Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kids 4 kids run race recap

Last weekend I ran another 5k with my kids.
We ran the Kids 4 kids run that benefits cancer researchi.
This race is in Los Angeles, at LA Live where Staples Center is. ( GO KINGS!)

Start of the race is pretty late at 8:30 am..for a 5k that is ok only if it's not too hot.
Race offered free parking and that is pretty good for an event at LA LIVE.
They also offer race day packet pick up.
Website for the race could use some improvement...information about road closure would have been helpful.  We were not late so that was good.  Here's something that was not good: being pre-registered, being on time and getting 4 adults XL shirts! That is way too big for me ..imagine for my kids! I was not happy with that at all.  Normally I don't complain for shirt size but this was ridiculous.  The person handing out bibs and shirts said "sorry that's all we have!"  I get that it's not her fault so I did to get mad at her of course but I did tell her that I thought this was not OK and asked to speak to someone because well we paid and we filled out the forms with the sizes and the boys should not end up with adult XL.  I found someone and explained my problem, she was holding a kids shirt in her hands and gave that one to me...and some super nice lady heard what I said and had gone on the hunt for a kid shirt returned with another one !  This was the 9th year that they have this race, you'd think they would have the shirt situation under control after that many years.

Anyway the race was fun.  Several families were running, it was great to see so many kids on the course.  The course is out snd back...going slightly downhill on the way out and up to finish. We were chasing the kids' PR and they crushed their previous time by almost 2 minutes! 
I am very proud of them.
They improved a lot and with no training....I know they can do even better.  

Will near the finish line...he finished ahead of Jonathan this time.

Jonathan was about 12 sec behind

At the finish line they had several activities set up for the kids but we needed to buy tickets for these and I never carry any cash on me during a race so we did not stay.  Another info that could be added to the race website.:)

Next up is supposed to be the OC half marathon this weekend.
I am not ready.
Completely out of shape.
Long run was skipped again last weekend.  Saturday I coached the track team at the track meet all day and I was very tired at the end of that day so I did not run 10 miles like I should have and Sunday was race day and homework.
So my longest run leading up to the OC half is 8 miles.
That is not enough.
That is making me very worried.
I don't know what to do.
Switch to the 5K? Run and mostly walk the half? Get a DNS... I really don't want to do that....

I have just a couple days to decide.....

Track team!


Michelle said...

My son is only 7 months old but I am already looking forward to the day he does his first kids race!

I would still do the half and just take it as a fun race :)

Anonymous said...

How are you feeling injury wise? I think it would be safer to downgrade to the 5k (or 10k if they have that option). You really don't want to have another injury, it's not worth it. Good luck this weekend!

Darlene said...

I have had that problem and ran the first half and then walked the second half. You have to swallow your pride and walk or you will end up hurt. Just have fun and not worry about your time.

One Crazy Penguin said...

I say do the half, but just have fun. If you take it easy and combine walking and running, you can still have a great time and finish the half!

Kate Geisen said...

It's really cool the way running can be a family thing for you. :)

My husband and son volunteered (or were volunteered ;-D) at my school's 5K last weekend. We hung out at the finish line cheering for runners, and Jacob did a lot of talking about doing a 5K. Usually his motivation doesn't extend to actually signing up.

Unknown said...

So awesome - great job boys!!