Saturday, March 5, 2011

Allergy 1 Caroline 0 and my Devils played like CRAP

Allergy season is here! boooooooo hoooooo hoooooo!
It sucks. :(
I cannot breath.

On the program today I had rest day but I took a rest yesterday that is enough.  I went for a 3 miles run after Will's first soccer game.  Not the best plan.  It would have been better for me to run BEFORE the game.   Instead, I sat in  the middle of a huge field of grass for an hour or so and then I went running, of course by then I had a hard time breathing. 

Tomorrow I have a 5k race at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.   This is the race that started this whole running thing for me.  The Susan G Komen race for the Cure.  It will be my 1st year running anniversary!  I have  team of 20 runners and walkers!  Should be fun!  I have no big expectations as far as time goes.  We will see how I feel I guess.  I know I will do better then last year, not hard to beat my turtle time of 35 min!!!  5k is not my favorite distance, I am not a sprinter.

DUKE is playing North Carolina in 5 minutes so I must go and park myself in front of the TV.  Jason are you ready for this?

***Game over: it was a sad performance by my blue Devils and a great one by NC****

Here are some soccer pictures because well there is a lot of RUNNING  in soccer!!!
We are the Thunder Bolts!
Will is #5 and was the goalie for a half, first time at goalie, he was pretty brave!!

The always hilarious jumping jacks!!

"I HATE THE SUN!!!!!!"

Maybe he should be a runner?!!


THE TUNNEL! A MUST AFTER A GAME!! Jonathan loves to do this!

Ah to be 6 again.....!


Shawn said...

Nice pics....luv soccer!!!!

Shawn said...

Also...pop a reactine or 2 a couple of hrs before will feel better.

Do you have to do a urine sample after the race???....maybe you shouldn't do that....have fun

XLMIC said...

Hope you have a great run tomorrow!

Anne said...

Le soleil et les montagnes...comme c'est beau! Et ton fils est tellement mignon...superbe sourire :) Bonne chance aujourd'hui!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Better luck with tomorrow's run (and all future runs for that matter).

And yes, to be six again would be awesome (in some respects).

Kate said...

Such cute pictures! And I'm so not looking forward to our allergy season. Usually if I'm proactive with the Zyrtec, it's ok, but now that I've said that I'll get hammered.

Colleen said...

How fun!