Thursday, December 16, 2010

-Trois Trucs Jeudi - 3 Things Thursday -

1. Ran 4.5 miles today on the machine, felt like 10 miles to me....I had to cover the TM screen....Tomorrow is rest day so I kept telling myself that, it kind of worked. I have a friend at the gym his name is Vic, he is 67 years young and he knows EVERYONE at the gym.  He is quite the character.  He ran several marathons and even one ultra marathon and he was in the navy.  He has the best stories;  most of them completely inappropriate.  I think he is what my husband will be like in 15 years...They met and they agree...that scares me!  Anyway, he was on the bike while I was running (bikes are behind the treadmills) and he was talking to 2 younger guys who apparently were very bored today and started taking bets on the women's age....Oh yeah they went there..they are young they don't know any better...YET.  So because Vic knows everyone..they really did not have to ask many gals if they would share their age to settle the bets.  Of course my turn came and I had no clue, was listening to my Ipod and could not hear them.  Vic knows I can handle that kind of joke so he decided to out them...even though he knows my age.  So when I got off he calls me over and tells me "those 2 clowns have a bet on your age" so I made them say out loud what was their guess, Vic said he would give $10 to the winner for this they could not say "Oh I think you are 21" just to be nice...So first one goes and says....30! I tried not to smile or laugh...!! Second one goes "I am really sorry but I will say 33!" ouahhhhh ha ha ha!!!!  I almost paid them both $10 just for that.  I am so not vain but that made my day.  I mean better that then them guessing 51!!!

2. Christmas Tree is up and done! My kids are happy and less worried about Santa coming over our house, my younger son (4) said "Mom you really should call him to let him know you finally put it up" I love the finally...So here it is:

(Abbi take notes:  the tree is suppose to be UP not down!! :))

 Can you spot the ornament I got at my 10k race last weekend?

How about now?

3. I am in the cards exchange over at Runner's Luck and this is my group, go visit their blogs! All interesting folks and they don't bite..!!  Oh and to you my fellow snowflakes: my cards are on their way!!

Group Snowflake
Bobbie from 2010 Journey in Running
Caroline from Journey to a Half Marathon
Tiina from One Crazy Penguin
Scott from Big Daddy Diesel
Janae from Hungry Runner Girl
Zaneta from Runner’s Luck
Trish from Begin Again and Again and Again
Emily from If I Can't Convince You, I'll Atleast Confuse You


Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

#1 I love it! woohoo! When I get carded when I order a drink in a bar it makes my day =)

#2 eye! the tree is up! I want to hug your kids and dog! cuties!

#3 sent out my cards already yesterday. Finally ;p

Pam said...

Awwwwwww.... your goldie is beautiful!!! :) And your kids aren't half bad either! LOL

XLMIC said...

Great story! I love it when people think I am younger than I really am, too! Is that a 40's thing? lol

Great tree! We still haven't gotten one ... the kids are getting nervous!

Caroline said...

40s? what are you taling about!???

abbi said...

Your tree looks great and your kids and dog look great sitting in front of it! I know we need to do something with ours - fast! Your son's comment yesterday was very cute!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

I get carded occasionally, how with a grey beard that happens I have no idea.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

My card is in the mail too, hopefully you will get it in a day for so, I am glad I did the card exchange, that is how I found your blog. I like it, GO Team Snowflake!!!