Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's ranining again...

After a couple of days of sunshine the rain is back in Southern California....Good thing today I only had a 3 mile run to do.  I waited for a little break from the dripping clouds and headed out! I love running when it is it was about 10 Celsius...perfect!

I took my kids to see Yogi Bear as promised....they loved it, I almost fell asleep but that is OK.

Is your birthday close to the Holidays?

Mine is right AFTER.  The absolute worst when you are a kid.  Nobody cares.  Actually most of my friends even forget.  You get the famous double-gift, no party because everyone is partied out and it is also really close to back to school, basically it sucks! 

At my age of course I don't care about my birthday anymore other then I get this about 2 days after Christmas: "OK Now what do you want for your birthday?" and not in the nicest tone, more like tell me what you want so we can get this out of the way kind of tone.  I get it from my brother, my mom and now even my husband....!  They will ask every day until they get an answer.  Well this year I have decided not to answer that question!  If they cannot come up with something then so be it.  Last time I checked it was not my fault that I was born that day.  One of my best friend back home was born December 24th and I have always sent a birthday present wrapped in non Christmassy paper for her separate from the Christmas presents and cards.  It is not that hard.

My youngest son is born February 2nd.  Not too close to the Holiday season but still kind of close and I always make sure to make a big deal for his birthday just like I do for his brother who was born in June.  I don't tell him he cannot have toys just because he just got some new ones at Christmas! 

On my birthday this year I will get to go see Hood to Coast! That will be awesome I know it!
I saw the preview today and it looks GREAT!  If you want to know if it plays near you look on the right side of my blog and you can find the info!


Christine said...

Happy birthday!! I saw the trailer as well and already got the tickets - I'm excited for the movie!!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

Hapy non-holiday birthday!