Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010 RACES

Today I ran 5 miles and I felt like I could have gone a lot longer so that gives me hope for my Half coming up very soon....
I have been able to run outside a lot more because I have my parents here to watch the boys I feel this is helping me a lot to prepare for my half also.

Went to see a movie with Bill...a rare thing for us!  We saw The little Fockers.  It will not win any Oscars but funny like the other 2, just what I needed!

Tomorrow movie again but with my boys : Yogi Bear this time!!

I am done racing for 2010.
I started in March with my very first race and ended up running in 12 races this year!
I did not have this blog for most of 2010 so I wanted to have a post to recap the year.

1. March 2010: Susan G Komen Race for the Cure: 5k.:
I will be back for this one as long as I can walk so for a long time hopefully.  It started it all for me and also it is for an important cause! If you are in California and you want to join a team you are welcome to join mine!

2. April 2010: Carlsbad 5000:
A very popular and fast 5k.  I loved it! I would do it again but not in 2011 because I am doing the half marathon in Carlsbad in January.

3. May 2010: Cucamonga Challenge:
A 5k Race, will not do this one again.  It was the worst organization ever.  No time, no real start or finish.  We had to wait for the lights at crossing streets.  I am not paying for this race again!

4. June 2010: Fontana Days of Running:
I loved that one! First I PR for 5k by a lot, it was a fast course, very popular, very organized, they also offer half marathon at that race.  I would have done it again, the half this time but I will be in Quebec in June this year for my 25th High School reunion (yep I am that old!!) !

5. July 2010: Claremont July 4th 5k race:
I loved having a local race on the 4th of July! I will do it again even though not perfect as far as organization goes.  They had a really crazy start...walkers in front, strollers in front...not good for the runners...hopefully they learned something...but I will be back for that one.

6. August 2010: Angel Stadium 5-10k race:
Loved that one! We got to run inside Angels Stadium twice! The second time the team was practicing and it was really cool!  I am doing the 10k next year!

7. September 2010: Disneyland 5k run:
Loved it! My kids ran the Kids race also.  It was the best, running inside both parks, really fun.  Next year I am doing the Half Marathon!

8. September 2010: Rose Bowl 5k:
Fun race. Beautiful place. loved the course.  I won my first top finisher medal!  I will do that one again!

9. October 2010: LA Cancer Race:
This was a Halloween Race, I did the 5k and the kids ran the Kids race.  We liked it a lot, it was on the Veterans Ground, really nice place but VERY HILLY, will be back for the 10k next year.

10. November 2010: Mission Inn 10k:
My first 10k.  It was hard.  Hilly and also very windy that day.  I want to do it again to do better!  They do offer a half marathon so maybe....but at least 10k for sure.

11.  December 2010: Universal Studio backlot 5-10k race:
I ran the 5k.  If I do it again I would still do just the 5k.  This is a really hard course, the HILLS are killer.  It was the hardest course for me of all 12 races.

12. December 2010: Make Room for Santa 10k in Tustin:
My second 10k. I PR by 5 minutes so I was really happy.  I would do it again for sure!
Fun Holiday Race everything was great for me that day!


abbi said...

Great year full of races! Can't wait to hear about 2011.

Kovas Palubinskas said...

What a full year! Nice mix of races and places.

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I love year in review reports. How fun to catch up on all you've accomplished. Now, bring on the half(s) in Twenty11!