Saturday, December 18, 2010

The flu was NOT on my training plan

Still not well but not as bad as yesterday
Yesterday was hell: I passed out twice in the evening.
Very scary.
Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday.
I missed today's workout and looks like will not make it for my long run tomorrow.
This sucks.
What do I do? I continue where I was? Or I start week 8 Monday with what is on the plan?
End of week 7 went down the toilet with the rest of me ( gross I know )
All I had to eat since Thursday night is a banana.
So much for my plan to put weight on before my parents arrive on the 23rd!
Last time they saw me I was about 50 lbs heavier, I had started to loose weight but just 20 lbs. I think they are likely to freak out.

So much to do...and I am stuck in bed..and I will miss my long run..I worry about that.

Thank you to the snowflakes I got some cards today! Now THAT did not suck! I love getting real mail!


XLMIC said...

What you do is not worry about your long run. You worry about getting healthy and strong. This is your running mommy talking to you! If you try to kick it into high gear and make up for lost time, you are likely to get sick again... or even worse, injured. You have over a month. You will be fine IF you take care of yourself NOW! (and that isn't just the mommy in me but also the former elite-level athlete).

Anonymous said...

Just rest and feel better! I think that you should just start from where you left off. The running will be fine. Take care of YOU!! Hope you feel better soon!!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

no worries about your long run. Get better first, then just hop back in. I've done it before and I promise you'll be good. Just lots of nourishment, fluid, rest right now. You can do this, you are strong. enjoy family time!

Anne said...

Je suis d'accord avec eux...occupe toi d'aller mieux et ensuite reprend ton programme où tu étais. Tu vas y arriver Caroline.
Now, take good care and enjoy your Christmas :)

Pam said...

Yuck! I'm so sorry you're ill! It always seems to strike at the worst times, doesn't it? Right here at Christmas! Hope you feel better soon!

Amanda@runninghood said...

sooo sorry you've been sick! :( No fun! Getting mail does help though. Definitely don't worry about the time off of running...much more important to give your body this break and then pick up when you get well. Thanks for your music suggestions.

Amanda@runninghood said...

That's awesome about the movie and your birthday! :) I didn't even know about the movie until now.

Jen said...

I am soooo sorry to hear you are sick - and it does put a crimp in training - not sure how you remedy that but I hope you feel better soon