Thursday, March 24, 2011


This picture says it all.
This guy: Williams,  came out to play and he did.
Am I sad my beloved Duke lost? Yes of course I am. It sucks.
The worst part is not just that they lost it is HOW they lost. 
They did not deserve to win.  The GAVE up in the second half and watched the Williams show.   That guy alone wanted to win more then all the Devils together.   What a shame.
I LOVE this game.  I always have since I am a kid.  This was painful to watch. 
As a player and mostly as a coach I hated loosing but I have never been a sore looser.

So my hat's off to the U of A.
CONGRATS TO THE CATS! and their fans: EMZ, BDD, Jess
We were all on twitter tonight, it was fun...for the most part...I was the only one rooting for Duke so I got some crap, it is OK I can take it!!

Chris K's Aztecs also lost.  Bummer.

Those Aztecs and Cats made my bracket explode.  I am still leading the pool but after the Elite 8 I am pretty sure I won't be.  Now here is some irony for you: for me to win the jackpot OF $700 guess who needs to win the whole thing?

YEP: those darn CATS!
Tonight though they played like LIONS!!!

Butler over Wisconsin, I like that.
Florida winning I also like that.

Tomorrow is another day. 
My Duke will be back.



Jim ... 50after40 said...

Duke made it to the sweet 16, which I know is not a huge accomplishment for Duke - they will of course be good again next year. Unfortunately, my Mizzou Tigers enjoyed the tourney for about 10 minutes. (BTW, thank you Quin Snyder - he set us back about 10 years, ha!)

LB said...

i couldnt manage to stay up past halftime. i woke up this morning and checked my phone and thought i must still be asleep having a nightmare. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

And to think, I was asleep and awoke to your @ tweet chirp on my phone. I picked Duke in my bracket, so my bracket is done, but though I try to pick smart, I still root with my heart.

THis just means the Stanley Cup is right around the corner!!!! Ohhhhh i just got goose bumps thinking this

Kovas said...

Maybe time to root for the Buckeyes?

Danielle said...

Last night hurt me. I was sad for Nolan and Kyle. : (
Do you think Kyrie will come back?!

Nelly said...

You are a good sport for posting this! Arizona just played amazing last night - that team has some tremendous athletes. Some of the dunks they had were insane. It's easy to see why Williams of Arizona is projected as a top 3 pick in the NBA draft this year, he can jump out of the gym. And the point guard Jones was so fast.

Seemed like Duke didn't have their killer instinct last night, Singler seemed like the only guy who played all out - that all out dive that he had to chase down that loose ball is an example of that. Just seemed just Duke was overmatched athletically.

Though hasn't your team won like 6 national titles or something? haha I'm a Stanford fan, and while my team made it to the final 4 in 1998 (and won the title back in 1942), I don't think we'll ever actually win the national title, haha

XLMIC said...

You are a class act, Caroline :)

Sorry Duke couldn't rally for you.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You are a good sport!

racing dawn said...

Yes it's hard to take a loss... It's a sad snowy day here in BYU land.... ;)
We'll definitely be rooting for U of A too! :)

Emz said...


I'd have liked a photo of the kleenex box though. ;)

Glad to see you didn't change your profile photo.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I was so hoping for a Duke v. UConn showdown (I live in the heart of Huskies territory)!!