Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Abbi over at highermiles tagged me with these...

1. What was your toughest race? 

Easy: The last 5k race at Universal Studio.  It was brutal, I got a new definition for hills that day...they just never ended and they were steep!  My legs hurts so bad the days after that race.  It was hard.

2. What are your goals for 2011?  To run a half marathon and finish it.  I want to be able to say "When's the next one?" and not "never again!".

3. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?  Quebec City.  My hometown.  I miss it every day but the Holidays is the hardest time of year. 

4. What is my guilty pleasure TV show?  60 minutes...OK the honest answer....General Hospital...what can I say I have watched it since the good old days of Luke and mom was watching it so blame her!  That is how I learned to speak English, I never took any class!

5. How do I keep my sense of balance? What is that?  There is no balance...! I have 2 sons aged 4 1/2 and 6 and I am a stay at home mom!..Balance divorced me 6 yrs ago...I get 1 hours per day for me (gym or run time) the rest is for the boys, my husband and my dog!!!!

And now I will tag......
The bride to be Zaneta
Jess over at Blonde Ponytail
and last but not least Tricia!

Ran 3 miles on treadmill today.  Felt ok...not great but ok.  Tomorrow is another day!  Also realized I made a mistake and skipped a week when I look at the plan for this week...long run this Sunday is 7 miles and NEXT Sunday is steps....


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are amazing!

Crafty Jogger said...

I had no idea Quebec City was so beautiful! Now I want to go!!

XLMIC said...

Quelle belle ville!

And yeah, balance? what's that?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Those are some of the coolest pictures ever, I love them

"never again" yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I cant tell me how many times I muttered those words, but I still keep coming back for more punishment at races, its way too addictive

Caroline said... is a great town...lots of history, great food, good peeps...but at least 6 mos of the white stuff..somtimes more..!

racing dawn said...

Caroline those are beautiful pics of your hometown!!! I want to go to!!!

And hey it never hurts to drop little hints so 'Santa' knows what to get you for Christmas! :)

***I totally watched General Hospital for years too!