Thursday, March 6, 2014

Coaster 5k - Knotts Berry Farm

Oh I have been a bad blogger.
We had a tough couple of weeks over here..
I feel like my family went through a storm and now the calm is back.

Last weekend I ran the Coaster 5K race at Knotts Berry Farm with my boys.

I thought this would be fun for the kids.  We had never been there before.
The only little problem was that last week we got 2 huge rain storms where I live and well race morning came and the rain was not over.

We decided to go to the race because when we got up it was not raining.   All the way driving there also no rain.  We got there with zero minute to spare.  I have never late to a race before and in my book we were late.  We had to run to get the bibs and while I was standing in line to get bibs and time started to rain pretty hard.  Darn it.
We had left out rain coats in the car and had no time to go back.
My kids were awesome, they did not complain once.
I gave them the choice to back out and they both said no way.

We were late at the start and ended up starting in a different coral further behind.
No big deal...except that we had to pass a bunch of walkers...

It poured the whole race.  Of course.
The course is all in the park and that is fun.
It would have been a lot more fun if we were not soaking wet.
I would like to do this one again.
They offer a 5k and a 10k.

T-shirt and medal for everyone AND a piece of the best pie I have ever tasted.  I am not supposed to eat pie but I had to have a bite!

The boys did great considering the conditions.  They would have PR without this crazy weather and without having to pass all the walkers in the beginning.  They ended up short a few seconds.  Next time we will get it:)

Check out my son's perfect form compare to my heel striking...:)

Next race with the kids is April 27 in Los Angeles at Staple Center : Kids 4 Kids.  Race to raise money for kids who have cancer.

Parental bragging section

Yesterday was award day at the school!
2nd trimester awards!
I am so proud of both my sons.

William (4th grade) received Math Champ award, Master reader award (highest reading award) and the Principal's Honor Roll.  That one is huge: straight As and also good behavior.  In Will's crazy hard class that is so so hard to get.  
Only 4 kids got this out of 34 in his class.  I think more kids in his class would have received this award if they were in one of the two other 4th grade classes.  All I can say is I am proud of Will for getting this 2 trimester in a row and hmmm ONE MORE TO GO.  We can do this...... Right?!

Here he is with his BFF...she is a doll, they have been in the same class for 4 yrs now. (They are the exact same age:))

And my Jonathan did great also!
Math Champ and master reader like his brother!!
(No honor or principal honor roll in 2nd grade) 


Anonymous said...

All their hard work pays off - in running and at school. Great job!!

Unknown said...

Congrats to your smart kids!

I once was in a porta potty when a half without corrals started. It was kind of fun to pass a bunch of walkers, after the crowd thinned out.

Hey, if it's chip timed you are never late!

Kate Geisen said...

I bet that rainy run ends being a great memory for you all! Great job to your kiddos on their school accomplishments!

Michael said...

Hope things are calming down for you know. Congrats to both your boys! Great kids! I love that you get to race with your boys so often!

One Crazy Penguin said...

Congrats to your kiddos! I love hearing parents brag about their smarties....but that might be because I was a freaking book worm in school!

Hope things at home have calmed down :)

Black Knight said...

Congrats to you and the kids. For the children the rain is alway a way to have fun.
I remember how great was a race when 10 years ago I arrived late at the start: at that time I was a runner!

Anonymous said...

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