Friday, March 18, 2011


REST DAY.  Normally I would have been miserable but not today.  DUKE won their first game.  When it is by 42 we call that a massacreA basketball lesson.  Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.!!!!  Some of you have a hard time accepting that DUKE is the best team and are "trying"  to be funny for your non friendly Duke posts...yeah you miss Jess over have Blonde ponytail  and YOU EMZ with your Tide add.  It's OK. I can take it.  When you gals come to your senses I will be happy to send you a shirt like this one:

1 DOWN, 5 TO GO. 
I am 27 out of 32 so far.
#1 position in my pool

Went to the allergist. Finally I can take my meds now!  I had the skin test that is with 30 needles that they stick in your arms, not the one on the back with only scratches.  The needle one hurts a little more but after giving birth twice It takes more then 30 needles to make me go aouch!  So I am allergic to Bermuda grass and mold.   Going back Monday to get instructional protocol to deal with this lovely situation.

Some people from an LA modeling agency  came to Jonathan's school today to ask a few parents if they were interested in having their kid work as a model.  They saw that picture:

and they asked me if I would be willing to have him come downtown for a session.   Hmm NO but thank you!  Of course I think it is nice that they asked but that ends there. 

I finished this book:

I loved it.  My friends told me to read it after they all read it for their book club.  They told me they think I am a "Skeeter".   They said I would understand when I read the book.  Now that I have read it, I take this as a huge compliment!  I think I would have been a Skeeter back in those days.

Now I must decide between these for the next book, I have them all already:

If you read any of the 3 in English and you loved it let me know!! 



Miss Teacher said...

I finished The Help last weekend and LOVED it! Skeeter was fabulous and definitely my favorite. I've had Water for Elephants on my shelf for awhile too and have been contemplating checking it out...let me know if you end up reading it!

RockStarTri said...

Is that wall painted Arizona Red behind you in the pictures? just asking...

XLMIC said...

I really enjoyed Water for Elephants. I read it exactly 2 years ago…right after my daughter was born. An easy, quick read for me. I was almost a Blue Devil but instead chose to be a Big Red…never did figure out what that was!

Chris K said...

Curious, did you go to Duke? I didn't think they let Canadians go there.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

ahahahahaha!! Love the back and forth in the bloggy land. You are doing well in your bracket--dang!!

We are reading in the same order! I finished The Help and being "skeeter" is a huge compliment!! Go Caroline! I am in the midst of Water for Elephants and it is flying by. I cringe at the animal treatment in the circus, but the story captures me.

I'm not familiar with the others, you'll have to do a review of sorts!

Emz said...


Not sayin what may happen to it/ what it'll be used for but

Caroline said...

@Chris. no and they let Canadians go more places then they let Americans go. We are so nice and innocent.

@EMZ: I am no fool. You will not use a Duke shirt to clean your green toilet!

runnergirl training said...

Great post! I love the pics! :) Thanks for the book review!

Andrew Opala said...

these are hard books to understand!!