Thursday, May 9, 2013

OC Half Marathon Race Recap

The OC Half Marathon was the 3rd and final race of my second Beach Cities Challenge.
I had to walk it because of my knee.

If you read my previous post you know that I did not do that alone.

Sandy and I headed to Newport on Saturday afternoon to go to the Expo.
We got our bibs and race shirt.  Race shirt is a boring grey...they had no bag with samples..just the shirt.

At the Expo I bought a cold therapy strap that I love.

It is fantastic.  

We went to get dinner at the South Coast Plaza....huge mall where I could get lost 77 times in one hour.  We went back to the hotel and just relaxed.  It was nice to not have to referee the kids fighting over the TV remote or pillows.   Sandy is a really nice person and we had a great talk!  Our shuttle was at 5:05 AM and the start was at 6:15 AM I think...

Alarm went off way too early the next day...we got ready and went to the lobby to catch the shuttle.

I don't know why I thought that it would take 10 min to get to the start but it took much longer than that.  My darn stomach was not too happy and I was starting to regret drinking some coffee before leaving the room.   

Finally we got to the start...the lines for the porta potty were long and moving slow...
I could hear the national anthem as we were walking to the corrals.  I thought "crap Sandy is going to miss the start for wave 1".  She did not look worried or in a hurry.  She said she would start where we were standing and just go from there.....Yeah right....

My plan was to walk this thing with some slow jogging moments here and there...
I knew I had to walk the first few miles and not try to run.  I wanted to finish the race, that was goal # 1.  I did have a time in my mind, I just cannot help it.   I wanted my time to start with a 2 not a 3.
First 3 miles...I kept telling Sandy to go and run her race...and she kept giving the silliest responses she could think of...she was behind me and I kept turning around and making hand gestures..."Come on! run!"  Well you all know what happened: she never did.  Thank you Sandy.

I did make sure to let the people we were passing know that this woman CAN run and FAST.  

So walking a half marathon...I thought  that is going to be looooong and boring....

Well no.

It was nothing like that.  We had a great time actually.  I was smiling the whole time.  We were telling each other that we both usually don't notice the view along the course when we run a race like that and now we did. 

I never take pictures when I run a race and this time I took many and I posted them as I was going.  I also texted Bill a few times and that was fun.

I did always keep an eye on my pace...I tried to walk as fast as I could.
I could tell that my right leg was working much harder then the left (left knee is the one injured) and I knew I would be sore the next day and I was and I STILL am today....
Each mile marker had a something written on them and the one at mile 6 was clearly made for ME...Take that Dr K.
My knee was holding up was actually my other knee that was causing me pain....that was a bummer.  Once in a while I would start running and Sandy would remind me to save this for the end and I would listen.  We could not have had more perfect weather for this race.  
I wish we could have both run.  I still cannot believe Sandy gave up her race for she is almost at the top of the last hill.
Then we saw these 2...they made me laugh
And not long after we saw this big guy
I bet I would have not notice any of that if I had ran that race...
I would have never stopped to take a picture that's for sure.

Once we passed mile 10 I knew that I was actually going to finish this thing after all.  I have to say that I did have some doubts.  It went by much faster than I thought it would.

Next thing I know we were at mile 12!!!! 1 more to go....
At this point I was in pain but I did not care....

I knew I was going to make it and I knew my time would start with a 2...Even with stopping for pictures and with walking...I would cross under 3 hours.
This was the only time during the race that Sandy left me behind.  
She wanted to get a better time than me....NO NO I am kidding!  She did that so she could get a picture of me crossing the finish line.... I told you she was nice.
Hands over Hearts for Boston.
I thought of you little Martin...
I was so happy and grateful.
I had completed my second beach cities challenge.
I could not wait to get my big medal!

We headed to where the shuttle were to go back to the hotel.
The bus was there and we thought we would be out of there in 15 min or so.....
Yeah not so much.....
It took 2 hours to get to the hotel.  Crazy.
At first I thought it was just the driver who was waiting for more runners but it turns out the parking lot was a huge traffic jam.  It was really bad.

I did the race even if my Dr was not 100% in favor of this plan.
I have zero regret.
I am glad that I did it.
I did the best I could and I am happy with that.
I did not give up.
I completed this challenge.
I am sure it would not have gone as well without Sandy.
I think mentally it would have been a lot harder...
I would have tried to run more if I had been alone and I probably would have paid for it.

I have not done much this legs are pretty sore and my knee is not happy.
I am really sore in the hips since Sunday...I guess I woke up some muscles I don't usually use!

So I got a walking half marathon PR like Super Kate said.
I will be back next year to chase the other kind of PR.

I am going to get a DNS for the next race on my calendar.  It is a crazy downhill half marathon and I cannot do that now.  That would be really stupid and painful.  I have accepted it even though it sucks.

Injury: Dr said I have a tear.  I am getting a second opinion next week but for now I am looking at surgery in June.



Annet said...

Good job finishing and staying so positive about it all. What's on the sign next to I'm with Stupid - can't make the picture bigger and it is too small to read!

Kate Geisen said...

What a nice thing for Sandy to do!! I have some friends who could make 13.1 miles of walking fun. They're sure treasures when you find them!

Congratulations on your new PR! :)

KovasP said...

I've started running with my kids and it's so relaxing to take the walk breaks and chat the whole way.

Tasha Malcolm said...

I am glad that you have no regrets and that you had fun. You are way more brave than me. I technically could have walked a couple of half marathons last year, but the thought made me sad so I gave my bibs to friends who could make me look good. :-)

Unknown said...

Walking PR! Yeah!
I hope the second opinion is better news.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I am so happy for you! I know how much you wanted to finish this race and you did. I had a great time out there!! I can tell you that walking a half marathon is not easy! I admire those people now! My bottom and my shins were sore for three days. I have zero regrets about this race. I did not give up anything. Stop saying that. I took an opportunity to support a friend who needed some encouragement during a tough time. I would do it for you again in a heart beat. Running is not always about crossing that finish line with a PR. It's about the friends you make along the way. Take care and let yourself heal so that you can get back out there again! Don't think about the races you will miss. They will still be there when you get back. Thank you for your friendship and I hope we get to run a race together in the future when you are all better. Hang in there.I know it's tough. I will be checking on you :)

Jennifer K. said...

It's always nice to slow it down and enjoy the day with a friend.

That parking lot was unbelieveable. From the posts on the facebook page, they had the same issues last year.

Jennifer K. said...

And congratulations! Way to go finishing when you had an injury!

giraffy said...

I'm so glad you did this in a smart way, and had fun!!! And hooray for a walking PR :D

Hope the second opinion has better news for you.

Terzah said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for your second opinion and good news....but this race proved your toughness. No matter what (surgery or no), you'll get through this.

Sandy rocks too! You guys look like you had so much fun!

Canuck Mom said...

Great job on getting it done Caroline. I am sorry about the injury. Hope the second opinion brings something different. if surgery is the option, well I know you will be back running in no time again after. Let me also say I love Sandy. What a wonderful friend. Love that!!

Nelly said...

I'm glad that you were able to finish the race, that is really awesome of Sandy. And mile 6 is certainly for you =)

lol on that sign with the guy in the sombrero haha.

That is a real bummer that you have a tear. If you don't feel much pain, maybe it is a minor tear though. I hope that surgery gets you back to 100%. I know meniscus surgery recovery is fairly short - maybe 1-2 months it seems. So maybe you'll be back out there in Aug or Sept. For now I certainly wouldn't run, you wouldn't want to do further damage to your knee.

Black Knight said...

I like your positive attitude but please look after your knee.
You made a great job finishing the race and taking all those beautiful pictures.

Unknown said...

I just love your positive attitude - a walking PR is awesome! :) Bummer you're missing out on Fontana (I would LOVE to do that when I'm back in CA), but you know what's best.

Thinking positive thoughts!

Elizabeth said...

finally catching up-so impressed you walked the whole thing...not sure i would've had the willpower not to run. hoping you are okay based on the "note" at the bottom and that you don't have to have surgery. this is not's a challenge-but it's getting better. thinking of you.

Unknown said...

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