Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two Thousand and Twelve

The year review post.
I ran 16 races this year:
  • 3 5K
  • 5 10K
  • 8 Half Marathons
 2012 Races (16):
01-15-12 13.1 Los Angeles Half Marathon Race Recap
02-05-12 Surf City Half Marathon **Completed Beach Cities Challenge Race Recap
02-19-12 Rock N Roll Pasadena Half Marathon Race Recap
03-03-12 Chino Dairy Ayre 5K **PR Race Recap
03-24-12 Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K Race Recap
04-07-12 Hollywood Half Marathon Race Recap
04-22-12 Run Through Redlands 10K Race Recap
05-06-12 PCRF Cinco de Mayo 10K Race Recap
06-02-12 Fontana Days Run Half Marathon *** PR Race Recap
07-28-12 Cypress 10 K Race Recap
08-04-12 Pride of the Valley Race Recap
09-01-12 80' Awesome 10K run Race Recap
10-07-12 Long Beach Half Marathon Race Recap
10-30-12 Rock N Roll Los Angeles Half Marathon Race Recap
11-1-12 Mission Inn 10k Race Recap
12-08-12 Holiday Half Marathon Race Recap
- Ok so best and worst.
I got injured.   Adductor tendinitis.  It happened in June and it is not 100% healed yet.  I did PT and it got better...but I was not good at resting and keeping up with my exercises at home and this is why I am still not 100% OK.  This meant no speedwork and reducing the mileage and showing up at races not ready.

Because of family situation I had to skip on my dream race for this year: Big Sur.  My husband lost his job in September and it was not a good time for us to go to Big Sur.  Next year I hope.

- The worst race:
It was the 80s Awesome Race 10K run.  It was the worst race I have ever been a part of.   It was poorly organized, everything went wrong,  very late start, it was extremely hot, no water on the course or at the finish line, Race Director not in control of his event, it was a huge mess.  I will not run any event from this company (superhero event) in the future.  I ran another one of their race this year and they had ran out of cups at aid stations and for the last few miles they had no cups and no volunteers...I thought they would learn from this event but no.

- Worst Race Picture:

Pasadena RnR Half Marathon...I had a few issues at the end....


I got a couple PR this year, twice for the half marathon..went under 2:20 for the first time in June.  I also got a 5K PR  with 27:14.

I did not PR at any of the 10K races.  I am still chasing a sub 1 hour time for that distance.

I completed the Beach Cities Challenge and 2 RnR races in 2012 and got 2 huge medals

-Best Race

My favorite race was Rock n Roll Pasadena Half Marathon.  This was an inaugural race and they did everything right.  The course was great.  It was well organized.  The medal and shirt were nice.  I loved it.  Oh and I got a PR that day.
- Best Running Picture
That is EASY
 That brings me to THE BEST running event of my 2012:
April 24: I got the best email.....
Congratulations you are a member of team AfterNUUN Delight for Hood to Coast 2012!
I was so happy!  I could not believe it.  I read the email a few times to make was for real...I was going to be a part of this crazy adventure.
August 22nd..I left for Seattle.  This was the first time I left my kids since they were born.  That is 8.5 yrs.  That is a long time.
Hood to Coast was THE best running experience of my life.  I feel so lucky to have been there and to have met so many fantastic people. 

 I had the best team: team night van 1
Thank you NUUN for making my 2012 magical!
I met some pretty fantastic people this year:
Finally this happened: My Arizona friend came to California!!!!

 and I had a lucky layover in Arizona on my way home from HTC and she came to see me at the her!
 I also had an awesome coffee date in Pasadena with my good pal Terzah.
I met this fabulous gals at the Disney Half Marathon Expo
I also met Michael that day!
I finally met Sandy who lives in my town!
Also in the best section..............
I went back home to Quebec this summer
The nice thing about writing these kind of posts is that I see that the best portion is longer than the worst one.  The end of 2012 has/is not easy but I did have really amazing moments during the year and I am thankful for all of them.
Thank you for being a part of my journey, for reading, for your support and comments and for your friendship.
Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noel!



Erica Elia said...

Awesome job!!! Way to go!! Erica

XLMIC said...

Lots of cool things there! Let's hope for even more 'bests' in 2013!!

Kate said...

Definitely lots of good moments. Isn't it wonderful how, in the end, there's so much for which fo be thankful? Have a wo fearful Christmas! :)

Darlene said...

Not a perfect year but you did a lot of great things.

Hope you hubby gets a job in 2013 and you stay healthy.

Black Knight said...

Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and family.

Giorgio said...

I send the warmest Christmas wishes to you and your family.

Giorgio said...
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Michelle Dragoo said...

great work! I am so jealous you met Sandy! She's awesome! Hope for another great year for you!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Looks like you had a wonderful year Caroline! You are awesome and I love your determination! I am so glad that I met you as well! May 2013 be even better to you!

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'm not trying to be funny, but I totally appreciate that picture you've deemed "worst". It perfectly shows how some days out there are tough...yet you finished.

Carrie Skoll said...

Congratulations on a most wonderful year. I love that your list of 'Bests' is much longer than the 'Worsts'.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous new year!

Elizabeth said...

awesome year! hoping 2013 is even better for you!

Colorado Gal said...

Looks like a great year :) PS You might want to hop over and check out my blog post today-- I think you'll be happy about it!

Anne said...

What a year you've had...I'm so glad that the best outweighs the worst.

J'espère que tu passes de belles fêtes avec ta famille! Joyeuses fêtes Caroline :)

Anonymous said...

You had an amazing year and I love all those pictures. I'm sorry about the job situation and really job this will change for the best very soon.

lindsay said...

lots of blessings and good times in 2012, the job situation stinks but i know that will turn around in 2013 - i believe it! something great will come from this 'speedbump' for your family. happy new year!

Nelly said...

You had a good 2012 - lot of PRs, and doing HTC. And meeting Terzah and EMZ!

Hope the job situation gets better.

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