Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 6 recap and Week 7 plan and the meaning of 5 minutes

This was week 6 and I did what is in red

Mon: Stretch and Strength: Stretch and Strength
Tue: 4 miles: 4 miles
Wed: 2 miles or cross: 2 miles 
Thu: 4 miles + strength: 4 miles
Fri: Rest: Rest
Sat: Rest: Rest
Sun: 5 k race: 10 k RACE
total: 13: 16.2 miles

Good week for me, ended with my best race this year!

Started week 7 today, was afraid my legs would hurt after the 10k, but no all is good.  This week will be challenging..last week of school before the Christmas break, lots to do for the kids and helping at their school...will have the dilemma...motherhood vs runninghood....we'll see how that goes plus I have  husband's Christmas party this weekend...

8 miles on Sunday....I have never ran 8 miles...hope it wont be too the 90s here today crazy weather...yes I complain about that...what can I say I am Canadian!!!!

Week 7

Mon: Stretch and Strength: Stretch and Strength + biking
Tue: 4.5 miles:
Wed: 3 miles or cross:
Thu: 4.5 miles + strength:
Fri: Rest:
Sat: 50 minutes cross:
Sun: 8 miles:
total: 20:

I want to thank all of you who read my blog and leave nice comments for me, I appreciate this a lot. 
Yesterday after my race we went to a kid's birthday party at a friend's house and people asked about my race and when I said I took 5 minutes off my time it really meant nothing to them.  They did not understand why I was so happy about "just 5 minutes"...but it is OK and I get it.  What is 5 minutes? It is nothing in a day..what can we do in 5 minutes really? not much right...It is all relative and a question of context.  Yesterday 5 minutes meant a lot to me.  It meant progress, getting better, that I am on the right track, hope, pride,  that I can show my kids that if you make an effort you will get results, that age does not matter.
It meant a lot to me that you left comments after my race yesterday. 
Thank you.


Jen said...

You can do it!! And Yay for five minutes and PR - that's fantastic, fantastic!! :) I loved the pictures too - congrats on a great race and your most challenging long run to date!!

XLMIC said...

:) It is a good thing to teach our children. And ourselves. Time to go stretch myself!

Anne said...

Woohoo! Five minute PR is amazing! Bravo! Superbes photos aussi :) ...T'inquiète pas pour ton 8 miles...ça va aller bien j'en suis certaine. J'avoue qu'avec la chaleur, c'est plus difficile...mais, j'ai confiance, tu vas y arriver. Bonne course!

Anonymous said...

5 minutes is amazing! Great job. Finding that balance is always a hard thing to do. We homeschool and I still find that I struggle with it. Good luck on your half! I'm running my first one the end of January. Have enjoyed reading your blog!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

AWESOME week of workouts!!! You can totally do 8 miles....can't wait to read about it:)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

In my opinion, this is exactly why we blog, because we follow people that "understand", we understand what each other are going through. The struggles, the highlights, the little things. Its a great community to be a part of.

Even though, at the party the people didnt understand, When I read you had a 5 min PR, I first reaction was "Oh wow, thats huge"

Caroline said...

You are so right and thank you for the support!
I started this to keep track of everything and I never tought anyone would read my posts, but now I feel the support and it is fantastic to get feedback from people who know what I am going through!

Teamarcia said...

You are so right--5 minutes seems like nothing to most but it's HUGE to runners! Congrats on a massive PR!

Forward Foot Strides said...

I know, I always just tell non runners "I beat my fastest time.".