Sunday, March 20, 2011

2 down 4 to GO

I finished my week with 23 miles.  Today I went for 3 miles in the rain and #$#% wind.
This week is spring break for the boys and we are supposed to get rain ALL WEEK.  Yeah for me!!!  Hello treadmill at the gym.

Went to see THE LINCOLN LAWYER  today.  It is good, I recommend it. 

NCAA: Well Duke is still alive.  They almost gave me a heart attack today.  All that matters is that they won.  2 down, 4 to go.  This was Coach K's 900th win.  Next up: March 24th: Arizona Wildcats, that will be win #901.  Bring it on.   I had been leading my pool after the 1st round and today after Syracuse and ND lost I thought for sure I am out of #1, but no  still #1 after 2 rounds 37/48.  The guy who is 2nd has Texas and Pitt to the final 4 so that is good for me.  Best game so far SDSU winning over Temple in double overtime

This was messed up:

Was it really 5 sec? YES I think it was if I count I make it to 5 .  BUT the ref's count is what they go with and he was at 4, he did not complete to 5 before making his call and that is not OK.  He cannot say "in my head I was at 5" that is not how the game works. 

No games until Thursday, no more excuses not to clean my house and do the laundry I guess. :(



Big Daddy Diesel said...

This is the year of bonehead plays, first no call on the morehead state upset, then the butler fiasco in 1.4 seconds, then UA 5 seconds, there is more that I cant remember right now, but alot of late game mistakes that cost teams dearly

Nelly said...

Duke survived a thriller yesterday, that game was crazy at the end!

I knew that there was a 5 second call during the Texas-Arizona game, I didn't know it would turn into a controversial call. But does he have to complete his arm movement to call it 5 seconds? I'm not sure about the rule on that. It basically seemed like 5 seconds though in my book...

SDSU game was crazy, Chris K must have been going nuts watching that, haha

Unbelievable that all of my blogging friends with rooting interests advanced in thrilling fashion - You with Duke, Chris K with SDSU, and EMZ with Zona!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

I think running the way you do is a great excuse not to clean the house ha. GREAT RUNNING GIRL!!! You are absolutely amazing!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Nice running Caroline! So, in honor of Duke, I'm guessing you are dressing head-to-toe in blue?? YOu and EMZ are facing off on Thursday eh?!!

Glad you liked the mom boobs comment--ha ha! My buddies aren't helping my thoughts on kids!!

Chris K said...

I simply cannot wait for SDSU to play U of A in the E8 so EMZ and I can give each other crap. Aztecs Fight!

Michael said...

We saw the Lincoln Lawyer this weekend too. I though it was really good. Hope the forecast improves for you!

Caroline said...

Ah Chris...

that is really.

you and me will be the ones giving each other crap on that day my friend

you need to find something else for EMZ, it won't be a ball game.