Sunday, August 12, 2012

Now we can all get some sleep!

The Olympics are over.That means I will sleep more.
I am one of those people who stayed up until midnight every day to watch the Olympics on TV.  I would cheat and look at the results online during the day and STILL stay up way too late.

This might just be my favorite moment of the games:

I am so happy for this gal: Allyson Felix

Perseverance should be her middle name.  After 2 silver medals in that event at the Olympics....third time WAS the charm!

I am so over this guy:

 Yes, he is a GREAT athlete. No doubt. But he is in serious need of a mega dose of HUMILITY.  His interview last night on NBC gave me nausea.

I feel bad for this guy:

The Greatest Olympian (For me there's no question about that, it is him. The end.)

I am happy that he did end up having great Olympic Games and that he closed the book on high note.  One of a kind for sure.


Thursday I ran 3 miles in no pain.  I kept waiting for the pain in the groin to show up and it did not.  Now it was just 3 miles and it was not very fast but it was pain free. HOPE.

I had my 4th PT session Friday.  It was hard, 3 days later I am still sore.
My PT said I could try running 4-5 miles this weekend and that Tuesday we would talk about how that went and evaluate the situation again.  He said the idea was to run at no pain and slowly increase the distance.  So for now it was 3 miles and we would see if I can run longer without pain.

Yesterday I did just 3 and today I went for 5.

Well those 5 were not pain free.  I am a little discouraged by this.  I hoped it would be but right after mile 4 I started feeling the pain.  It is not sharp but it is there.  So for the next few days I will stay at 3-4 and see how that goes.

I bought one of these (got it on sale 50% off!) :

I have been using it at the PT for core work and other exercises and I want to be able to do it at home once the PT sessions are over.

Do you have one of these ball? What is your favorite exercise?


Cotter Crunch said...

i know, i know. such amazing moments. But i will be happy to sleep a little more. 5am this morning for the marathon, and poor hall, poor hamstring.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

I was just thinking the same thing! I can finally get some sleep! I agree with you on all the great moments and I am totally over Bolt! Great athlete but a little but too arrogant for me! I do have one of those balls and I use it for push up, sit ups and whole bunch of other exercises. Sorry to hear that the pain came back but take it easy and give it a chance to heal.

Yo Momma Runs said...

I'll miss the Olympics too! I would stay up even after midnight watching. One morning, I realized it was 3 am before I forced myself to go to bed. Love the lady track stars, and they all seem to be the opposite of Bolt in personality and cockiness.

Erica Elia said...

I am actually sitting here reading blogs and watching the mens marathon. I have a lot of catching up I am trying to do. Its going to be strange not having it on anymore for the next 4 years! Erica

Jill said...

I'm going to miss the Olympics on during the day wen I do my long runs on the treadmill :), but otherwise, I'm glad to get back to my 10pm bedtime! They are only on til 11pm here but that really messed up my morning.

Sorry the 5 miles wasn't pain-free, maybe it was a bit too much over the 3 at one time. Hoping you have a great pain-free week and the PT has good news!

J. L. said...

Nice recap on the Olympics..I agree with you and am so happy to be going to bed early. And yes, even though I knew the results, I still watched. Good luck with the pain and running.

XLMIC said...

I like the rolling out plank thing where you slide your body over the ball.

Take care of that groin thing! play it SAFE, woman!

kristen said...

I love the Olympics and I'm very sad it is over. Also very sad that I had to miss the closing ceremony because I was on the road. I'm hoping a friend PVRd it and I can go watch :)

I think we'll have to agree to disagree on the greatest Olympian though - I would argue that Clara Hughes is the greatest Olympian thus far. Multiple medals in both Summer and Winter games spanning from 1996 to 2010, finished 5th in the time trial despite having a broken vertebrae, has spoken publicly about her battles with depression to try to take some of the taboo out of mental illness, and is a Right to Play ambassador extraordinaire. I know she doesn't have as many medals as Phelps...but she's pretty great.

Good luck at the PT!

Megan said...

I am so excited to sleep normally, too! I feel like I've been a zombie the last 13 days as I stay up until midnight just to watch some random sport that most likely, I live-streamed during the day. Oops.

And I totally agree about Bolt -- he needs a LARGE helping of some humble pie.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I am so over Bolt too, he needs to get over himself too! Phelps..yes amazing! I am ready to start getting to bed again at a normal time!

Glad you are running with none of that groin pain!

Coy Martinez said...

I read your blog title and laughed! I sooo feel the same! I stayed up wayyy too late every night watching even though I knew the outcome!

I'm over Bolt and Lochte!!

lindsay said...

ugh, bolt was soo annoying! have a little humility. def makes him less-likeable to me.

i love the olympics and will miss them, but will be so glad to get sleep again. i tried to avoid the news so that it would be a surprise to me :)

Anonymous said...

My favorite Olympic moment was when Kara carried Shalane after the marathon. That was amazing!

Black Knight said...

Glad you can run with no pain.
As I could not leave home because of my fracture, I spent all the days watch tv.
I don't like Bolt too, he is unpleasant.

Nelly said...

Great Olympics summary!

Unfortunately I missed the 4x100 womens race, I was at another event I think. Great record!

Cheers to Felix indeed, she deserved it!

As for Bolt, I didn't see any interviews with him due to the Olympics, but to me he can say whatever he wants since he is one of the best track athletes of all time. I'd put him up there with Emil Zapotek and Carl Lewis for greatest track athlete of all time.,0,4526685.story

Phelps is indeed amazing, he is definitely the greatest swimmer of all time, and I'd likely say he is the greatest Olympian of all time as well.

Real bummer about Hall indeed, I wanted to see him compete up with Meb.

I want to watch the US-Canada womens soccer semfinal game, do you know where I could watch that game online or TV?

Thanks for your messages during the Olympics, it was amazing. I am really bummed its over. It is the greatest sports event in the world, and I won't be able to top that again.

Terzah said...

Hi! I'm so glad you posted about Allyson Felix. I missed most of the track events because our cabin was totally off the grid, and her result is one I'd forgotten to look up when I got back. SO happy to hear this.

Ugh, I'm sorry this PT/return to running pain-free process has been so up and down. Just keep persevering. It's two steps forward, one back.

Carrie Skoll said...

I'm sad the Olympics are over too. Such inspiration.

Good luck with the PT, sorry your run wasn't pain free.

Neon Blonde Runner said...

Haha I know, I kept staying up way too late watching the olympics as well!

I want to read about what happened to Ryan Hall during the marathon, so bummed for him :(