Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bloggers who Run are really NICE Folks

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All today it was hot...nothing special around here but it was also HUMID.  I feel terrible for all of you who have to deal with both heat and humidity all the time.  I went for 4 miles like my PT suggested.  It was not horrible but it was not pain free.  I think I need to go back to run 1 day-rest 1 day (from running not complete rest).  Tomorrow I return to the PT, it will be session #6 and I will get new exercises.  He is supposed to give me some to do while I am in Oregon.  I will not go to PT next week because you know I am going to that little relay.  If I have to take a whole week off after Hood to Coast then so be it.  I will do it.  Yes Marjorie, you read that right. 

I am one lucky gal to have wonderful followers and friends because of this little blog.  On my way back from HTC I will have  2.5 hrs to kill in Phoenix.  Normally I would not be happy about this but in this case I could not be happier because it will be part deux of this:

She is coming to "hang out at the airport" with me...that is pretty nice.  Cannot wait to see you my Arizona Friend!!!!

You know who else is super nice?
This lady right here:

This is Sandy and she blogs here at Boston Bound Brunette.  She lives in my town and she has offered to take me to the airport next Wednesday.  My flight leaves too early for Bill to take me with the boys so I was going to take a cab but Sandy said "No cab! I will take you".  How nice is that?  Thank you Sandy!

Any of you have a pair of these?
Do you like them?

Nike Free 4.0 V2

I have a pair in that color.  I have not tried to run in them yet.


XLMIC said...

That is so nice of Sandy!!! I wish she lived here because taking me to the airport on Wednesday "isn't convenient" for my family :( I'll be public transportationing it.

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Friends don't let friends take a cab to the airport lol!! You live a few miles away from me. Why wouldn't I take you? Have fun with your Arizona friend. She is a machine on the treadmill and an inspiring woman. Have a great time at HTC and enjoy the experience.

Teamarcia said...

Totally agree: blogging results in some of the greatest friends. How cool you're seeing not one but TWO badass runners! Yay for Emz and Sandy!
Praying you're not in pain for HTC. Hope the PT is working wonders!

lindsay said...

I agree - blog buddies are some of my best friends! How fun that you'll see a few on your way to HTC. Praying for smooth travels, easy running and no pain!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, runners are the nicest and most supportive people!! LOVE the shoes btw.

Canuck Mom said...

The blog world does have some amazing women in it. How lucky are you to get to hang out with a bunch of them!!! You are going to have a blast.:)

misszippy said...

Awesome friends you have made! I too have enjoyed meeting all the nice bloggers who have crossed my path to date. Good stuff!

Emz said...


We'll run on the "moving walkways!!" party!!
Cannot wait to see you!!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Yep, running blogging ladies, and men, are very nice! I think it is hard to not be nice when you know what running involves though.

Terzah said...

Yes, I've enjoyed all the bloggers I've met. Especially the ones who meet me for coffee....:^) You are being very smart about the rest!

Black Knight said...

Yes, the blogsphere is not a virtual world. There are many good REAL friends.
Beautiful shoes.

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

That is so awesome! Good luck and have fun at HTC if I don't see you. We will finish early but plan to shower and come back to party on the beach :)