Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm going home!!

I am going home!!!
We got the tickets! It is official! I am going HOME! MAY 26th!!!
I am so happy!!!
I had that song in my head all day I think I sang it out loud at the gym while I was running on the treadmill..sorry people next to me: I am NO American Idol!

Speaking of Idol..who do you like?
I LOVE Paul McDonald and Casey Abrams

Speaking of running on the treadmill...
Well I got to the gym and before I started my workout I made a call to try to get an appointment with the allergy Dr.  When I called they said to come right away.  I am so miserable these days that I packed my stuff,  got Jonathan and went to see the Dr.
He told me I have severe congestion, the worst he has ever seen.
No wonder I feel like I have been hit by a bus.

After that visit I went back to the gym to do my speedwork. 
I had 35 min tempo today.  I ran 1 mile easy and increased the speed for the 35 tempo...after 25 min I wanted to DIE.  I had a really hard time breathing, SEVERE congestion will do that to you.    I slowed down a bit for the rest of the 35 and so I did not complete the tempo portion like I was supposed to.  Because of that I decided to add 4x400 intervals.  Punishment for not finishing the 35 min at tempo pace.  5 miles total.

I got some new meds let's hope they work because if they don't I will have to take Prednisone and I HATE to take that.  But I cannot stay like this.  It sucks.  All the bones in my face hurt. :(  OK 1-2-3:  Poor me.

Rest day tomorrow.  It is the awards ceremony at Will's school.  He is getting 3 awards.  I will be smiling a lot pain or no pain!!!


Michael said...

Very cool that you are going home and Will's awards - awesome. You are a super star - doing a speed workout when you feel like!

Christine said...

Amazing for going running even though you were diagnosed with severe congestion! You rock!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Yayyy!!! for going home!!!

BTW your pukie is up

Anne said...

Youppi Caroline s'en revient au Québec!!! :) :)

T'es trop dur avec toi-même...4 X 400 as punishment for not doing the whole 35 min. ;) You're allowed to take it easy when you're that sick my dear!

Fais attention à toi xo

Rose said...

You are a rock star to run with crazy congestion. Props to you!

Runner better races is an excellent plan. When I look at my first half versus my second, the joy I was able to get out of the second one was so much higher, because I was running it better. I was more prepared, I was less scared. So yes, running better races is a rad goal. I'm going to channel that.

Chris K said...

Wow, Canadians ARE tough. Way to Cowboy Up. Yeah, I have been watching NHL scores on the internet everyday cuz I love hockey soooooo much. It's such an aweseome sport to watch cuz it's so easy to track the puck and actually see the goal being scored.

Caroline said...

hey now mister K...I am on to you...I know sarcasm when I see is a GREAT sport!
better then your GOLF!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

"Congrats" to Ryan and a "hope the meds work for you" to you. I've never had allergies, but I have close friends who have severe allergies and I don't know what I'd do if I had them.