Saturday, October 12, 2013

2 weeks to go before ....race day

Sooooo we are 2 weeks before R DAY...
It's been forever since I stood on a starting line.
I am so nervous.
The race is RnR Los Angeles half marathon.
I cannot say I am race ready but that's ok.

I ran 8 miles on the treadmill last weekend and I am planning on going up to 9 tomorrow.
I am still on the treadmill exclusively.
I think this week I will step outside for my  shorter runs.

My one and only goal is to finish faster than I did at my last half marathon...that was the one I walked.
I know my time will not be good.
Better than no time at all.

I still take several walking breaks.  I might have to always to do from now on. 
Better than no running at all.

The thing that I really excited about is Ragnar Las Vegas!
That is coming up in a month and I cannot wait.
It is going to be a blast!
I got some of my Hood to Coast teamates on this new team ans I cannot wait to see them again.  Also my good friend Sandy (boston bound brunette... Good luck tomorrow at the Long Beach marathon!) will be on our team!

Family life is still crazy and out of balance but I am grateful we are not in the situation we were a year ago.

I got the best news from my parents: they are coming over for Christmas!!!!!!
My kids are really happy about that!

Mandatory kids pics...

School pics are in:

I approve!


Anonymous said...

I just saw you did 10 miles today, congrats!!! Good luck in 2 weeks!

The Unexpected Runner said...

You are absolutely right...just enjoying the run and getting to race is huge! Don't worry about time. Just enjoy and take it all in:)

And Happy Thanksgiving! Do you celebrate both? We do and very much looking forward to some turkey and family/friend time tomorrow!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I am excited for your race but please be careful. I know you are being smart about your recovery but you are my friend and I worry about you :) I am excited to be a part of your Ragnar team. Thank you for inviting me to run your with team and for wishing me luck at Long Beach!

Kate Geisen said...

Ragnar will be so fun! I know you'll have a blast hanging out and racing with a group of friends.

So happy for you that your running is coming along and recovery keeps continuing! I know how hard you've worked to be back. Have a great race! You'll beat that walking PR for sure!

Anne said...

J'espère que tu continue de bien aller. Moi, je fais toujours des minutes de marche pendant mes longues sorties et mes courses de demi ou full marathon! C'est mieux pour notre corps non-élite ;) :)
Je te souhaite une bonne course dans deux semaines!!!!!!!!!