Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pride of the Valley 5k and kids race

This race is really fun.  We ran it last year and the boys loved it.
The course is 100% flat.  Lots of High School kids come to this race and it is a fast crowd (14:33 for the winner, first woman was 17:07 and she was 63rd overall!).
I am not ready to race in a 5k and I did not want to make my injury worst. So I was good.  I went faster than I did last week in the 10k but did not go for the PR.  I again tried to keep my steps short.   It did not feel great in that race.  I know it will take time to get use to this so I am going to keep working on it because I do believe it will help not getting injured in the future.  So no PR but good enough for 7th place out of 42 in my AG. 

Kids did great!  Race was supposed to be 1/2 mile but ended up being 3/4 mile.  I like this one because they have time chip for the kids also.
Last year, Jonathan beat older brother Will and he kept reminding him on the way to the race!! :)

 Here we go!

And this year big brother came in first!

....but Jonathan was just 6 sec behind him!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent in front of the TV, staying up way too late watching the Olympics.  I blame Michael Phelps for my lack of sleep this last week.   Hard to believe we will not see him swim again. 

I am so happy Andy Murray won the Gold Medal this morning!  I watched the marathon of course and it looked brutal.  I loved seeing the two American gals supporting each other at the end, says a lot about their true friendship I think.  They both looked like they had given ALL they had.  Cannot ask for more. 


Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Gret job on 7th in your age group! Sounds like there were some super speedy people there!

I had a hard time not crying watching Kara and Shalane at the end of the marathon.

I also have been staying up way too late watching Olympics. But they only come around every couple of years!

Megan said...

Your kids are adorable! I love that they're into running so much too!

Question -- do you have any good sites for So Cal race listings? Am in LA the second weekend in Sept and am trying to find a quick race to do!


Anonymous said...

I love the picture where both of your boys stand there arm in arm after the race! So cute!! Good sportsmanship!! I saw the marathon and was shocked about the Russian girl!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

I always love your recaps that include your boys - so great to have them involved at their age.

Congrats on 7th - especially without pushing for that PR!!!

Boston Bound Brunette said...

7th place without pushing it! That is great!