Monday, March 28, 2011

Going from Devils to Cats to Dogs

Yesterday I finished week 7 of my training plan with another windy run; 4 miles this time. 
Today I had 4.5 miles on the menu and I almost got hit by a car.  Caro was NOT happy.  I was at a stop light, little white guy came on, it was MY turn to go.  This moron decided he cannot wait and off he went turning right and not slowly.  He scared the crap out of me.  I had to stop or else I am not sure I would still have 2 legs.  I let a couple bad words out...all in French as always.


WEEK 7:  
Mon: 3 miles: 3 miles
Tue: 4.5 miles: 4.5 miles
Wed: stretch and strength + XT: 40 min bike and abs, arms, legs
Thu: Speedwork:  8x400m: 8x400m : 5 miles total.
Sat: XT or 3 miles: 9 miles.

Sun: 9 miles4 miles

total: 25.5 miles.

Mon: 4.5 miles: 4.5 miles
Tue: stretch and strength + XT

Wed: 3 miles easy:
Thu: Speedwork:  8x400m:
Fri: REST:
Sat: 10k RACE 

Sun: Not sure, will be in San Diego to meet my best friend from Québec, that will come before running.

Yesterday after my run I was given front row seat to a special concert:

Jonathan's concerts always go much longer so we had a solo portion:

 He still thinks he IS this guy: so he needed a chair to be like Keith (at least he is not trying to do a back bend like on the picture in the post below!)

 That was fun.  Good times.

Now on to the Madness
This year it really is Madness. Butler? OK maybe some did see that coming.  VCU????? Nobody did.  Wow! I love it!
UNC did not help my cause but even after all those crazy games I am still #1 in the pool of 177 people.  Now only 4 people could pass me. 
So I need VCU or Butler to win it all.  That's all.  
So I am now a temporary huge fan of these guys:
I already am a fan of that guy:

And if this guy does not do too much of that I think they have a fair chance at the title.


Unknown said...

Go Butler! Good luck in your 10k. How fun is it to see great friends?

Caroline said...


Michael said...

I love the pics. Adorable! Glad you didn't get hit, I would have let out some profanity as well - but not in French :)

Anne said...

Trop cool que tu es inscrite pour la Descente Royale :)
Good luck with your pool and your run! Those boys are just so cute.

Tricia said...

too cute

XLMIC said...

I'd love to know which are your French bad words of choice ;-)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

VCU ... my latest bandwagon team, but only because they beat KU!

KovasP said...

Cursing in French doesn't count.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

So, with your picks lately, I am thinking you really want VCU to win and your are knowingly jinxing Butler. We will find out soon

Unknown said...

Fellow Canadian here... look forward to following your blog.

Unknown said...

I don't know what cuter, the outfits or the fact that they are putting on a concert. YOu have a great family there caroline. Good luck with the race.

Unknown said...

I love front row seats to a concert!! That's so cute!

Jenn said...

Oh yeah!! I had a little car incident in which I totally let the gutter language flow! It was clear English!

Nice work with the training:)

Your comments make me laugh. Snookie- ha ha!! Actually Emily Giffin books-impulse buys. Not generally the type of books I like but easy reads and not a lot of thought required!

Adorable pics of the kiddos:)