney. Your team last year was awesome, I think they have a shot at repeating this year, they seem to be big enough down low like they were last year.

Teamarcia said...

I think 90 secs for recovery is perfect when doing 400s. Wow that duke mascot is very devilish.

middleagedrunner said...

Congrats on your 80 followers! That is awesome and a number that I hope to have one day!!
Great speed work- I skipped my tempo run in exchange for hills this week (yuck!) but have tough mile repeats scheduled for next week to make up for it.
Too bad about your allergies- I find that at this time of year mine are at their worst even though most things are still frozen in my area. The first rains of the year must bring up the mold or something gross- but I get all sneezy, wheezy, waterey eyed. Yuck!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

What I love is that you DO speedwork, sooo many people I know dont, "because it hurts" thats why your a rockstar runner

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Congrats on 80 followers!! Are you affected by the Tsnumai on the socal coast??

LB sounds like a dream--actually all the cali races do to me!

Caroline said...

Not where I am but some of the beaches were closed today

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

oh I have the worst allergies too, I feel ya! And of course you have 80 followers, we love you!

Anne said...

Allergies can really sap your energy...hope you can get back on the meds soon!
Good job with the are really improving quickly girl!!! Yay for 80 followers :)

Chris K said...

Long Beach is super hilly. Duke is not overated. Kidding on both. 4 losses and ranked #5, what a joke.

Jenn said...

Nice job on the speedwork! Good cut too if you're ahead of your 5K pace!!

I hate missing my kids activities! Hope Will has a great game!

Good luck with the 7 on Sunday! Allergies SUCK!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

I'm so glad you're doing speed work! Awesome job! Long Beach sounds like a great full marathon! Love your new background. :)